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Greater Hyderabad Updates

There are few updates I would like to blog about the greater hyderabad. After formation of the greater hyderabad (MCH is now GHMC), ghmc website was not integrated with newly added suburb muncipalities. Atleast for 2 years I was waiting to see "Rajendra Nagar" in the drop down list (or say upparpally to be specific). I never had that luxury. But when I checked again today, there are lots of updates. I could see Rajendra nagar in the dropdown list. I could check my property tax amount on ghmc website (this was add few months back) and also there is a payment option for the newly created property tax numbers (called PTIN). It is great isn't it? Now I can raise complaints that are very local to me. GHMC website really looks stable. I am very happy to see this IT development. On the other side, water board website is still with errors. I needed to call local water board manager to get my CAN (customer account number or something) for my house water connection. He was kind en