Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let us hope for change, No YSR again please

The state political situation looks to be at a decisive phase now. Congress is trying to regain power back again. While chiranjeevi is making inroads into all the districts but making the opposition votes split up ( In case if he goes alone for the polls).

The Congress has done enough of what they wanted to do. Lot of irrigation projects in progress (lot of corruption is reported), and as the works are in progress, we do not need really congress again into power to complete irrigation projects.

That was the positive side. On the other side, they sold all government lands to private people at throw away prices (or occupied themselves). They have done what ever is possible to sell what ever is available (or first grab and then sell). Borrowed money from all possible means just to make a fat budget without proper discipline. They have introduced so many welfare schemes, but essentially all of them are like pittance when compared to the profits out of corruption/power plays. It is like bribing people to vote by distributing money in all possible means. While people are getting little bit of benefit, Congress leaders made hell lot of fortunes.

Bureaucracy is highly corrupted now and looks like if someone is decent then he/she cannot work. Chandarababu naidu (TDP president) tried to bring the state bureaucracy to a viable and disciplined order but congress pushed it back to few decades.

Free power:

YSR went on giving what ever is demanded. He promised free power and now villages do not have proper power supply even during the monsoon season(when we are supposed to have abundant hydal power).

Rs 2 Kg:
When TDP wanted to play similar tricks as congress and brought back,Rs 2 KG rice scheme (which NTR has introduced during his tenure), YSR,introduced Rs 2 KG rice for the BPL people, while removing the subsidy for the majority of the people.

Drink more for the state development:
Lots of licenses for given for wine shops. Congress wanted more people do drink and contribute to the state Exchequer.

In case if we elect Congress back to power in the state, we are going to have very difficult condition, they are going to ruin the sate.

It is time, opposition need to join hands together and defeat congress. Remember YSR played all cheap tactics like encouraging naxalites to kill TDP leaders (during last elections, every day some TDP leader or the other was killed daily by naxalites) and joined hands with TRS and communists.

Only thing Chandrababu noidu, didn't realize was to get money by selling all govt/public lands to get money and distribute to public in the name of some welfare scheme or the other.

Let us hope, we do not get to see YSR into power again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Virus removal instructions

Some of the steps, that I apply when I find that my system got infected with a virus, Usually this becomes more visible when you find task manager, or regedit is disabled, or you find system resources are in full use even though you do not run too many applications.

1. download process explorer from microsoft website.
This is a nice tool, to begin with. it provides you details of present running processes in your system. It provides you additional information like path, executable name, whether it is a microsoft application etc.

2. If you suspect an application that is running, take the name of it and search on internet, see if you get any virus alert. If yes, your system is infected with virus.

3. Follow the internet for removal of virus.

4. One simple cure, that I always apply is to remove the file entries from system and remove references to the file from registry (especially from the start up applications list). Open registry editor (run->regedit), search for the virus executable file name in the full registry. You must remove all the references of it.

In general, HKEY_lOCAL_SYSTEM->Software->Microsoft->Windows->CurrentVersion will have 2 child nodes "Run" and "RunOnce", please check if virus has registered an entries under any of these nodes, If yes, please remove the entries. Make sure you also delete the executables from your file system.

In case "regedit" is disabled by virus, you can follow instructions from internet, on how to enable them, if nothing works out, you can try some reliable thirdparty, registry editing tools.

Ubuntu zindabad

Recently I moved to full fledged non MS environment by installing KUBUNTU in my laptop. I nhave been using open office in windows box as well for some time.

I had few problems with Kubuntu.
1. sound - was getting sound only while shutting down, installing VLC also didnt help.
2. wireless network - whole idea of buying a laptop was to be mobile, not to sit at a fix place in the house.

With the help of Mohan and Shiva, got mplayer installed, it was working but not the other softwares like VLC.

After doing some fixes (exact fix is unknown :-), sound is working fine.

Today, I have installed gnome in my kubuntu, now it says "Ubuntu".

