Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ICE Hockey at Vaxjo

This evening, we watched ice hockey match in vaxjo. It was very exciting, though weather was cold, it was a good match that resulted in home team (Vaxjo lakers) win by 5-4. Thanks to Boss media for arranging the tickets and for Sebastian for giving company.

Thought of posting few snaps, but there was a minor glitch in the camera, so no photos for now.

Well, some of the snaps of the last weekend trips to few areas in sweden are available on madhava's picasa albums.

Jonshoping-Visingso trip on sunday

Kosta boda(glass factory) and Oland (an island in eastern part of sweden)

I have been little bit busy and little bit lazy to post anything on my blog. But atlast the vaxjo lakers victory made me post something again on this blog.

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rākeśvara said...

స్వీడనులోనున్నారా? రేపటినుండి చలి అదురుతుందనుకుంటగా?

నాకూ ఐసుహాకీ అంటే చాలా ఇష్టం. అమెరికాలో ఒకసారి వెళ్లాను. నా దగ్గర ఒక జట్టు టీషర్టు టోపీ కూడా వున్నాయి.