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Adith turns 2

Adith turns 2  tomorrow. Life is moving so fast, looks like it was months back that I was in sweden and expecting father but in reality it is been 2 years. I still remember  that first thing I did after reaching home from sweden was to take my wife to hospital and then Adith welcomed me. :-).

Starting a startup

I  worked with 5 companies earlier and have been through different processes and tools employed at each of my employment Mostly there is always a great vision and wish. Still very often companies built  a total mess with too many of tools introduced  and multiple alternatives for every purpose available. Changes in management introduces more tools and processes that might hard land employees into difficulty. Thought I would write about my thoughts on how we can  run an organization with simpler tools. I have limited knowledge so there could be better tools/alternatives. Simplest commercial solution I could see is with "JIRA/Confluence" along with SVN. You could extend it with multiple helping tools.  Atlassian has good package for startups. we can even experiment with free tools like  wiki software(media wiki etc) and tracking tools like Trac/ bugzilla. I am impressed with Trac. There are many providers who are very cheap. I liked repositoryhosting that provides a

The rational system

Some times pretty casual discussions can lead to critical solutions that can change the world. Recently one such discussion helped us to invent a solution  to many of the india's financial issues because of the external factors. Primarily the imports are costing too much on Indians. Raising prices and the dollar (it is marching towards 54/56 rupees) eating most of the revenues most of the companies (some companies like IT companies, do get benefit out of this situation). Back to the discussion, we were discussing about increased prices including petrol etc. Petrol became major in the discussion. we were discussing about pros and cons of Govt taking the load of the price fluctuations. It hurts all govt  development programs. A better alternative is to identify the real users and then identify the per capita usage and provide the required commodities at limited units to the end user at subsidized price. Anything that is consumed on top of it should be at market price. I know o

Jai Telangana

Let us celebrate. Every employee gets the salary even without working for more than 40 days. All the important leaders of the unions might have been given a better compensation. News says Polavaram contract is given to some one related with the KCR. Everyone got the good deal. Even the TDP MLA who resigned for telangana got re-elected on TRS  logo.  Students got the schools back. Leaders got lot of free publicity. Now the the poor can go to the towns and cities for their livelyhood work and also can visit a doctor as well without any problems (RTC unions called of strike). Now  my cousin need not pay Rs 200/- to go to his home town Jadcherla from Rajendranagar,Hyderabad.  When you hire a cab, he will be 100% working for you and will not do any extra trips for his own benefit. Probably they got really great BOOM period as there are no buses and life should go on. Media needs novelty everyday, how long same JAC story?, Let us celebrate with a new story. Telangana could have become re

Resolve Telangana

This is itching everyone in this area for so long. People have strong opinion about Telangana. Either they want Telangana or they want some declaration that it will never happen. Either way everyone wants a amicable solution to the issue. While I want Telangana to be a developed area (as much as I wish every other part on this earth to be developed), I some how hate the politicians of this area more. If There is a Telangana and the same junk leaders are going to enjoy the power, there is no difference to the end user. We can no longer run a government by giving "freebies". If take KCR,for this guy it is like a family business. his son, daughter, son-in-law etc are into this and are making lot of money. I am really interested to see if Telangana is given and what is going to be their FATE. Once the issue is resolved then I guess they will be unemployed. Same with most of the other leaders, We need to bring a revolution in the way political leaders function, and how rest o

Springboard Team lunch @ Angeethi



Yesterday I was trying to explain Abhi on the benefits of being literate and learning alphabets. He generally doesn't focus much to learn alphabet. so I was explaining him that If you know how to read and write A, B,C etc you will be able to play many games on laptop and read everything on your own. He seems convinced. He is so confident that he immediately asked, so will you buy another laptop for yourself? He is so inquisitive that at times it becomes so irritating. an year before I think, when I told him, the way you are irritating me, I am able to see stars in day light, his immediate question was "where are they NANNA ("daddy")" and started looking up at the sky. Managing and mentoring kids is highly sophisticated job and most of us fail miserably in it. But the experience gained is worth.

We are not corruption free yet

Recent hunger strike by Anna Hazare and the media and civil support for that event and the union govt. consent for the demands gave some impression that there is a big different that is going to happen. Anna Hazare has accepted that it is not DONE yet, and it is done only when the "Lokpal" bill comes into force. Making changes to constitution or creating a framework/scheme to address corruption and bringing in everyone into the new framework so that everyone is accountable is just a baby step towards this complex issue called "Corruption". Essentially because we are so much wired into it. Almost everyone is part of this anomaly (corruption). We actually need a government who is dedicated and has no political concerns about their survival while executing good rule (tough for corrupted people). This is nothing but a dream. While running the government, they are always in need of making some compromise or the other. Alternatively everyone in INDIA should stop bribing

Whose money is it?

Tamilnadu state elections or to be specific, parties that are in the race for power and their election manifesto is shocking. Both the present DMK govt and opposition AIDMK are promising to give away laptops, gold, mixer/grinders, free rice,free power and lot more to the people. This sounds as if the parties have trillions of dollars and are on philanthropic mode. The same thing has happened in Andhra Pradesh with Y.S.R announcing everything free to people earlier. Now he is dead and state is struggling to meet the financial closure for its schemes. well, the answer to the title question is, as everyone knows, it is public money. People should learn how to teach lessons to parties who bribe officially announcing FREE schemes. I am a happy man to struggle and earn my food. I don't want someone to feed me for a day (If there is a guarantee that I get free food for rest of my life, probably that is the best way I can become lazy, but no one is promising that). If someone does and if

To Telangana or Not Telangana

This is a million march question for the people ofAandhra Pradesh. With no signs of new state formation in the immediate future, the struggle for telangana statehood is now not in one man's control. Students, employees etc are now are often active with various activities. For me the question of statehood is primarily secondary issue. It is because if formation of state alone gives development, I am all game for it. But the fact is far from statehood formation alone. Northern parts of Telangana is better with water irrigation etc. southern districts are poorer with no proper irrigation water facility. So after Telanagana formation, there might be fight within Telangana about distribution of funds and resources for development. Even more important thing is that the same leaders who are now asking Telangana or united andhra were (and are) pretty much ruling andhra pradesh most part of their political career and still have strong investments and business relationships from Telangana

Hyderabad DEO office contacts

Here are the contact details of Hyderabad district educational officer. If you are interested with overall schools information (not so latest but not stale as well)

Vegetable prices are down

Yes, it is true. Here is the price list (I tried to remember some of the items and their prices at the Gudimalkapur market this morning). Prices are down, let us cheer up for time being. Onions - 15 to 20 kg( based on the grade) Tomoto (country - 8 Green chilly - 16 Okra - 15 Beans (chikkudu) - 7 Carrot - 10 keera - 15 Spinach - 2 bunches for 1 rupee Coriander leaves - 1 bunch for 1 rupee Cabbage - 10 Califlower - 1 flower for 8 rupees (when you buy 2, otherwise 10), weight around 1 KG sapota - 4 per Rs 10 (Big ones). We are able to get around 23 KG items for Rupees 350. That makes it 15 per KG or so. It is really good to see the prices coming down, but I think it is only short tim relief as summer coming up and power problems going to raise and less water for farming makes it the people in CITY to feel the cost. I am talking about only vegetables, not commodities like petrol. Pet