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I have been busy all these days, and some times i felt lazy to update the blog. There have been changes, in the workplace. My work hours are changed, i come late and work late (some times i go home next morning). This month is crucial for my team as we need to deliver it at the end of this month. Personally no updates, awaiting our house construction to get finished, interior work is going on now. I will be in hyderabad this weekend, and planning to go to bhallan pally too to see the house construction progress. There might be interesting and important updates in personal life in the near future. let me see, what is going to happen.

A kosmix good news

Its nice to read an article about kosmix on EENADU . A new search engine which works based on category (similar to Askjeeves etc, but in more filtered and finetuned way). Good news to all googlers who have to wander around thousands of search results, to make out what is needed to them. An interesting thing about kosmix is that the management team . some details on kosmix on net are 1. technorati stanford forum right now the kosmix contains less data so we might not get amazing results. important thing to note is that its just in alpha stage. so interesting things to come up in the world of soft search. keep watching.

Once again

It happened once again, and my right leg is paining like anything. today morning i met with an accident, i didnt feel anything at that time, but now my right leg is paining and i am not able to concentrate on work. If this pain is going to increase then i think i should consult a doc and get it X-rayed. Thank GOD the lorry behind had breaks in working condition.

A trip to kanyakumari

Last weekend was very interesting,because i went to kanyakumari and because i went along with sudharshan. Looks like meenakshi wanted to see us, so we landedup up at meenakshi kovil some how (in search of ATM). Then we spent couple of hours at the temple. It was really a wonderful experience. Then we started on 4th feb night to kanyakumari, we reached there by morning (5th feb) 4AM. we got ready and were in eagerly waiting for sunrise. But SUN felt shy of us, and he didnt show up till the noon. Sudharshan was telling me " I wont leave him, i will see when ever he comes up". Then the jetty trip to vivekananda rocks, and thiruvalluvar statue was interesting. the vivekanada memorial and the dyana mandapam were really good to visit. we spent some time in the silent environment of meditation center. Apart from this, the Kanyakumari temple(i didnt know how the name came to this place, and used to wonder both "kanya" and "kumari" give same meaning. but now its