Thursday, December 29, 2005

Great things ahead

(Life) Balance Sheet

Our Birth is our Opening Balance !

Our Death is our Closing Balance!

Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities

Our Creative Ideas are our Assets

Heart is our Current Asset

Soul is our Fixed Asset

Brain is our Fixed Deposit

Thinking is our Current Account

Achievements are our Capital

Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade

Friends are our General Reserves

Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill

Patience is our Interest Earned

Love is our Dividend

Children are our Bonus Issues

Education is Brands / Patents

Knowledge is our Investment

Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.

The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.

Courtesy: mail from TVB(APRDC 97-200)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


mail and blog both r now close friends of me, probably cause they never complain even i over use them. and we never try to understand each other so no problem of conflicts.


like everybody i love to receive mails. I know i wont get mails just because i expect them to come.but still my fingers keep pressing F5 just to see any new ones.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Year Passing By

The year 2005, Lots of things happening around. ugly, bad and Good (somebody was complaining of the order, so changed it :-) ). Able to go on what I wanted to do.

Hmm, the changes...

1. I changed to a different house
2. Bought a Digital Camera.
3. Bought a Bajaj CT 100
4. House construction in the village(its half completed, on the way).
5. Surprised my mother with a gift.
6. Bought a Cardless Headphone (includes FM)
6. Became more alone (people prefer to stay away from me :-) )
7. Started thinking of marriage.
8. Changed to reliance (I never thought of it before).
9. Both sudharshan and Thirumal are mobile now.
10.Started Blogging..
11.Got my teeth cavities filled
12.Had more than enough fights with people (tired of fights now...)
13.Got cheated by a big person again


mm, I should thank suresh, He has been with me when i was in need.There are few other people who helped me lot.
No new acquintance.


Mysore trip with collegues, Ooty trip with PG friends, Rameswaram trip(for reasons unknown).Kodaikanal, palani (with sudharshan)

Got better understanding of the product i am working on. Bike riding (I bought the bike because I wanted to learn)

Davinci code, Alchemist,The monk who sold his ferrali, Wings of the Fire, Men are from Mars Women are from venus, Neuromancer, Digital Forgress.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Once again you’ve passed
Another eventful year.
So short was the last;
Tomorrow is almost here.

It’s time in your life to turn a new page,
And explore new worlds and ideas;
But let’s not forget the time that you’ve spent,
For giving of your love to be with us.

A stolen message

Irony of Life

I wanted to make peace with the world, but then later i found it out that i got to make peace with myself first which will result in enternal peace to the mind and body.

Often its easy to say, and tough to practice. When i say tough to practice essentially it need not be.

Walking is good for health, many of us getup early in the morning and go for a walk. its amazingly simple and we dont find problem with doing it.

Same time, there is a set of us, who hate to get up early, we are preoccupied with late night activities.

I was wondering why is that everybody getting upset with me... And some way the reason is myself. it was just because I am not able to to handle the things properly. The blame game might work at the external world but i can give the same excuse to my conscience.

Irony of these simple basics of life, is that its not that easy some times.
ex: "To be simple is really tough"

A simple rule of "Give a smile and you will get it back" will work. How simple it is!
But I fail miserably to treat people the way i am supposed to.

The result: fights, troubles, anger, lack of peace.

I was upset with the activities around. Things looked like they are leading to wrong ends, and thought i got to act and do something to make it. yes bit seriously I tried hard. And the result is that i made things more worst.

What i need is peace, smiles on face and infinite patience with myself and with the world, For, I am going to be successful in life.


It has been exactly an year since the Tsunami attack on asia. the pathetic stories of the deceased and the survived relatives.. The continuous suffering for the people (latest being death of 40 in a releaf camp in chennai, during a flood relief distribution camp).

I read an article in EENADU, it says that around 27 scientists across the globe, did some R & D and found out the exact source location of the Tsunami.

I feel what ever are the scientific advances the humanity makes is nothing infront of the nature and fate. We can make earth to go bit off from the sun in its orbit.

Life is the artcraft of the GOD. He can choose the way he want. What we could do is to understand the nature and the GOD, the supreme power. And be humble and play our life properly.

May the souls of the Tsunami victims rest in peace.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Khalil Gibran

Hmm, out of all the restlessness I am going through now a days, Its time i should make peace with the world.

I thought of Khalil Gibran, I read some article long ago, in a Alacrity Foundation(chennai)'s magazine (probably for some organizational special occation).

I liked some of his quotes

my favourite poem was Children:


And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, "Speak to us of

And he said:

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit,
not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you
with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;

For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that
is stable.

