Thursday, January 08, 2009

Shame Shame, No Petrol

India is going through a surprise shock. More than 50% of the petrol bunks are running dry. I saw at least half a Kilo meter traffic JAM at Lakdikapool HP petrol bunk, similar stuff at Shell petrol pump on Rajbhavan road. What about remaining pumps on the way? there is a black rope tied end to end, representing "OUT OF FUEL".

If the Situation continues,Indian cities will be pollution free and traffic police can sit at home watching TV, because there will be no more fuel for any type of vehicles.

It is really shame on the government, they must haven't let things go out of control. Really shame shame!


Sivaram said...

What is the reason, there was no petrol?

Hari Mallepally said...

there were multiple strikes Sivaram.

1. Lorry strike
2. Oil company officers strike.

This caused a very serious problem for fuel supply across the country