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-19 sept 2010

Rains rains, please go

Last few weeks, it is been raining like anything. Probably not seen in a decade or so. Probably I am not too much affected as my house is not in low lying area so it will not get drenched and the route I take to work place is not much affected. But then people are getting affected a lot. My colleagues spent 4 to 5 hours to reach home which usually take not more than 1 hour (not every day but there are instances). So I say "Rains rains, please go", though you are like blessing, to grow our food and all, still at least please cut short your trip to our city, as we are full of falsified dignity about regional issues and we do not take for anything that is proper and correct. Our guys lay roads that are of sub standard. Our engineers do not care, if there is a drain way to rain water or should we design roads with that in consideration. Our political leaders are actually contractors who are running the show because they need to win contracts. They do the same job repeatedly (lay

Teachers day at Z.P.H.S Bhallanpally