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psychological safety at work

 Here is my take on psychological safety. Safety is a feeling that can not be injected through trainings or by someone preaching in a all hands meeting.  It is a combination of many factors. No Fear with Team: Being comfortable to express , collaborate, disagree with a view point (not for shake of disagreement). No fear of failure: Being feeling freedom to Innovate, make changes and if something goes wrong, not being penalized as long as it is done in open and everyone have details. No one can predict future and issues.  Failures are part of the success story. If you are afraid of failure and never try, then, you never innovate.   No Fear of  Manager :  Team member should have the freedom to express freely with the manager. or upline managers.  There should be no punishments for bringing up issues.  Your compensation reviews, your bonus or RSUs should never get impacted because of some vigilante activities. No Fear of change:  Freedom from fear when you are working on code, you should