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Irony within

I am not sure what is getting attention of the nation is what it should be.  Delhi rape case that got so much attention is bit surprising for me. How many such instance are getting reported by media say from villages and towns? If the Delhi rape happened in some remote village would it have been in the lime light? What we conveniently neglect is  the domestic violence about men and woman and the problems with brought up of our generations. We only focus some thing grave to happen and react. I know few friends who  have serious complaints against their mother - in laws who never let them eat properly even when during pregnancy. I think many of our problems are not gender against gender. How I have been brought up and How I am going to bring up my kids and how I deal with every other person in the society also makes a lot of difference to the society. Media is so tempting with publicity that instead of stopping violence, people may be forced to commit crime to get the media attention