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Dear Friend

Dear Friend . . . We might not meet, we might not chat, But we would still be friends, You better don't forget that.. Times would go passing by, Changes would come with you and I, Our lives destiny would shape, As with time progress we make. Distance would take us away miles & miles, We might not even see each others smiles. We might not help each other; But still let not, Our friendship wither.. Remember the moments which we share.. No matter, now you are where You would then miss me But in your memories I will be.. The magic of friendship would call me And I would miss you then Thinking.. Together we would be when. . An email forward from kiran I felt this is very much relevant (when i think of my close friends) so posting it on my blog.


It was good experience last weekend. my parents saw infosys campus they were surprised to see the campus. I have been thinking of showing the campus to them and at last i am able to! :-). This made the weekend away from being boring. Ofcourse even the week days off office hours are boring after joining infosys. Nothing to do. there is none to talk freely. Though it is not serious issue it is not something welcome to be alone. One interesting thing that i observed recently is the "feeling of hunger". I think we are becoming more and more automated such that we fill in our stomach with something or the other on time and often missing the feeling itself. it is nice feeling to feel that familiar feeling :-). yes food is becoming a problem now a days especially supper.

blocking blogs?

Surprised to see that blogspot domain is blocked. It was working fine till yesterday. In my opinion this is a crudest act. There are alternatives avaialable to accesss blogs. like this one or this one I hope soon the govt will understand the situation and revoke the ban.


my parents visited infosys campus. I captured few snaps of them here


In recent days I am working on JUNG API (Java graphs API similar to YFiles or Tomsawyer API). It was slightly difficult because of the less support available and not so useful documentation, if we want to do something on our own. But at the same time sample programs were really useful.It took few days for me to put up 2 classes and with my thoughts and borrowed pieces of code from other sample programs.. Here is my output. The recent bomb blast at Mumbai local trains is really a sad experience. As expected again the fingers are pointing to Pakistan. Arent we capable of securify our own nation? This is something we have to pay thoughts into. yes many people may want to some something bad to us, and they are successful in most of the cases. It doesnt even require much effort to frighten us. Does it mean we are so fragile nation which cant do anything on its own? I am not sure, but we have been reactive in almost all the cases. The great leaders whom we praise all the time, are the source


I like hyderabad more than Chennai and Bangalore. The place which has seen my over all transition. I was here first time, after my +2, to attend APRDC exam and then for my PG entrance preparation. When I go through the streets i used to walk (new maruthi nagar, Chaitanyapuri) I get some kind of warm feeling. Afcourse often i lose my way in the city(latest being yesterday night, I am supposed to take a U turn at Hyd Central, but landed up taking a right turn which took me to Ameerpet, Adarsh & and srinu have to wait for me near lifstyle for some time :-). couple of months back, I landed up at Charminar instead of reaching Dilsukh nagar. When ever i take a wrong route, I open the Google Earth and check where i did the mistake, often a simple mistake of picking the wrong road when landed up at some multi road junction. Most of the time, when i ask any one for direction they will say promptly, "seedhe chaloo". It holds good most of the cases. One just need to drive straight


It was intersting weekend. It was partly boring too. I went to a restaurant and I went to watch a movie ("POKIRI" of Mahesh babu). both of them i think for the first time. :-). Not that i never been to restaurant or a movie, but i never went alone. This time i went myself (It was interesting to go alone, but not that adviceable :-) ) It was on satuday night. On sunday evening went to Central, and shoppers stop, did lot of window shopping. There was nothing that prompted me to buy there :-). Other interesting thing is a gal from bangalore called me and told me that she saw my profile on (matrimony site), i went thru her profile it looked interested. But later she told her parents are not interested. :-(. Looks like most of the well educated girls have higher expectations than i can offer.


Its been slightly relaxing time for me. Though officially i am on bench i am doing something or the other. It is nice to see the kind of stuff that is coming to me, work related with different aspects fo SDLC. working on a proposal, going thru an RFP, fixing some important bugs and reviewing some DB aspects of an application, some R & D on capacity planning and learning of DOTNET technologies (just begin doing it). Sudharshan is back to college for his final year MCA while Shiva entered into his school life (He joined LKG last month). It is again one more season for my parents and they already started their routine life. They are ploughing and started seeding crops for this season. Ofcourse this is where i am slightly differing from other guys. I didnt want them to end their active life by shifting to city. I wanted them to persue their own goals. Till now they have been struggling to run family. pay fee for our education etc. It is now time for them to think of their own capabilit