Sunday, November 08, 2009


21-12-2012, is it going to be the real dooms day? or it is just another myth, that never comes true? Some people/groups are trying to figure out the what will cause the great disaster ever humans have seen. A great galactical alignment where the sun comes into the center of milky way (our galaxy) causing a great distrubance. they claim this happens every 26,000 years. Also researchers are finding Mayan calender ending on this same day. Nostradamus predictions, mayan calender ending on 2012 and what ever is happening now a days (earth quakes, tsunami, famines, floods) are indications of great dooms day.

pyramids of egypt, mayan calender, last book of nostradamus all are referring to the great dooms day at the end of year 2012. Year 2012 also signifies the 3 eclipses that occur on this year.
1 Total eclipse of the sun
2.Venus eclipse against sun
3.Grand eclipse of sun at the center of the galaxy.

Also they claim that older generation people like mayan civilization etc have clearly understood the moment of the earth, moon and stars and they have calculated their calender. This means they had more better knowledge than the present generation.

Well, if you watch the documentary on 2012 with nostradamus predictions or the 2008 movie of 2012 dooms day or watch the big movie that is getting released soon, I think it makes you feel interested about this event that might or might not occur.

Earth revolves slowly, earth's magnetic field going to collapse resulting reversal of earth poles and also might cause all electro magnetic technologies fail. A day could take actually 2 days of present day. North pole may not have any more ice.

Interesting to note the observations, hope it remains as a myth and never come true.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cheap calls

When you are away from home, you can think of cheaper and reliable alternatives to call home.

Few options:

Diamond card, you can use twinkle, QuteCom or Ekiga as your SIP client /soft phone software in ubuntu. I found twinkle better in ubuntu 9.10
Diamond card is a SIP based VOIP provider with cheaper rates. I can call india at INR 1.21, this is kind of very cheap or can compare with STD charge in some parts of India. Now a days concept of local and STD calls is disappearing with a country wide local rates.

Busta, I think it comes with its own client which is available for windows platform. I haven't found a linux based client for busta.

Skype, yahoo etc are the default soft phone solutions general users can think of, but their tariff seems to be on the higher end. skype has ubuntu version, I do not think yahoo is available as softphone in ubuntu.

There are lot of other alternatives available on internet, if we type SIP and cheap internet calls, we are so many alternatives. seems to be one platform indepent client, similarly X-lite comes in support for multiple platforms.

Reliance I call is providing the cheapest calls on internet (so far calling indian numbers are concerned). I am yet to try the SIP tweak (using some info given on another blog). Reliance I Call formally supports windows boxes only.
If you are reading this post and know better alternatives, please post a comment.

ICE Hockey at Vaxjo

This evening, we watched ice hockey match in vaxjo. It was very exciting, though weather was cold, it was a good match that resulted in home team (Vaxjo lakers) win by 5-4. Thanks to Boss media for arranging the tickets and for Sebastian for giving company.

Thought of posting few snaps, but there was a minor glitch in the camera, so no photos for now.

Well, some of the snaps of the last weekend trips to few areas in sweden are available on madhava's picasa albums.

Jonshoping-Visingso trip on sunday

Kosta boda(glass factory) and Oland (an island in eastern part of sweden)

I have been little bit busy and little bit lazy to post anything on my blog. But atlast the vaxjo lakers victory made me post something again on this blog.