-- Kahlil Gibran

I think the spirit is very important here, Its not just the children but every one we are related with.

We do not own anybody or anything. We just have a unique role to play called "Life"

Probably I should learn something out of it. and keep it in practice. well actually I tried doing it. But Bible says "salt is useless without its saltlessness".

Now I have more aquintance who treat me with some negative note then in a friendlier and understanding manner. But life has to go till GOD decides the end.

PS: a beautiful collection of great works is here one can refer when in need of some solace.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Happiness, rather than working hard, is the key to success, according to research published yesterday.

Cheerful people are more likely to try new things and challenge themselves, which reinforces positive emotion and leads to success in work, good relationships and strong health, say psychologists.

The findings suggest that happiness is not a "feel-good" luxury, but is essential to people's well-being. What is more, happiness can also extend across an entire nation, with people in "happy" nations being more likely to help others.

The link between happiness and success was investigated by a team from the University of California Riverside, led by Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky.

First, they analyzed questionnaires that ask people about multiple aspects of their lives. "For example, they show that happy people tend to earn higher incomes," said Lyubomirsky. Having established the link, they wanted to discover the cause.

"Almost always it has been assumed that things that correlate with happiness are the causes of happiness, but it could be just the opposite that those things tend to be caused by happiness," said Professor Ed Diener from the University of Illinois, another author on the paper.

Other studies revealed that having a sunny outlook on life appeared to precede good fortune.

"There was strong evidence that happiness leads people to be more sociable and more generous, more productive at work, to make more money, and to have stronger immune systems," said Lyubomirsky.

Meanwhile, experimental studies showed that an instant injection of high-spirits could generate success. "Inducing a happy effect leads people to make more money in a computer simulation."

The research shows that while success can put a spring in someone's step, people need happiness in the first place to achieve success.

According to the study, around 4 out of 5 people in modern industrialized nations are happy at any one time.

Success was not just about earning lots of money. "We define success as obtaining the things that culture or society values, whether it be friends, close family, money and income, or longevity," said Diener.

However, sorrowful people are not condemned to a life of failure.

"Our work suggests that sad people should try to increase the frequency of positive emotions in their lives by doing things that make them feel happy, even temporarily," said Lyubomirsky, whose research is published in the Psychological Bulletin.

more on positive life

But there is a caveat: your happiness boosters should not be dangerous, like driving fast, or counter-productive, like eating lots of chocolate.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Healthy Teeth

I have been thinking of visiting a doctor, since my teeth problem. The teeth have developed cavities and the gum is getting weak. really it is troubling me especially i eat something like chicken or something else, where i need to eat more before swallowing. food particles are getting accumulated in the gaps between gum and teeth etc.. and hurting me. yesterday I was not able to sleep for atleast 2 hours after my dinner just because of this pain.

The doc at St.John was kind enough to listen to me, and he did some temporary filling.
he cleaned teeth first, and then used something to drill and did something. what i could see now after coming to office is that there is something on my teeth, a friend told me this is called white cement.

Well, this clearly shows i got to take care of my health more. Any negligence will affect me badly.

The weekend was nice for some extent, was boring some times. Sudharshan visit here made my saturday full. sunday Radio City was my company. listened to "Brunch With the Boss" and "Vintage91" etc. Nice songs i come across.. Like "Dont Worry, Be happy", "What ever will be, will be" etc.

But then i cant live myself all the day i think, thats what i observed on sunday. I tried my level best. Did some study too, but not too much of it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I do not know but my interest towards a happy family grows more.I have been tough with some of the people around me whom i thought are having more deviations. Ofcourse it will get me some negative impression with me.

Life looks amazing to me, with its all problems, issues, fights, affection etc. And interestingly i am becoming more private :-(. So blog is becoming my best friend with which i could talk and share my thoughts.

Just thinking of "The monk who sold his Ferrari". The author says, the common thing with the people who sleep most their life time is that they do not have any work.

The Life is that we do when we are awake, sleep does help get us some sweet dreams and make us ready for the next day work. Hold and wait works well in most of the occation (one that is mentioned in kamasutra too).


Today i had nice time with sudharshan. Actually i got up early at 6.30 AM (last time i was sleeping when sudharshan landed in BTM, he got wait for around 40 minutes at bus stop). We had lot of discussion on our house construction in the village. We are expected it to get finished as soon as possible (in less than 2 months).

He brought me snaps of the house site.

The only task that i have in mind in my personal life right now is the house construction and making my parents have a relaxed life while having sufficient earnings without much strain. Hope i will be able to make this wish come true as soon as possible.

