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New Passbooks of Telangana, Great initiative but with bugs

@KTRoffice , I am an NRI and was visiting Hyd in a workshop and took time to visit my mother (Laxmamma, Bhallanpally, tadoor mangal, NGKL district). I wanted to bring to your attention of mistakes with passbooks, I was not sure if people were asking for those tiny books, though I like the quality, Unfortunately existing survey numbers are missing and some survey numbers are misplaced, wow, looks like an untested enforcement of something on innocent people, though intention is good, why should people be made to suffer by someone's mistakes? the mental agony and the sufering on people brought by govt is amazing. The survey numbers that should go to my mother (from my grand mother) are all added upto my passbook and dispite multiple represenation by my mother asking for her passbook, she was shooed saying that its all given to your kids. But interestingly what was supposed to be on my passbook, some entries are missing (they are just missing and do not know whom to