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Reaching the thresholds

Having 2 kids at home is more fun and actually takes most of your attention. Indulging in their innocence gives the fun that you will never get anywhere else. And some times that becomes the most difficult part of your life. Some of my experiences: 1. When it is too difficult for me to manage "Abhi", i tell him, you are making me see "stars" in the day time, his response is "Where are they?,Can I see them"? 2.Abhi doesn't care about the physics or chemistry rules. He thinks everything in this world is mutable.He cuts chocolate into 2 pieces and then orders you to make join it, making it as it was before. 3. When the sky is dark, and I ask him, where is the moon, don't know where he leart, but says "Mummy shouted at him, so he ran away". Similar answer why starts don't appear. 4. He strongly believes, there is reason for everything, he always asks "why" for everything. 5. He always overrides everything else, I stopped logging

Abhi goes to school