Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rent O Rent

Yes, I have an announcement to make.

I created a website called rentorent. I am expecting this site to be fully functional around first half of the 2007.

Well, What is this site for:

A comprehensive website for rental services, which will help landlords, tenants, paying guests, hostels, shared accommodation etc.

I want this portal to contain lot of seach capabilities and easy registration without heavy stuff.

I am in the analysis stage of this project.

Please share with me a word or two of you... what do you think can matter for this portal, what could make the content of this and what you ultimately expect from this.

Technical specs:

you can mail me at helpdesk@rentorent.com

Friday, November 24, 2006

The appraisal

Yesterday there was a performance review of my work at Infosys. It was nice to see good feedback from my mentors.

Good things about me:

1. I have a broader aspect in solving problems. I understand the bigger picture better.

2. People relationships - I look good in this aspect (Very much surprising for me)

3.Good pace in learning new things, and open mind to adapt to technology.

Areas of Improvement:

1. Need to get more sophisticated with my soft skills especially dealing with clients and selling ideas.

2. Need to grow to the next steps in the ladder, learn stuff about effort estimation.

3. Customer orientation.

4. Participating in external forums and submitting technical articals etc

5. Getting more comfortable with Infosys processes.

It was really nice to have a positive impression from my boss. I am doing a kind of job i wanted/(thought i am fit to do). working as a technial specialist and playing various roles like architect, trouble shooter, client interfacing, developer, tester etc.. all with possible comfortlevel.

One thing that pained me during the sesson that the self discovery of me not doing at the optimum level.

The concept of home - that came from my words during the session.. "A home is something that gets you energetic for your next day work, when you go home after a day's work, and remove all your work related pressues and spend time wth dear ones at home is always amazing, when we go to work place next morning, we get all the energy required for the next day"

But going home and comng back to work place with the same state of mind that is left the day before is something i need to work on.

Monday, November 20, 2006


There is something that made me happy recently.
It is not the luxurious infy guest house, not the colourful campus of infosys.
It is the company of friends...true. I vacated the guest house and said bye to that private life, and joined suresh house for my temporary stay in bangalore. it is a good move.

Months of loney life was not scary (both hyderabad, and bangalore), but took away little bit of active life that i had. I was thinking what could be wrong, tried to get rid of boredom, by buying a TV, but TV channels were more boring, then bought a DVD and some original DVDs and movies (Including Mr. bean, Enigma etc) few days were fine, but at the end life was same. :-)

It is always a free mind, without worries delivers most. We get free mind only when we really feel free. just be the same old kid as you were in the school or college,leaving the office face in the office itself.

Anyway thanks to suresh and santhosh (our PU hyperjunior) for receiving me well.

The Zahir

When the Unwanted Guest arrives....
I might be afraid.
I might smile or say:
My day was good, let night fall.
You will find the fields ploughed, the house clean,
the table set,
and everything in its place.

The Zahir, by paulo coelho was making me busy in the bus everyday. I wanted to read the book fully. Even i
wished sometimes that the bus to take some more time to reach my destination :-) (but in general i do not want to get lost in the traffic for hours)

The reading was interesting in the beginning, my heart was full of sympathy for the narrator in the story, for his wife left him without telling him where
she might have gone, and the zahir (means visible ,present, incapable of going unnoticed. it is someone or something which once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies our everythought , until we can think of nothing else.., as the book says)
missing from him (his wife). Then the story talks of philosophy, lot of things which will interest us some time. To free up mind, to get rid of the weight of past fame or history of light, to make oneself light by unburdening of the thoughts of fame or something like that.

Life is a war (with death, for every one of us, is going to lose the war and die some day). This makes life interesting and we love life.
Hmm, Warriors see a stiff war and love every moment, because they may die anytime.

A story of two friends who went to a forest and lit a small fire and came back,
one has a clean face, where as other friend's face is full of dirt.
And the question is who will wash his face first? the one with clean face or the one with dirt?

Author gives the answer saying that it is the friend with clean face who will go for a wash, because he sees dirt on his friend face
and thinks that his face is no different.

A message here, we often forget our own self, we live life as the world looks like. Most often we tend to forget our own life and live life of every one else.

As i was on full strech to read the book, the interest in the book slowly waded away from me and got no interst to finish the book (may be some time later i can finish it)

Another thing that was mentioned in the book, what makes a married women gets pleasure in her marriage? hmm it is not the sex, but preparing food for her man and seeing him having supper with her.she waits for full day for that moment..
Looks interesting.

Thats all about the story of The Zahir.

My trip back to bangalore tought me one thing, most often it is not you but your designation or how you expose yourself to the world makes the diffrence.

Often i wanted to blog my thoughts, but something restrained me from doing so, (probably the criticism from one elder person related the family who wanted an marriage alliance with me)

Life looks really boring some times. is it boring really or am i making it feel like that ?
hours move slowly some times. work is no longer that interesting.
no arguments,no tentions.... Looks like a compromised life.

There got to be some special meaning to life. Might be something big is awaited out of me?