Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emergency numbers for Rajendra Nagar and specially for Sri Venkateswara Enclave

Please keep the following numbers handly in case of any emergency.
Petrolling vehicle number :9490617364 /9948064760
Rajendra Nagar police station: 040-24015333
Cyberabad helpline: 040-27853418 / I was told that we can even call 108.

Please note dialing 100 will not work for us as we fall in cyberabad area (police have this seperation while there is no revenue division with the name cyberabad).
if you dial 100, u will be given the cyberabad help line number and asked to dail that number. It is a stupid thing with police.

Other important numbers:
Street lights:
Imran (Superviser) : 9866023340 - first preference
Call center: 040 - 24577623 - second preference
Contractor Yadaiah : 939136392 - contractor will give pointers in case if above 2 numbers are not picking the phone
Ambedkar - Engineer : 9989930672 - Head for electricity for Rajendra Nagar circle

Power line/Transformer (APCPDCL)
24hr helpline :9396440728
Srinu 939404756

Drainage and other civil works:
Work inspector : Hem singh : 9989635954

Water leakages
Towards Chaitanya vilas
Narasimha Reddy :9391100656

Towards Upparpally village (from transformer onwards)
Rami Reddy : 9399907277

Who will win?

Tomorrow is the 2nd phase elections in India and Assembly elections few states of India including Andhra Pradesh. There is money, alcohol and power playing role in this election as well.

When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, Y.S.R wants to be king again and it was kind of sure few weeks before. But as we progress towards the elections there are various factors that are looking like working against Y.S.R.

Personally I would prefer chandra babu to be chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is a good administrator and knows how to extract work from every employee. At present Govt offices are not running properly. No one cares to attend to citizen requests. Every where (or most of the places) corruption has become very common phenomenon. If Y.S.R wins again, state will go bankrupt without any doubt.

While I am not happy about the COLOR TV scheme by chandrababu, because it is still kind of luxury to have color TVs and is not a common need for the people. Instead if he has promised something like Roads, water, drainage etc to every village it would have been better. Cash Transfer scheme(crediting cash to poor families) looks good, but subsidies might have effect of it. Showing this cash, most of the subsidies may be removed.

Already there is a big gap in the state, rich/earning people are facing difficulties with price raise while poor are getting rice at Rs 2/- per kg (only rice alone, other things like vegetables etc are common with other people).

Tax payers get nothing, Government doesn't care if i loose my Job. But still It is ok if government is really doing something to the upliftment of the poor. There must be a strategy and regular review on what % of the poor are becoming self dependents. May be Babu has this in his mind.

Well, HUNG is as dangerous as Y.S.R ruling the state.Anyways we have to wait till 16th May to see the actual results.

Drinking License

It might look like nonsense but this idea has flashed into my mind few weeks back and its keep coming, so that i could record it.

Most of the Indian middle class, poor segment people are affected by the bad habit of drinking often causing disturbances in the family and also heinous crimes. If you look at the real issue here is that, people are drinking at the cost of the family. If you have lots of money and drink occassionally it is fine but if you do not have enough money and put all your daily/monthly earnings into buying some more alcohol, it doesn't look fair at all. So there must be some control by the state and one solution possible is issuing licenses for drinking.

Well, the idea is that every BAR and WINE shop should be automated and every purchase should record the drinking license of the customer.

Like PAN card or Credit Card, every person who is interested to drink should apply to the Government for drinking license, based on the economic conditions of the applicant he should be issued license (silver, gold,platinum kind of). The silver license should get him few bottles a month where as gold can get him some more, platinum should give him even more bottles.


1. He must be Indian - Foreigners may be exempted when they produce their passport.
2. Income proof
3. Doctor certificate - only from government hospitals.
4. ID Proof
5. Address proof.
6. Family details.
7. License category opted for
8. Applicable free (Rs 500/- for silver, 5000/- for gold and 50,000/- for platinum)

When the application is received with all the documentation, there will be a verification and upon verification of the information, automated system will figure out the eligibility of the applicants and print out the card which will be sent to the address of the applicant via registered post.

Each WINE shop should have a computer with network and each sale they do should be recorded in the centralized server.

