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It is been at least a month since my family left to in-laws place. I am badly missing Abhi, my cute little son. I made a quick visit today (I am back to hyderabad) and spent few hours with my family. I am not able to decipher Abhi's feelings when he saw me. He is just silent. He liked my company as much as I liked him having with me. He wanted to come with me,When I said "Bye" he didn't resist much but was sad, I can read his face. Earlier in the noon,when I asked him to get ready with his clothes to come with me, he was kind of very interested. Other side Adith is growing cute and was full smiles when he saw me. this boy is not even 4 months and he remembers me. A fantastic job by this little cute boy. Sad part is not everyone understands feelings. We live in a falsified world of customs and rituals. People are busy and are in no mood to help me and my children. So another a week or so for them to join me. Tech Star event

I have attended Tech Star event as a judge to the presentations of IT related topics by engineering graduates. It was really great learning. Participants have done really good home work and present so much of information about A.I, Neural networks, Surface computing (these are the topics I was involved in judging the presentations). I am glad that I was there. Thanks Kashyap for the invite. I wanted to spend couple of hours in the event at Hotel Sandya (Lakdikapool), but I was there till the last presentation. It is just because the sessions were interesting. Students were supposed to deliver their theme/topic in 8 minutes as presentation and 2 minutes for Q & A. a deck of around 10 to 15 slides in 8 minutes? isn't that a difficult task? Most of them did very well. I am glad I was there.

Next Project - Dairy

Today I have visited few dairy forms around Amanagal area. It was really good field study. I am planning to take up a small diary project in my native place, bhallanpally. We already have around 10 buffalos. So decided to build a proper shed built for this purpose. It is going to be an important project for me as I have interest into agri based business models. More updates to follow in the coming weeks.