Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who will win?

Tomorrow is the 2nd phase elections in India and Assembly elections few states of India including Andhra Pradesh. There is money, alcohol and power playing role in this election as well.

When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, Y.S.R wants to be king again and it was kind of sure few weeks before. But as we progress towards the elections there are various factors that are looking like working against Y.S.R.

Personally I would prefer chandra babu to be chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is a good administrator and knows how to extract work from every employee. At present Govt offices are not running properly. No one cares to attend to citizen requests. Every where (or most of the places) corruption has become very common phenomenon. If Y.S.R wins again, state will go bankrupt without any doubt.

While I am not happy about the COLOR TV scheme by chandrababu, because it is still kind of luxury to have color TVs and is not a common need for the people. Instead if he has promised something like Roads, water, drainage etc to every village it would have been better. Cash Transfer scheme(crediting cash to poor families) looks good, but subsidies might have effect of it. Showing this cash, most of the subsidies may be removed.

Already there is a big gap in the state, rich/earning people are facing difficulties with price raise while poor are getting rice at Rs 2/- per kg (only rice alone, other things like vegetables etc are common with other people).

Tax payers get nothing, Government doesn't care if i loose my Job. But still It is ok if government is really doing something to the upliftment of the poor. There must be a strategy and regular review on what % of the poor are becoming self dependents. May be Babu has this in his mind.

Well, HUNG is as dangerous as Y.S.R ruling the state.Anyways we have to wait till 16th May to see the actual results.


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