This solves various problems:
1. So called Belt shops /unofficial retail shops will find it difficult to source the alcohol.
2. Families will be happier as there is a restriction on the total alcohol he/she can buy.
3. Every sale is recorded so if some one is trying to buy in bulk and bribe people during election etc, it will not be possible.
4. Government can change the rules without much problem like eligibility etc and also easy to find out the total profit/taxes to the government.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

General Elections 2009 Useful information for voters

Did you register yourself as voter? are you sure it is available in the voter list?
If you do not want to get disappointed at the last moment at polling booth, please check the links below.

for the people in GHMC range.

Rest of Andhra pradesh or

Well, now if your name is present in the list, but you do not have voter id card, do not worry, please get id proof as allowed by election commission.

2. Driving license.
3.Service Id card/Company id card by state govt/central govt employees/public limited companies. It must be with photograph.
4. Bank passbooks (if you hold a bank account in govt owned bank, you must be familiar with passbooks).

Well, by availing your vote, you are delivering one of your responsibility in democratic system.

Voting is a responsibility, It is also fun. Please use your vote. easy to say reasons but please, please no excuses. If you are a voter please vote

Monday, April 13, 2009

Election commission websites are down

Yes, If you are an admirer of IT applications at Govt departments, then you are for disappointment when you see the election commision websites are not accessible or facing technical problems.

There was a link for searching latest updations into the voterlist (as of 30th march 2009) it actually is just redirecting to another site called This link worked as of yesterday and supprisingly it stopped working from yesterday evening (as my neibhour says) and i see this website not at all accessible. I tried to ping it ( with no luck.

Then i searched on election commission of india website. there is a search option available but then it throws up technical errors. Also it is prompting me enter credentials.

Now see the condition, for the enthiastic voters there is no easy way of getting their polling booth number/name and whether his/her name is there in the list (especially if you have applied for voter after december 2008).

Too bad isn't it.

Well, If you are looking at voterlist as of december 2008 then please check with this link

My Dream Government*

Chief minister : Mr. Chandra babu naidu
Revenue : Mr.Rajesekhar Reddy
Finance : J.P
Cultural : K.C.R
Youth Affairs : Chiranjeevi
Auditing : Raghavulu and Narayana

Won't it be good to see all our leaders sharing the responsibility rather than fighting. if they work sincerly for 10 years, I am damn sure our state will be on par with developed nations.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let us win

I some how have gut feeling that our guys in politics (should we call them leaders?) are not up to the mark (most of them, with few exceptions). But then we need to elect someone, so we need to choose the better one among the bad guys. It is little difficult job.

I went to GHMC Rajendra Nagar cirlce office to get updated vote list of my colony (I am the General Secretary of Sri Venkateswara Enclave, Upparpally), but I didn't get the list. MRO said they will distribute the list to political parties and i need to get it from them. There was one political party leader who assured he will get a copy to me. We spent lot of time in that office looking over the paper bundles if there is a list (numbers between 79 to 85 ) of our colony residents. But of no use. There are too many of them and I was not able to figure it out.

This morning,I visited One Mr. K.S.Rao who is owner of a house in my colony, He told me he never voted in his full life time. (He is a retired engineer). His reason, once upon a time, he went to polling both to vote, but they said he has to vote in another booth. No one helped him properly. He went around 3 to 4 polling booths just to get disappointed. He made a oath not to try to vote again.

There are 2 things that bother me in this.
1. As a citizen he must have spend few minutes before the poll day to figure out where to vote. Might be checking with his neighbours local chota mota leaders.
2. Election commission or its representatives must guide people about this. Probably they can simply print some information kits with the necessary information and distribute it for free. I see this not at all happening.

Well, regarding the vote and the results, no one is going to change our life. I only wish they not to create any further troubles.

Who ever wins, no direct use to us (most probably). Only way we can get work out of them is to force them to address our issues. Let us raise RTI requests, or raise complaints with all the relevant departments, go and meet the govt representatives etc. If we do this aggressively, Govt, MLAs will be forced to look into the issues. Let us keep them so busy and give a sense of monitoring so that they will work for us. After all they are our servants. It is our responsibility to extract work out of them. My wife will shout at the maid javascript:void(0)if she doesn't clean the house properly. We must apply the same rule to our public servants. Let us shout at them and get things done.

If we do this, who ever might be the winner in elections, Ultimate winners will be the voters/public.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Indiatoday book club lottery - a 419 cheating

It is kind of 419 cheating by India today book club. In the name of a lottery of 60 Lakhs, they are selling books. If you buy books from india today book club, then you will become elgibile for this lottery. What is more, they say you will get 12k worth of gift vouchers for hotel and air tickets. Actually it is a cheating because the gift vouchers are not at all useful. read the following mail chain.