I was thinking of posting some of my wishes since childhood, here are some of them..

1. I always wanted to fight corruption, at all levels, Do something which provides a comfortable life to the common man.
2. Say No to Dowry, I have observed many of the gals having bad life, because of this social evil.
3. Love Marriage - That was one wish which will not be happening. :-(
4. Have an International media agency, Both press and electronic media.
5. Have an educational system with two ends(One being lexurious for rich students other being with normal facilities for poor merit students, so that the system can servive on its own while delivering a great social responsibility).

6. Have an indoor stadium inside Some reservoir (Like Nagarjuna Konda).

7. Work more on Social evils.

8. To become a poet/author and write something interesting.

9. Make few movies which go into the history of cinema.

10.Do Research on software security and work towards a electronic security system which could help humanity, with cheaper but high quality solutions.

I love to see my parents having good time in the new house.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Go up

reach the sky

radio city

I bought recharge batteries yesterday so now i can listen to FM through my cardless headphones. a great lexury listening to nice songs.. with excellent sound clarity.

Monday, December 05, 2005

anything wrong with me?

some times i wonder whatz wrong with me? why nobody is happy with harinath? is there something i could do? or that i am just an odd guy who can not fit with this world?

good beginning

Yes day night i prepared cabbage curry well. i liked it. I am enjoying simple things. like cleaning the house, preparing food etc, reading the "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" and "Men are from mars,women are from venus". I have another pending book "Wings of Fire" by Kalam.

Today's morning was too nice, got up early and went for a walk. I enjoyed the walk in the greenary park infront of the house. took bath early and got ready and was in office by 9.20 AM. very interesting isnt it.

Other change is that i bought a hair oil and applied. It was a suggestion from the saloon boy to get rid of the dandruff, daily shampoo is not helping me to get rid of dandruff.

Expecting the day to be pleasant and hope it has got many surprises for me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

dull days..

last couple of days, i have been facing things which i am not expecting. both professionally and personally. And this is the challenging time for me. Got to prove myself and learn tech stuff and other stuff. I must concentrate on my goals. I want to be a security expert. Have to search for a good professor to guide my PhD on the same topic.

first thing i have to do is the required ground work, which could lead me into some serious player of the domain. learn/refresh the basics. Do the sample implementations. Get grip over the domain to provide innovative solutions to the world. The need for software security will be on the top list, as the world is going towards more automation and more technical. The other way, the problems to this automation are too growing parallelly. So I got to be conscious and work effectively.

There might people, who may want to trouble, but then its the tree which yields well bears the brunt. I need to be more serious about the career path.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


A defeat never means a failure. You may loose war, but still may win the battle.
A defeat never means a failure, it just means that you got to put more effort to win.

aids advt

nice thoughts

ife shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Instead of loving your enemies, treat your friends a little better.

The best things carried to excess are wrong.
To generalize is to be an idiot.

looks a bad day

things are not happening as expected. day seems to be bad.

dec 1st 2005

i didnt like yesterday night movie, garam masala. probably i was wrong person too see. i prefer to see "mysore malligai" instead of this kind of movies.

had an escape when a scooterwalla appeared infront of my vehicle crossing the road where i didnt expect. well, nothing can seeze a person from existence when it is not expected.

today is AIDS day, nice to see a CIPLA advt, saying now a $15000 budget per year is a dollar per day for AIDS patients. indian companies are making it possible.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

target :-)

Change the target if u can't change yourself

steam bf

for the last few days i have been enjoying steam breakfast. It helped me get away from my sickness. This is really amazing, i suffered around 2 months last year same time,later when i got cold for few weeks and now this time its just a matter of a week.
So now i am equipped with one steam generator, and a tumbler heater, both of them help me down the virus effect on me.

its like a heaven, inhaling steam, i really enjoyed it.

yesterday i was watching a movie called "Ghost and the darkness", it looked good to me.

"You build bridges, you have to go to rivers" a nice message (if you are a engineer who build bridges across rivers). One will really enjoy putting up soil over water (building bridge)..

Ditachment and Indifference

I have been thinking of writing on this topic. A very interesting topic.

Ditachment is something where you get rid of the desires, Indifference means to be ignorant of the situations. and Yoga says we have to have ditachment but not indifference, the difference between this 2 look thin.

Getting rid of desires doesnt mean one has to go to himalayas and do prayers there.
Its that we have control over our thought process, which in turn will control the body.

It is the perception that makes us to cry, laugh and feel. we are just part of the universality but any different from is the senses which make us feel different.

