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good morning


target :-)

Change the target if u can't change yourself

steam bf

for the last few days i have been enjoying steam breakfast. It helped me get away from my sickness. This is really amazing, i suffered around 2 months last year same time,later when i got cold for few weeks and now this time its just a matter of a week. So now i am equipped with one steam generator, and a tumbler heater, both of them help me down the virus effect on me. its like a heaven, inhaling steam, i really enjoyed it. yesterday i was watching a movie called "Ghost and the darkness", it looked good to me. "You build bridges, you have to go to rivers" a nice message (if you are a engineer who build bridges across rivers). One will really enjoy putting up soil over water (building bridge)..

Ditachment and Indifference

I have been thinking of writing on this topic. A very interesting topic. Ditachment is something where you get rid of the desires, Indifference means to be ignorant of the situations. and Yoga says we have to have ditachment but not indifference, the difference between this 2 look thin. Getting rid of desires doesnt mean one has to go to himalayas and do prayers there. Its that we have control over our thought process, which in turn will control the body. It is the perception that makes us to cry, laugh and feel. we are just part of the universality but any different from is the senses which make us feel different. A good personality understands the relations, honors others especially the loved ones. Very often we happen to discard our very close beloved ones like parents ,siblings, spouse or the kids etc. It is the internal peace that gives us the contentment. Respect your parents, love your siblings and care for your kids. Most important thing i wanted to think of is "Try

Miles to go

I felt very happy about the financial adjustment i was able to do, thanks to two of my friends, who made it possible. now a nice house is just few months away. But then am i neglecting myself?... the thought itself is scary. I dont want to neglect myself. Lots of dreams from childhood. To do different things in diffent ways.. There are plenty of tasks i got to finish.. should be quick and active lest i will become a drop in the ocean of very ordinary lives.


The health again looks negative. the throad infection leading to cold, cough and fever is now crossed the initial steps making me feel. It has been just few weeks (just before diwali) i got cure for the same problem. But now it want to hurt me again. so sad. I am trying to avoid all the late night activities. decided not to go to any 10 PM movie, and staying late in office when its not required etc. weather is not good as its winter. stay home and sleep have a thick blanket. I think of my grand mother, when i was kid, and studying in jadcherla, she took care of me like anything. she took me to hospital and did took attention to minute things so that i get cured as soon as possible. I wish to have such caring.

updates (2W11M2005Y)

this week, i have been calling my parents regarding the house construction status. At last today we started house construction. One more target is on the way. :-)


Today is made working day, beacuse of the power problem last couple of days were like half working days, so the management wanted us to work today. Today i enjoyed bike riding.. was driving at 60 - 70 with out any problem... Thanks to the long weekend for IT people, Bangalore traffic problem got a temporary solution :-). I enjoyed the company of shiva and shilpa at papagal. my trip to Bhallan pally was bit different this time. staying that many days there is really tough task (praveen ran away to hyderabad in couple of days, but i remained there). 3 days of severe cyclone created lots of problems in the village, created big loss for some of the crops which are at reaping stage. Other thing that scared me was my house in the village. we thought its going to collapse, water was pouring from holes made by ants on ceiling(As it is made up of wood and soil). But my father was confident that it wont happen, he had a great reason we placed enough support wooden pillars, so only thing my fathe

video uploads

there is some site which allows us to upload video, just now i registered and uploaded the video clips that i took at Rameshwaram few months back. Here is the link for this

Trip to home

It was nice trip. the snaps are here