Apart from the name change, the real benifit I got is the wireless connectivity. I got my INSPIRON 1525 connected to the Dlink router. This is wonderful. GNOME is not as flashy as KDE but then it is more comfortable because the options look similar (familiar as windows :-).

The concept of free software is great. IT is no more a luxury. You do not need to pay anything to get generic softwares setup in your computer. Its true, Try ubuntu. As kranthi says industry will be more democratic in the near future.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Symfony PHP framework

Symfony is one the good PHP frameworks available. It is not for simple projects (considering the overheads and learning curves). If your project little big have decent number of screens and some logic and authentication, role based access etc and if you are seriously looking at PHP, mysql based solution, then symfony is a good solution. we have using symfony to build OCMS. I am attaching couple of screen shots from the symfony generated code. They look good right? who doesn't like some tool to generate the UI for us based on database tables? we can customize and use the stuff.

Get paid to play games

Get paid to play games. interesting isn't it. That is what i am doing right now. This wont be the case for you. If you want to loose some money, then go ahead and play the games I am playing now at Yes it is fully developed and managed by my company.

Well, in order to build a new jackpot solution, I need to learn and play most of these games. Altogether new domain, but intersting.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drupal and zoomla - the CMS

I was doing basic study of zoomla and drupal. As both of them being open source content management systems, it was very easy to get the latest downloads and setup them up in my apache server.

unzipped them into d:/apps folder. renamed the root folders to plain names (removed version info etc). and configured apache with additional virtual hosts.

we need to have mysql installed already.

Apache configuration entries...

Listen 100
Listen 200

ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot "D:/apps/Joomla"
DirectoryIndex index.php
Alias /zoomla D:/apps/Joomla

AllowOverride All
Allow from All

ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot "D:/apps/drupal"
DirectoryIndex index.php
Alias /drupal D:/apps/drupal

AllowOverride All
Allow from All

Zoomla, installation is straight forward. after installation it asks us to delete "installation" folder.

Where as drupal asks you to copy "/sites/default/default.settings.php" to "/sites/default/settings.php" to start actual installation.

Installation basically includes creating certain tables with the database information we provide during installation steps (It is mysql database info).

In both the applications, we create a admin account during installation.

Both of them look similar to me.


Multi site option seem to be available with drupal not with zoomla. But it requires some effort to do the same.

reading the documentation and some stuff on will provide basic overview and usage of both of them.

some quick references.!_Extensions_Defined#Templates

Essentially both of them offer basic features of web building. we can say they provide some additional features than the standard blog/other open source softwares.

Probably, they dont really let you do very serious business.

Friday, December 05, 2008

My first week outside Infosys

Just thought of sharing my experience with new company. While it was not too difficult for me to leave previous company and start with another one without any gap, I found lot of difference within the few days. I got what ever I missed at Infosys. Infosys is a factory, People, Printers, Stationary all are called "Resources". You cannot browse internet properly, you cannot download, you need to big someone to do the downloads for you and wait for their mercy (1 or 2 days).

Last few months were very very difficult, the more I tried to contribute the more work I had in my plate. And always there were only few questions "What is the status and when will it get completed?". While there is nothing wrong with these questions, think of a scenario where in you are deep into troubles,fixing issue by issue and some one asking you update for every 10 or 15 minutes. Doesn't it irritate you? There are many bosses then the people who really execute it. All those typical software industry jokes are infact true. There are very few people who stood with me and understood my condition. But otherwise, everything was shown as a technical issue and then because it is a technical issue, it is in harinath's plate. You work day and night and fix few issues. Response you get is not acknolwedging the work, but questions on the status of next set of issues.

It really made me go mad, I was responding to one of the manager, requesting to "Let me go, I do not want to remember infosys experience at all because it is painful".

But then last 1 Week was really out of all these bad experiences. I was able to sleep properly. play with my son and more over do some of the pending stuff (RTI,OCMS) etc. Still the queries on bulk testing haunt me :-(.

The bag that was given to me at the farewell party is really good. Thanks Janaki (He is a project manager who worked with me very closely and spent lot of his time with me) for the bag.