A good personality understands the relations, honors others especially the loved ones. Very often we happen to discard our very close beloved ones like parents ,siblings, spouse or the kids etc.

It is the internal peace that gives us the contentment. Respect your parents, love your siblings and care for your kids.

Most important thing i wanted to think of is "Trying to understand". Understand your loved ones. Probably they are worried much about you rather than themselves?. Its nice that you have great family which cares for you.

Some times the generation gap creates chaos in the family. kids feel their parents are not understanding them, and parents think their children are not listening to them...

Most of the cases, it is the parents responsiblity that they should bring up children in the proper way.

If there is only one boy/gal in the house, Often they were given too much of everything distracting proper mental growth causing them to suffer when they have to lead their own life.

Childhood forms very essence of the life, for each one of us. Hitler had bad childhood and then he took revenge. Some were motivated by nature and became great artists.

Today's thought of the day on the office notice board is interesting.

"To succced, you should have desire of success more than the fear of failure".. Wonderful isnt it?

To have a great living, one should not be scared of anything including death.

Miles to go

I felt very happy about the financial adjustment i was able to do, thanks to two of my friends, who made it possible. now a nice house is just few months away.

But then am i neglecting myself?... the thought itself is scary. I dont want to neglect myself. Lots of dreams from childhood. To do different things in diffent ways.. There are plenty of tasks i got to finish.. should be quick and active lest i will become a drop in the ocean of very ordinary lives.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The health again looks negative. the throad infection leading to cold, cough and fever is now crossed the initial steps making me feel.

It has been just few weeks (just before diwali) i got cure for the same problem. But now it want to hurt me again. so sad.

I am trying to avoid all the late night activities. decided not to go to any 10 PM movie, and staying late in office when its not required etc. weather is not good as its winter. stay home and sleep have a thick blanket.

I think of my grand mother, when i was kid, and studying in jadcherla, she took care of me like anything. she took me to hospital and did took attention to minute things so that i get cured as soon as possible. I wish to have such caring.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

updates (2W11M2005Y)

this week, i have been calling my parents regarding the house construction status. At last today we started house construction. One more target is on the way.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today is made working day, beacuse of the power problem last couple of days were like half working days, so the management wanted us to work today.

Today i enjoyed bike riding.. was driving at 60 - 70 with out any problem... Thanks to the long weekend for IT people, Bangalore traffic problem got a temporary solution :-).

I enjoyed the company of shiva and shilpa at papagal. my trip to Bhallan pally was bit different this time. staying that many days there is really tough task (praveen ran away to hyderabad in couple of days, but i remained there). 3 days of severe cyclone created lots of problems in the village, created big loss for some of the crops which are at reaping stage.

Other thing that scared me was my house in the village. we thought its going to collapse, water was pouring from holes made by ants on ceiling(As it is made up of wood and soil). But my father was confident that it wont happen, he had a great reason we placed enough support wooden pillars, so only thing my father was doubting was walls may fall down, because of too much of watering into the walls.
Luckily the days went without creating any disaster.

I was talking with my parents about the alliances for me. But i wanted to go slow in marriage stuff. first let me fullfil my family commitments, and then want to think of self. on the other side, I do need a good companion in life, both mentally and physically. The few friends i have are getting busy with work or their relationship with other friends. Even then life time decisions should be proper. any hectic decision regarding marriage may spoil existing comfort levels too. Any how i am eager to see who is going to be my companion. Will she really understand me? or life is going to be chaos? I thought i will be having a love-marriage. not just me, but most of the relative/neibours might have thought like that. I wanted to try, but it didnt work out. Humans build walls in the name of cast & creed etc. But GOD must be having some amazing plan for my life. So now just awaiting for that magical person.

I am getting confidence in driving now, As i have to travel alone most of the time, bike is really helping me. Essentially i bought vehicle only to learn driving. Ofcourse a costly affair for my budget. Even then its timely decision to buy the vehicle. I got my RC book today.

Work looks sober,there is change of the lead. I think current tech lead is 4th lead to me in a month or so, and the work is 3rd assignment. Is there going to be any trouble? Any how i got to be cautious about career and do more learning.

Friday, November 04, 2005

video uploads

there is some site which allows us to upload video, just now i registered and uploaded the video clips that i took at Rameshwaram few months back.
Here is the link for this

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The autograph

Rains have been pouring like anything in Bangalore, disrupting the normal life.

Then i thought of "varsham", and saw it couple of times. thrisha looks innocent and the movie is intersting one.

