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Last night i was watching "premistee" telugu version of "kaadal" the madurai/dindigal based love story movie made in tamil.It was good to see that movie. one reason is that my attachment with the places mentioned in the movie. i see the fly over at madurai which i saw it many times when i was there. Dindigal, i remember i was walking on dindigal roads few months back (when i went o see sudharshan). Chennai my major interaction with the civilized world (while working for cybernet software systems pvt ltd, Mylapore, chennai). It looked good to me to think of my past attachment with the movie. Saddest part is that the movie is based on a real story where the guy becomes a mad and wanders around dindigal streets. I think if we miss the person whom we love more than us, the situation might as worst as it is exposed in the movie. The quality of the movie (it being original CD bought from planet-M) is good. Anand, Nuvvostante nenoddantanaa (DVD) are the other movies that