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 This is another movie idea from Newyorker magazine. I simply love this magazine and do not regret for subscribing to. Article has all technical details about research and " in-vitro gametogenesis" . I was reading this while my son was playing tennis tournament on a friday evening. It was very interesting read.   It is about research in production,  where babies can be made from any cell by reprogramming it, while this is still a taboo and research topic, the movie idea for me here is as follows. A reporter notices a college player (lets call this game as basketball), and gets amused by the look a like of  greatest living legend scientist say Mr X, who is unmarried and dedicated his life for science.  He digs bit more and then based on motivation to get attention, publishes an article stating the boy is a love child of scientist,  while nobody usually reads his article, this gets too much of social media attention and becomes a topic of national debate causing lot of trauma

Double Fault

 This is a movie idea that flashed in my mind based on NewYorker article . There was a book " Lucky "  by Alice Sebold (the rape victim) that got sold too many copies. There was an effort to make a documentary  called "Unlucky" on the part of the  Anthony Broadwater  who was jailed. It is a unfortunate case of an innocent girl getting raped, and  she identified an innocent man as the culprit, she spents most of his time in Jail, trying to appeal for a parol but  Jail officers ask  do not approve as he doesn't show the guilt of doing mistake.   Sebold with her writing skills  couldn't move on and continued writing about her experiences which are kind of pioneering the cause before the #metoo moment.   It is true, bad thing happened, and sadly not once but twice.   Broadwater has lost his life and he is been so nice to trying to live all his life to prove not guilty.   First bad thing is "Rape" happened and the 2nd bad thing is the whole system  put

Micro services architecture - considerations

    As technologies are evolving and product and engineering teams are trying to catch up with latest trends and the we take motivation from successful big companies, we get motivated to emulate without knowing what we are getting into. A Netflix or facebook  may not be right model to emulate.  Monolithic applications have their own advantages, while micro services propose new way of looking at things.  Monolithic advantages One team,  there are multiple people in the team who can solve a problem Tech stack is streamlined. Everyone works on same stack. Easy to manage, there is an order to everything Transactional systems are lot easier to build, triage and fix issues with monolithic. Micro services advantages Multiple services, shared responsibilities. Each team is isolated with other teams by contract / APIs. Polyglot.  Teams can chose their own tech stack. Scale is easier, each service can scale independent of other services.  As much as

Undemocratic leadership

  Leadership is not about being democratic.  One of the pit falls of democratic approach is  you get something that is cool but not what you want. There is no evidence that democracy by itself solved anything. Yes, for sure, it is better than other forms of governments, particularly if rulers were bad. When we want a beautiful flower patch but being ruly democratic leader may just result into a green good looking lawn.  I steal these 3 words from "Software Engineering at Google" Autonomy : Given them the goal, let them find their way Mastery: Sharpen the blade,  Best of your engineers may not be too relevant if they don't upgrade skills. Purpose: Why we are doing it?  Explain the purpose. With autonomy and skills and no purpose never leads to success. Stop doing lawn moving. Some plants do need trimming and some are just beautiful without any trimming, they just need sunshine , water and some fertilizer. They will do their thing.  Treating every person with same attitud

The Leadership Gambit

I was impressed by this cartoon in "The NEW YORKER" magazine. It reads. "You'll want to head two blocks south, then one east, then one north and two west, and then two more south and one more west..." (If a Rook is asking Knight for direction, the answer will be in Knights own language. That's not leadership) I am not sure if the cartoonist had deeper thought here, but in our day to day life in corporate world, I see a great reflection of this cartoon. Often our past drives our current decisions about future.  We are biased by default.  I have seen people doing things like: That doesn't work Because of some failed effort to build something that looks similar (and could be even miniscule size) , the past failure haunts.   I know everything Just because I was a momentary hero in the past, doesn't mean I know everything, but when I have authority and then pretend "I know everything".  This leads to "The Emperor has no clothes"  parab

The Failure story

The Failure Story It is a mundane writing and any resemblance to working or retired may be a coincidence because experiences like this are common. I take pride in speaking up so that all those failing in career, life feel some hope. It's not your fault. We are designed to fail. We are plenty and not alone. Failure must be celebrated.  Is there a day for "Fail"? We must petition the president to declare a weekend day , so that Failure never makes us happy but still acknowledged. It's Irony that , everybody wants success , dreams success and most often land up as "Failure". For some random reason, true success is orphan and still we have loads of literature, motivational talks for "Success" while the majority (Failures) don't have any motivation. This write up to fill the gap.  Bring some order to failure and make amendments to history and get orphaned "success" a company (it's a wild dream of me to "Fail the failure" that