I would have not felt it as cheating if they have not told me about 12k worth gift vouchers. When you say gift, what do you expect? gifts are supposed to be free and delivered at home, but in case of ITBC (India Today Book club), It is altogether different.

Suggest me what kind of legal action we can initiate against ITBC/India Today to stop this 419 cheating.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: harinath
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Fwd: india today book club /lottery

For your information.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: harinath
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: india today book club /lottery
To: Ravinder Kumar Sharma ,

Thanks for calling me and trying to clarify things. But I am not convinced. Not telling about terms and conditions in the beginning certainly amounts to cheating.

I am going to file a case against India today book club, just to make sure it will not happen to other customers of india today.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:18 AM, harinath wrote:


There is lot of mis-information in this lucky draw thing.

I was NOT TOLD about
1. 800/- DD that i need to pay to india hotel
2. There is a timegap of applying for the free gifts. looks like it must happen within 60 days from the invoice.
3. I need to send documents to multiple addresses. There is no single contact point to claim the free gifts.
4. And that I cannot claim the gift vouchers in most of the duration in the year. It is only on working days and off-season.
5. And that It I cannot choose the places I want, but there are only few places that one can opt for.

I feel that by not communicating the details properly and by creating lot of hurdles in the process (like free gifts were not enabled for me in the system (some number gets generated along with invoice but it didn't happen for me that way and took few weeks of follow up). India today book club has committed fraud.

I would like to escalate this issue first with indiatoday and ITBC (india today book club). Please do respond to this.

Please treat this communication as official and I will be producing the same with appropriate court/consumer reddressal forums.


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Ravinder Kumar Sharma wrote:

Dear Mr.Mallepally,

I’ve heard the call and based on that the information that was given to you stands as mentioned below: -

* Sweepstakes Entry for Rs.60 Lacs lucky draw
* You are entitled for Rs.5000/- gift voucher against Holidays & Rs.7000/- against Air Ticket Fares.
* Rs.2600/- Benetton Watch
* The procedure is mentioned to claim these free gifts in a leaflet which will be coming your way through courier.
* Please send all the relevant documents in order to claim your free gifts.

The amount payable is Rs.2598/-

Please revert for further clarification.

Thanks & Regards

Ravinder Sharma

From: harinath []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 5:52 PM
To: Ravinder Kumar Sharma
Subject: india today book club /lottery

Hi Ravinder,

Few days back I got a call from India today, stating that I am in the final list of 40 people to win Rs 60 lakh lucky draw.

and i am eligible for Rs 12000/- worth of travel ticket/accommodation, if i pay Rs 2592. Also i was told i will be getting some books for this amount.

I can see the credit card bill showing the amount against indiatoday.

Could you please confirm the following
1. is that lucky draw/lottery a fact one?
2. how and when i will get response/courier about books and other 12k package details?
3. My booking number is 110003374

thanks for the understanding and for your precious time in reading this mail

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Auto Riskhaw - AP 13 V 5336

No, the title is not about another movie in Indian film industry. This is the number of a Auto Riskhaw that troubled me with hell lot of smoke that it is releasing. It actually hides visibility of the road some times because of the dense smoke it is releasing.

I chased the auto, asked the driver to take side and stop. he obliged. I asked him in Telugu, why are you driving an auto with this much of smoke troubling everyone on the road. he said he doesn't know Telugu, so then asked the same in Hindi with my limited knowledge. He says it is the problem with LPG. I told him he must rectify the problem before coming onto the road and it must be in garage not on the city roads. he was pretending as if the problem started just few min before and he cannot leave his customer on road. Its a big lie.

I usually stop 1 or 2 vehicles every month that irritate me too much with smoke. You know all our lives are at risk because of the greedy nature of few vehicle owners.

I already tried raising the issue with RTA. These guys say they have lot of their problems like shortage of man power, no funds etc. To one of my RTI request with RR district RTA office at Attapur about the GMR airport buses releasing too much smoke (they are outdated/overused second hand buses mostly), RTA gave me a response stating everything is within the control of pollution standards. Too much a lie than a fact.

Well, It makes me sick, if govt cannot provide us basic stuff to live, our leaders must be ashamed for not taking care of all these stuff. But If you shut your car windows and go in AC mode, then you might not find the pollution as an issue at all.

Well, I think I must fight with few more departments. Let the common man win.