Successfull formula for succeeding in BIG Software companies is that, do less work and more talking. You must know how to delegate the work, if not you will be in troubles. You must be really good in playing the role of a POST MAN, delivering the tasks around.

It might look stupid, but it works. But then there are few cases where you get really GOOD BOSS who will help you out and recognize your work.

Mostly, all these BIG IT companies are like this. You become a "RESOURCE" and while you keep getting your salary (not so fixed, beause it is variable pay most of the places), you slowly loose your self. Your individualism. Your thoughts and you become a slave doing some knowledge work to your employee. Surprising fact is that you will never be able to identify the difference of being pulled into the corporate slavery, becuase you are lured with so many additional flavours. you see BIG GYM, swimming pool, big buildings and thousands of employees.

I am happy that I am out of the difficult times. It was not work that was difficult for me. It was those stupid policies and then junk timelines that made life too difficult.

On the positive note, It was mutually benifiting, because Infy got money out of my work, and I worked on multiple projects with no intersection of teams/technologies. At the end I learned more because I struggled and it made me more confident.

Life at Springboard looks good. While it is too early to go deep into the work, I am able to download GBs of data at around 50 to 80KBps and no filters troubled me. (Senseless Websense used to filter the jars i download and used to add lot of debugging classes into the jar files). While there is not work allocated to me. I am kind of taking help from teams and trying to understand the business and the technologies involved.

Interestngly, It is fun to get paid to play games. I come to know that "Tambola" game is called Bingo and there are various rules for it. There are so many fun games which doesn't require much of your brain.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Roads, Footpaths and Speadbreakers in GHMC

You can find below, the response framed by GHMC to one of my RTI request with them. I have scanned all the documents (including appeals) and uploaded them to blogger.

I was asked to visit SE-II at GHMC to get the information after the final hearing at AP State Information Commission.

Today noon, I visited GHMC office, and when insisted they provided me a xerox copy of the information. Ironically, you can find the GHMC formal response to the hearing (signed by Sudharshan, SE-II) containing just one line response stating the number of spead breakers in GHMC. But they gathered information and kept it with themselves.

Formal response they sent to me by reg. post is

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

AP Information Commission is a farse

I have really bad experiences with AP State Information Commission. These guys at APIC are care free birds.  For the information commissiors their designation is important. They enjoy the luxuries of the designation and do very little to do justice to RTI spirit.

In one hearing that i attended there, they asked me to come to their office and pickup the information on last saturday. I went to their office today (2 work days delay) assuming that information will be available there and I just need to pickup from them.

they gave me one sheet which is response from GHMC Superintending Engineer-II (Lt No SE-II/GHMC/PA/2008-2009/1669.  With just one line response "Total no of speed breakers in GHMC are  4261"

My request contained what is the total footpath and usable foot path as well as how many speed breakers and for how many of them indicators are available.

When insisted for information in complete, they said go and meet Mr. Sudarshan SE-II at GHMC office at 3PM tomorrow. Also they are blaming me for not turning up on last Saturday.

When I asked for next level of escalation, they said it is at "High court".  

Actually I filed RTI appeal (2nd appeal) with APIC in May 2008, and there is a long gap for the hearing. The Information commissioners are really big junk guys there. They are the best people in the state who are killing the "SPIRIT OF RTI".

I will post updates later in the day or tomorrow.

ఫొటో వోటర్ల ప్రత్యేక సంక్షిప్త సవరణ

విషయము: ఫొటో వోటర్ల ప్రత్యేక సంక్షిప్త సవరణ చివరి తేది: డిశంబరు పద్దెనిమిది 2008మీరు ఇప్పటి దాకా వోటరు కాకపోతే ఫారం సిక్ష్సు భర్తీ చెయాలి...వోటు కోసం దరఖాస్తు ని ఇంటరునెట్ లో కూడా భర్తీ చేయవచ్చు

Please use Internet explorer only for accessing some of the functionalities are not compatible with other browsers.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What went wrong in Mumbai?

It is really unfortunate to see the Mumbai incidents.  I am thinking about what went wrong. Why is that we were not able to sense anything about this attack?  Mumbai blasts are not everything, it just means that we have very difficult neibhourhood.  

