Friday, January 23, 2009

Smart electronic displays for traffic management in India

We have seen Indian cities having exceeding growth than the available/affordable infrastructure. The more we build, the more is the demand. You see traffic problem, you build flyover roads and\or wide roads, just to find that after couple of years, it reaches saturation and we see lengthy traffic queues and problems. Other side effect is that too much of pollution and fuel utilization.

While the existing traffic signal mechanisms look sufficient, I thought we can create a better infrastructure, where in a commuter doesn't too look around dedicated for a possible traffic signal and its color. Lives are becoming busy and those tiny bulbs may not get enough attention all the time. I feel we have to have a better traffic signal display mechanism. probably an electronic display with 50 inch(height) row, spawning the width of the road could be a wonderful idea. We can display not just that RED/AMBER/GREEN bulb, but can show them text "STOP/PROCEED/SLOW" etc. When there is a "STOP" Signal, we can show updates on locally interesting items like the following.

  • Traffic conditions
  • Dynamic speed limits
  • S market
  • Weather report
  • Advertisements
  • Local happenings/events
  • Traffic alternatives/suggestions
  • Similar items

I captured some of the existing smart displays here. I am looking at a far better solution which is self sustaining (through the means of advertisements etc)

Data display seems to lead the smart display market.

In case if you have ideas/inputs on how we can build a cost effective, Eco friendly, robust traffic management system, please do share with me. you can send me mail. my mail id is the {subdomain}, please replace the subdomain with "harinathreddy"

Also please share with me, if it is possible to have LED based multi color display (need not be on part with LCD) 50 inch height,and 40 feet length and if yes, what is will be the rough estimate for the same?


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