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Smart electronic displays for traffic management in India

We have seen Indian cities having exceeding growth than the available/affordable infrastructure. The more we build, the more is the demand. You see traffic problem, you build flyover roads and\or wide roads, just to find that after couple of years, it reaches saturation and we see lengthy traffic queues and problems. Other side effect is that too much of pollution and fuel utilization. While the existing traffic signal mechanisms look sufficient, I thought we can create a better infrastructure, where in a commuter doesn't too look around dedicated for a possible traffic signal and its color. Lives are becoming busy and those tiny bulbs may not get enough attention all the time. I feel we have to have a better traffic signal display mechanism. probably an electronic display with 50 inch(height) row, spawning the width of the road could be a wonderful idea. We can display not just that RED/AMBER/GREEN bulb, but can show them text "STOP/PROCEED/SLOW" etc. When there is a

Shashirekha parinayam - film review

Saw this movie, "Shashirekha parinayam" at prasads. A typical telugu movie with road side romance and love. This movie is not that interesting as the title. It is about a a girl who runs away from home on her marriage day (surprisingly, she is the last person to know about her marriage and that too on the last day, far off from today's realities, where people go around and spend time together in shopping etc even in arranged marriages). Incidentally it is Tarun (supposed to be the groom of the marriage, herion was trying to run away) who follows her journey from Amalapuram till Dilsukh nagar (I guess the distination, because we get fruitmarket, vegetable market in the last fight, suspect it to be kothapet market, then hospital climax, could be DSNR). With a little halt in Bejawada, and couple of dances near Nagarjuna sagar (yes, the places are familar to me, Ethipothala and the Nagarjuna sagar Dam. I studied in Sagar for 3 years in APRDC). heroin and hero reach hyderabad

Shame Shame, No Petrol

India is going through a surprise shock. More than 50% of the petrol bunks are running dry. I saw at least half a Kilo meter traffic JAM at Lakdikapool HP petrol bunk, similar stuff at Shell petrol pump on Rajbhavan road. What about remaining pumps on the way? there is a black rope tied end to end, representing "OUT OF FUEL". If the Situation continues,Indian cities will be pollution free and traffic police can sit at home watching TV, because there will be no more fuel for any type of vehicles. It is really shame on the government, they must haven't let things go out of control. Really shame shame!

Hope and coordination Helps Pakistan and India

At last "kasab" is confirmed as pakistani . But what next? should we attack Pakistan and ruin it or keep blaming it? We must see Pakistan as a very critical neighbour in very critical condition. It is time Indian government show more hope and try coordinating with Pakistan some more time. May be a visit of Mr. Singh to Pakistan and meeting the Pakistan high political and military heads help resolve many issues. World must acknowledge that They created Pakistan,and it has grown to such a condition where it has become more dangerous than any nuclear bombs that exists in this world. Its political system is very weak. I seriously doubt if their military arms are in control by their heads. Mumbai attacks might have had serious support from inside people,but may be on their personal account. There might not be a state support, there may be also. A war will lead us no where. It is like two families fighting each other. Winning condition is always that "No one should lost".

Let satyam be saved

Today's revelation by Mr. Ramalinga Raju, Satyam Chairman, about the inflation in the financial statements of the company are very much shocking. He must be going through very difficult times, at least for the last few months. As he mentioned, it is really difficult to manage the "tiger ride". He might be honest and was trying to bring normalcy in the company affairs. Also it could be possible that he is saving real culprits. Raju's statement says it all. an excerpt. "Every attempt made to eliminate the gap failed. As the promoters held a small percentage of equity, the concern was that poor performance would result in a take-over, thereby exposing the gap. It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten." It is time, Government should come forward and protect the interests of the stake holders,employees, customers. We cannot just blame and kill Satyam.This world class company must make a come back. Every one who have a chance to m

Democracy, Governement, Bureaucracy and Elections

The way Government and its Ministers make promises in India really surprises me. India is not yet fully democratic. Part of what is present is not truly democratic. Son becomes ruler after father, Wife becomes party president or minister if father dies or goes to jail. Leaders are big liers. They promise heaven to keep people happy, but they do not know basic work flow of how money comes and goes. I am not saying everyone is like this,but most of them are!. Ministers do not have enough details on whether they can actually commit something to people, whether the budget allows new promises. But they know only one thing, they need to keep people or a particular sect happy, so they go on promising. Governments are like white elephants. They are very costly in India. Not the 100% of the budget goes into public service. Our elections are costly affairs. All the parties need lot of funding. Ever wondered why this time the wine shop licenses got lot of money to Exchequer?(in the state of Andh

Into another new year

Hmm, days and months passed by and the year 2008 is over. Another year with lots of changes, activities. Jan 1st, I have celebrated at Darul shifa govt blind school (behind salajung museum) along with TMAD group. Couple of snaps: more snaps at We spent time interacting with the students, understanding their ambitions, requirements and exploring their talent etc. It was nice to be there on January 1st. It gave a scope to understand a different angle of the life. During the interaction, best answer I can remember is (question is "what do you do you want to become in your life?")," I will go home and play with my neighbouring kids". This is what a 1st grade student can think of about his life :-). Murali was right in saying, "don't worry much about your aim and all, there is still time for it. But then those who want to make difference in his/her life and the future of the world, an early ambition is