Tomorrow i am starting to Bhallan pally, so thought it might be good to see autograph.
Satish got the CDs of the Tamil Autograph. It was nice movie.

I think we just carry forward memories in life, not money or anything else.
It is just memories.. and the autograph depicts the life of "Senthil" in an interesting way. I like the movie autograph.

have a smile

Monday, October 24, 2005

ooty trip

This weekend was nice one with a trip to Mudumalai, Ooty and conoor. Here are the snaps of the trip.

We enjoyed the trip, with 8 of our classmates meeting together.

It was funny, some times few of us got agitated over the things happened.

to start with, me and suresh went to srikanth house, on saturday morning. By that time already Srivastav and Adarsh (Hyderabad) and Seshu, Srinu and Ramesh (from chennai) arrived there. srikanth the M.L.A talked with a travels for qualis and we started around 9.30 - 10 AM.

The trip was supposed to be to COORG, but then after reaching maddur the driver told it will take more time to COORG so it might not be possible to be back by sunday night 9PM, then we said ok to mudumalai, ooty and cooner plan.

We went to mudumalai around 3 PM. had a walk around and then had a safari trip to see wild animals.

Funny thing was that we saw baisons only during the safari trip. but while going to mudumalai and during return journey we have seen some deers, peacocks and some elephants.

The Safari trip was funny one, when there were some baisons, one middle aged lady got up and was telling us not to make noise. She told "SSShhhhh, Vo log baag jayega". we repeated this statement when ever there was a baison during the safari trip. i guess that lady might have felt ashamed of asking us to be calm.

Looked like we guys are the most wildest animals then the animals we have seen. we have suresh, Adarsh etc with us so i guess wild animals ran away from the sight of the vehicle.

The driver, was autocratic, and he took us to the places he wanted. srikanth had an altercation with the driver as he was not stopping in the locations we wanted.

We went to ooty in the night around 8PM, then took hotel rooms and had lunch at some restaurant and watched TV in the hotel room and slept.

It was not cold as it was supposed to be. I found that windows were in open state only all the night in my room, still we didnt feel much cold.

I think this is off-season.the ghat road was nice. with big trees, and greenary all the places.

We wondered how they are able to cultivate Tea plantation in that curved locations..

We went to Highfield tea estate, went inside the Tea factory there, and have seen how the process of Tea preparation takes places.

we bought some tea there, and then went to Dolphin Nose, it was nice location, something similar to suicide point at Kodai. then enjoyed boating and some amusement stuff around the boating station.

The return journey was interesting one, srinu started giving the intro about Adarsh and then it went into full swing with guys giving intro about others, suresh, adarsh, srinivas yerra and vastav took great part of it. the funny way our guys were explaining about each others love stories. the way suresh proposed to all 6 gals in the class and got rejected. srikanth, adarsh, vastav love stories, my pen friends stuff etc.

Then we are back to majestic, adarsh and vatsav had to leave for hyderabad. then we went to Nandini palace, near tribhuvan theatre.

had dinner there and then chennai guys went to central to catch their train bangalore guys returned back to their places.

The trip was poorly organized by srikanth, while Adarsh played the role of official photographer of the trip. He took snaps of the backs of elephants, some trees and leaves. He was very much happy about taking photos and playing with his new camera.

when ever one wanted solo snap, it became a group snap. some guys were yelling "i want one real solo snap".. Suresh wanted snaps for his alliance search.

I had severe vomiting sensation sometimes during the trip. i vomited all the breakfast while going. that was bit tough for me. Other than that my health didnt trouble me in any place.

Nice trip. Thanks guys for making it a memorable one.


I wish I were

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Traffic woes

The traffic looks very much odd to me. most of the traffic problem is because nobody cares to wait a little and let the traffic get cleared. People in their hurry, make way for grid lock, making nobody move and making traffic stagnant.

The moral of the traffic conditions is that we can never trust a route to be good. all the routes will be good some time and some times they go bad.

Hmm, then one truth about making people whom u like to hate you is that just irritate them. This works. Nobody likes a person who irritate others. it might be the close fnd of you, but then you expect that there should be some limits to everything.

But i learned one thing, it does help people to carry on in life. yes. if somebody has to leave you and if they cant do in normal conditions then just irritate them. It helps your fnd to get onto the rest of life.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Health looks fine to some extent. I dont have contineous coughing problem now. Oh it literally killed me with pain. Really happy over my health improvement. Just wanted to share with somebody but then do not want to distrub people, so just blogging.

have started my new assingment in a relaxed note, lot of interesting work ahead. I got to start my learning too.

