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suicide note

I am shocked to see a student death followed by 1 full day BANDH called across the telangana region. Every time there is a call for BANDH it is the common man who suffers most. Children miss their school and classes. Exams get postponed. If there are any central exams, they may not get postponed and our candidates lose their opportunity to enter into central services. Buses do not run and Road Transport Corporation increases the bus tickets to meet the losses. Hell lot of things happen. No petrol, no shopping nothing. It all started with the news of suicide of OU student for the cause of Telangana. when I read the news paper, that student was from some college in the outskirts of Hyderabad but not the student of the Osmania University Campus. Problem with life in India is that generally it doesn't value as much as it matters in developed nations. So usually if there is a death, it goes unnoticed. Family and friends take some time to adjust with the fact of the loss of life. Back t