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SSA(Sarva shiksha Abhiyan) Procedure on community projects

At last we got the mehdipatnam school work started by another contractor.Privious contractor intentionally delayed the work even after having the payment done before itself. it is painful process but if you have the desire to help the society it is a good effort. Please see if you can help some govt school by constructing class rooms or so and get the children from these schools get good education. It helps building our nation. Well, here is the procedure (as i thought) for the same. SSA (Sarva Shikha Abhiyan) and RVM (Rajiv Vidya Mission) are names represent same govt entity. 1. Identify the work to be done (school related work). 2. Decide on what % of expense the group can bear. 20:80 or 30:70 etc. 3. Approach district SSA office with a request letter for the work with your organization credentials. Attach artifacts of previous history and activities of the group that are relevant. 4. SSA District office head is 'Project Officer'. SSA will take time 1 to few weeks to visit th