Today supposed to be my joining date in so and so company, but then i preferred DHI.Well, let us see what life is going to have for me.

why is life boring?

Life seems lacking any challenges.(or am i running away from them? ). Friends wanted privacy so i left them enough of privacy. work.. No passion for work right now. I think i am missing something serioulsly (is it life? ). Does this world mean anything to me? do i need a friend? a love or a fiance? I dont know. Adarsh was saying getting married might get us rid of boring because it will create enough problems to worry about.

I dont know, but it might be good for time being, to play hide and seek game with life.
just go into hibernation till you get your own time, or enough energy to bounce back and fight in life.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

coming back to health

I am trying hard to regain my health and at the same continue the work.

week has been really painfull. with cough hurting me to the possible extent.
some times i felt i need some rest, some peace of mind and solace. I know i can get all this in enternal silence but then my journey is just begun. Got to run miles before i take rest.

Am i really growing abnormal? by talking of rules and culture etc? does anybody buy my ideas? i dont think so. people are busy with their own madness. In the search for happiness, people are losing it.

The weekend i slept well. saw "Arahan" and "Athanokkadey" both on computer.
some music and then enough rest this is my weekend.

well, i wanted to make a movie with the fragile mind of a woman at center . the comparison besiness, that guy looks better than this guy, or he has a car etc.. oh woman is growing more bad then she can ever be.

work, my honeymoon with Discovery release seems over. in just couple of weeks i am moved to different project now. is it a blessing or a punishment for being honest and pulling people when they wont work?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

still illness

pain looks terrible to me. how long, i have to suffer with this illness?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Being sick

Last weekend i got my favourite health problem, cold, cough and fever, everything because of throat infection. I was not able to eat. felt very much weak. Some how i drove to office on monday morning. On sunday night I distrubed roomate sleep with my cough. when i consulted doctor at St John's, he says its a minor viral infection, it will be fine in a week or so and told me to use crocin tablets.

Other thing that i have seen this weekend is some business plan with suresh. it looked interesting to me.

Life looked bored sometimes but then i learnt to live with lonelyness so nothing much to worry about it. only problem is that when we get ill,we wish somebody to be close with us and take care of us. After all we are humans.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

good morning

Yesterday evening i went along with Mahesh to search house and then we figured out a house which looked fine for us.

Kamesh, was cutting jokes for few hours in the night, lots of laughs. It was a comfortable sunday. Was thinking house searching might take time but thanks to the free ads/ad-mag. we were able to find out 2BHK, and now we have to find a room mate to

Morning came early to office,to find out nobody there.checked mails and doing blog.

yesterday called up father, everything at Bhallan pally looks fine.

Expecting to see the salary getting credited today.and as usual count down for the next month begins.. :-)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

sunday blogging

day looks bit different. Now feeling home less. trying to search for a house. Called srinu anna (IISC) and we discussed about APRDC alumni arrangement. then got to get the deposit back from house owner. trying to keep myself busy because i dont want to go into any dullness because of the house reshuffling.


My silence


I don't


FRIENDSHIP is always in my



A week passed with a relaxed note. Spent some time with my old team in fixing few issues. and then tried to refresh some tech stuff. Have been expecting a mail from US office regarding new work. i havent got the mail in the week days but good thing is that i got a mail from ajaypandit (just now i checked inbox).

In personal life, i thought i am feelingless.. but then when i had to vacate the house, i felt so sad. Its tough to leave people with whom we have been associated with.

Didnt feel comfortable to have a meal at Andhra Mess, even on saturday. it happened because i hate alcohol and my friends want to have it at their weekend.. so I got to have lunch myself.

I had a bitter mail from one of my friend yesterday. I thought will be dull but then i implemented few techniques which i always wanted to do when i am about to go into distress or dull mood.

1. Talk with people. talk something not personal to you and something interesting to the other end also.
2. Call up your friends and talk with them about their life. while telling about yourself, tell about something which will be not nearest to the source of your problem.

3. Think something about your previous achievements or your goals.

4. Involve yourself in some pending work, (do blogging, write something or clean the house).
5. Dont leave your mind free especially when there is a pain. It will hurt you so badly.

I called up sudharshan, babu, and vadina. Now shiva is able to talk. Great development that i have seen in recent times..

