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Corruption everywhere

True, the title of this post is very much true to best of my experience with various govt departments. In most of the offices of state government,the normal work flow is not executed most of the time. there are alternative work flows that always work and at the end they pretend to be normal work flows/processes. Impossible is nothing, it holds good for corruption. If you can pay, you can get most of the things in the world done:-). I have many experiences in this regard, everyone looked at my face when I have applied for NOC at jayanagar RTA office in bangalore few years before. It is almost the case with every RTA office that people pay around 700 to 1000/- to get petty things done. So when I went on my own, they were surprised. But then with less than 100/- I got my NOC done (couple of trips to deputy commissioner office and had no problem there :-)). Interestingly couple of agents who were following me through out the process, were bargaining with me, they initially demanded 1000/-

Money Effect in politics

The more you observe politics in andhra pradesh, more you will understand the money effect. If you want to contest from a major political party, you need to shed out around 2 to 5 crore of rupees. Incredible. If we take average as 3 crore, around 300 seats and 3 major parties, 3*300*3 = 2700 crore. (to make simple math took 300 as no. of seats instead of 294 the actual number). There is around 2500 to 3000 crore political market around there. I am wondering what can we do with this amount. Then add around 10 for campaigning, its really big amount right. who said india is going through recession? If I am given a chance, I would keep elections every quarter until the all those political leaders go bankrupt. For me political leaders are looking like STREET DOGS. It is natural for them to bark and bike people, it is their nature. Some times they form groups and fight among themselves or kill some of them within them selves. But we must exibit our nature of good human beings. Take the money

Mehdipatnam school (Ambedkar Nagar GPS)

At last we crossed initial bottlenecks to construct additional class rooms for Govt Primary school at Ambedkar nagar (a small slum area behind ICICI bank, Mehdipatnam). This is a major activity from TMAD . At present this school has 1 class room and a small hall attached to it for running 5 classes with more than 100 students. TMAD has been involved with this school for the last few years. We distributed them notebooks, slippers etc. Mr. Naresh, Teacher in this school is enthusiastic and got lot of energy in running this school. We got the approvals from Rajiv Vidya Mission to start the work with 20:80 basis. TMAD will own the work and bear the 20% cost while remaining amount will be granted by Rajiv Vidya Mission. We are talking to contractor for starting the work in another few days. It is a good news for me and for TMAD. I was into this task for the last few months doing the ground work. While Prashanti worked out the donations. Special thanks must be given to Maheedhar Maddi, who

Politricks and possible solution

If you are native of Andhra pradesh state in India, you are for a sure confusion about the politricks played by various political parties. It all started with the present chief minister who promised too many things in the last elections. Now opposition parties are left to repeat the same thing. My thought process on the present political system and the problems around it, is that, just because I like a particular leader, I must not endorse every silly mistake that leader or his party is doing. It will lead nowhere. I see everyone expressing helplessness. Corruption is a very much known issue and almost all the political parties are part of it. What should we do? should we cancel all present parties and their leaders? it is not going to work out. The best alternative I can think of is to change the rules of the game, not players. The same players will be there but when rules change, we get the result we want (state and people getting the result). Few steps towards it: 1. Automate all p