A kosmix good news

Its nice to read an article about kosmix on EENADU. A new search engine which works based on category (similar to Askjeeves etc, but in more filtered and finetuned way).

Good news to all googlers who have to wander around thousands of search results, to make out what is needed to them.

An interesting thing about kosmix is that the management team.

some details on kosmix on net are
1. technorati
stanford forum

right now the kosmix contains less data so we might not get amazing results. important thing to note is that its just in alpha stage. so interesting things to come up in the world of soft search. keep watching.


adarsh said…
dude.. go check the link http://beta.previewseek.com/
Hari Mallepally said…
Yes, and there is actually one real (no alpha, beta) search engine.
adarsh said…
previewseek is far better than other sites...
adarsh said…
next post kab hoga?


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