I am just not worrying much about the house, well some how life will go on.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

teeth cavity

an interesting article on teeth cavity
This particular site is interesting. especially for boys and gals who are kids and are in the transition to grow elder. the is very useful website.

never give up

Life is about attempts and about making them successful. Its the individual persistence and seriousness which makes any attempt go success. I have been facing some kind of frustration at office. Nothing moves ahead, people dont work as expected (as they are supposed to do). big ones try to save their face at the cost of low ladder employees etc. It looks i cant do anything here. But then it is this current situation that creates golden opportunities. There is nothing big or great when everything is fine and we contribute to make it bit better. True succcess lies in the attempt (it could be failure too) to make things that are not in achievable conditon, doing something exceptionally or doing something exceptional will qualify for success. Money, women etc follow the men who go with success. Its the success which has all relatives not the failure. But at the same time failure gives a golden opportunity to learn which we might not be learning if we are success at the first attempt.

Now a days i see the youth towards more lust, not on goals. they pretend to be on the way but they r not. This is disappointing. people are not serious about relationships marriage is loosing value in the youth. Its not freedom what we think, freedom is inherently has bounds. if electrons leave their orbits and take their own path its the destruction which will be the outcome. the simplest of the elements do follow certain order. why not we humans who have brains and can think. Ofcourse it often makes me worry.sometimes I go thinking of my own relationships (was never close to any female in any intimate meaning :-). and their pros and cons. most of the females are very much possessive and are dumb enough to go to any extent on flattery. This one is funny. every female knows how she is but gets happy if some guy says u r beautiful (even if she is not). Why do i wonder abt this?. Its because the women make the society. if a guy is bad it just reflects on him and his own family. But if a woman is bad, it spoils family, their street, city everything.

Well, seems like i am trying to figure out more mistakes with people. I will try to limit my thoughts to myself and for my career which is a terrible need of the moment. its family and personal career and the society thats important to me. Today i did a small good thing, contributed my ICICI reward points to action aid.

got to buy a PC for sudharshan, he has been asking it. probably my next immediate task.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who am I?

"I am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss absolute.
I am That by very nature. I cannot be anything else
but that as I am That alone without a beginning and an
end. It is My real innate nature. I am the Absolute
and Supreme Self, both within and without the
finitude. I am Truth, eternal and everlasting. I am
the only One, all in Myself: None exists save I in and
through all that exist. I am ever All-Existence
itself, I am the changeless One in the midst of all
changes. I am the Formless in all forms."

"Change is linked up with form and form is labeled
with change, but I am beyond the two. I am not
susceptible to all the ills of the flesh that exist
crawling under the feet of form and change. I am the
monistic unity here, there, and everywhere and at all
times, nay, for all times."

courtesy : Samadhi_insights

A silent sunday

This sunday is very much interesting. interesting because i slept enough, and did morning exersizes and took bath, then read eenadu and the times of india. tried to do the cross word puzzle in eenadu. Then read the business world. it was bit interesting. tried giving mis calls to friends.. This is all routine, but the important thing was house was so silent other than couple of intruders into my privacy one was few mis calls from sudharshan, which i called back, and then couple of collegues who called me. The silence was good. Started reading j2ee book which gave me so happy sleep in the noon. got up by 2.30 PM and then felt the need for lunch, was lazy enough to go out and so prepared my self rice and a veg curry. wanted to talk to amma, to find out whether i can mix vankaya with dondakaya, but seems she is not at home,any how i did mix the two vegetables and it was a hot and spicy meal for me. a nice lunch. felt like blogging little bit, tried at the nearest net center, but its overcrowded, then thought of my CT100, so came to office on my bike. still thea gears are not that comfortable to me :-) felt sad to see my JBOSS IDE1.5 with EJB downloaded got struck at the last minute(i gave download command yesterday evening)

checked my mails and orkut comments. then looking at some yoga yahoo group,some advertisement attracted me.. its about suicide. interesting site

A nice quote is given there, about suicide.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!”
“We must all endeavor to persevere”

Endeavor - A conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt.
Persevere - To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement.

and an interesting page, advice on suicide

Saturday, August 27, 2005

lone weekend

I had great plans for weekend, thought of finishing the timesheet application with struts and then take print of full j2ee tutorial of SUN(i was able to take but printer was out of paper and so task incomplete :-) ).

Struts donno, its behaving wierd sometimes (might be my own mistake :-( ).some stupid classcast exception (i was not expecting this).

Then adarsh was talking of orkut Then i too joined it and was posting messages on some AP orkut profiles. looks interesting especially there are so many people from telangana districts. great development.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Driving license.. a known mistake

I have been after prasad the RTO agent, to get my DL work done. the RTO office at BDA complex,Koramangala looks as a representative of an govt office. There are more brokers than employees. I am not sure whether the RTO office deals with such a complex work. I didnt find getting LL as a problem at all from the same place. But was bit scared because even praveen who is good at driving was rejected when he tried directly. So i thought of avoiding unwanted strain by giving EXTRA MONEY to some agent.

I have been after prasad the one agent whom i know, he seems quite busy and came late late yesterday and made my LL lapse (yesterday was the last day of my LL). it was renewed. Today he introduced me to some other guy called irfran or imran.. and i waited long time (around 1.5 hours) just like that.

Then he stood at 2nd floor of the BDA office, and asked me to drive.. then when i went back to him he guided me towards another guy, who took my signature and a notebook similar to a register. and then i came to office..

I was just thinking, if facilation is that important, why it cant be regularized instead of naming it as CORRUPTION?
there could be facilitators and there could be users who can get the services of the office directly if they know the formalities..

I am not backing corruption, but when everybody goes for it, its better let us make it formal, instead of everybody giving /taking bribes. we call it as facilitation fee.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

photo collection

brightest view of Mars

Nick, the author of the link given here, was kind enough to let me know my mistake about the post.
we can find his comments for this post.
Here is a valid link

I am not distrubing my previous post, it goes on here..

Planet Mars will be brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will culminate on August 27 when Mars comes to within 35 million miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on August 27 12:30am. It will look like the Earth has two moons. The next time Mars will be this close is in 2287. Share this with your loved ones and friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.

check this link

Courtesy: Venkata Babji Sama

Sunday, August 21, 2005

going reliance

Now i stopped the service of hutch dog, it never followed me even when i am at same place(quite contrary to the advts they show) the network is getting congested often.

well, thought of trying reliance. its better interms of service and connectivity. the reliance india card (for STD calls) is the good part of it. i can use prepaid alone, without paying anything extra for my over usage of phone. only a monthly rental of 150 is sufficient.

my new samsung slim boss N380 looks cute. just sufficient to me, no colours no extra features. the voice clarity is good. its the slimmest phone i have ever tried (out of the 3 cells i bought including the current one).

sad thing is that i have to update my addressbook from my LG gsm mobile. wish all my friends update their contact list with my new number 9342175660 and call me back so that i update my addressbook without typing the number again. :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Democray in Action

A news report about Cindy Sheehan anti war movement.
CRAWFORD, Texas – Hundreds of candlelight vigils calling for an end to the war in Iraq lit up the night Wednesday, part of a national effort spurred by one mother's anti-war demonstration near President Bush's ranch.

The vigils were urged by Cindy Sheehan, who has become the icon of the anti-war movement since she started a protest Aug. 6 in memory of her son Casey, who died in Iraq last year.

Sheehan says she will remain outside the president's ranch until he meets with her and other grieving families, or until his monthlong vacation there ends.

here is the dedicated site

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mangal Pandey

Yesterday evening i happened to see MANGAL PANDEY, the hindi movie at the PVR. Well, Amir khan did good home work, but the movie was a boring one. Might be opinions vary from person to person, i dont dare to blame the movie. It was not impressive. Songs were not impressive, nor the role of amir khan. There was nothing great in the theme to be as a movie which is released world wide. A theme and screen play which just suites for a lenghthy odd hour serial on DD. some songs were fleshy ones, showing some erotic scenes and amir in chains etc didnt mount to a good movie.

At the end of the movie, i happened to overhear somebody's comments "PAGAL PANDEY". I thought of keeping this as the title of this post, but then felt i dnt have rights to blame the perfect person of hindi movie world. Best part of the movie is the trailer that impressed me so much with "MANGALA MANGALA MANGALA...." song.

mysore trip photos

Here are the mysore trip photos

Thanks to Kalyani

Monday, August 15, 2005

Athadu - not just another movie

Yesterday we have seen athadu movie, the last few moives of Mahesh babu were nice. I liked his movies irrespective of whether its flop or success. Themes were different in the movies more over importantly the movies were more of depictive rather than a radio channel kind of noice.

Nice movie.

Nice weekend

It was nice weekend. We went to mysore, an enjoyable trip. everything was fine. we have seen the palace, chamundeswari temple, the K.R.S dam, G.R.S Fantasy park etc. importantly while enjoying the trip, we were on time as planned. while returning we attended sachin reception.

Friday, August 12, 2005

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Mr. Vadiraj

Yesterday ashish announced that Mr. Vadiraj is moving on. Today Vadiraj took a seminar as part of this week Tech Forum.

He is a nice person, who wished good things to happen.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

team meeting with the boss

Height of Imagination Posted by Picasa

An Interesting forward that i got, representing an imagination of team meeting with the boss.