Let us curse the leaders who didnt close Kashmir issue, they wanted name, fame and stopped the war, leaving kashmir an unifinshed business. Then the bangladesh seperation saw them yelling at us. We are really stupids that we are not that proactive. We have been reactive.  Let someone do something for us and then we fight. Perils of too much of freedom and corrupted political conditions.

We should always remember that, blaming pakistan is not always the only option we have. Let us grow from there.  Look, even pakistan is bleeding now. Pakistan political system is not really strong enough to curtail all this. 

We must have sabotage plans, let us have our people into the so called terrorist groups. let us have decent networking into their world. It is time we need to be more smart. Every life is important for us. 

Task is not simple. some of my thoughts.
  1. Let us provide proper opportunities to the poor muslim community. The rich onces are rich and  do not need any help.
  2. Let our muslim leaders prevail the thoughts of our muslim brothers. Let no poor heart bend towards them for money or something else.
  3. Seriously implement family planning, especially in the poor and not so educated muslim community.
  4. Let us not treat Islam as our enemy. It is those deviated minds causing troubles to us. When we should at "Islam terrorism" why are we not shouting againt "Nehru, Gandhi" families for their unfinished job?  
  5. Solve Kashmir, its really burning many people. Either we occupy POK or leave J & K to make another nation in the middle. Probably we have to go with first option. Let us close the issue ASAP.
  6. People should avoid electing junk leaders. Let no "Rahul" or "Jagan" rule us. Enough is what their parents have done to us. let us look at new blood. No more dynasty rules. Father and son are not the same. we shouldnt be stupids to keep future of our country into some ones hand because of their dynasty. Let us elect young leaders with fresh outlook.Enough is enough with all these old leaders.
  7. Remove poverty, if you think you do not have enough work here,then train people and export them. let the world be full of indian workforce. 
  8. Let us be critical at international events. Let us start getting confidence and influencing the world. 

Let us fight back

Days look gloom. Various reasons. Mumbai blasts claiming around 200 lives in Mumbai, the economical capital of India and also the industry conditions.

It is time, individuals need to be more careful. It is certainly not party time. We are yet to see the worst. Let us keep our jobs safe, reduce expenses and have enough savings to pay our EMIs at least for 6 months even without job.

We need to be more careful about what we do. Let us make ourselves as inevitable so that our jobs are safe, and then our employers will become inevitable for their customers and that makes we surpass the difficult times with less pain. 

It means, we work seriously, take the learning's well and work hard and smart. Going forward, it is going to be no more 9 to 5, 5 days a week work life. We might need to work more and more.

On my personal account, I have decided to move on.  Everyone asked me, are you doing the right thing, but I have no other choice. Banks have increased EMIs, and expenses for livily hood are  not the same as it was before. I had some other other personal issues as well. I had difficulties in getting relieved from my present employer. I was kind of inevitable for them. I have been going through difficult times for the last few months and needed to fight issue by issue.

It is my little son comforting me  all these difficult months. It is altogether different world with kids at home. They mend relationships, make you forget your worries and give the energy to fight back.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chiranjeevi, Hero or Villain

AP politics are getting spicier, with so many movie actors trying to test their luck into politics. Chiru started his own party after long long long long thought process and is still seem to be a fresher into politics. 

There is Balakrishna, making his thanksgiving to chandrababu naidu who helped him out of Bellam konda suresh shoot out case.(Still people say that Bellamkonda suresh is having a bullet in his body even now).

There is krishna and company, who are having some benefits related with their padmalaya studios, and hence will provide support to congress.

And we have other opposition parties like CPM,CPI who are not able to make up their minds that well. Though CPM looks decided,CPI (or should we say it is Narayana) still looking out for alternate options.

And as usual, you can never ever trust Mr. KCR, one of the shameless guys on earth. Add Devender goud, who felt he will never make it to No 1 in TDP so has his own party now. He want to try out his luck as well.  No problem, if he wins he will win, if he loses, he will lose few acres of land (He belongs to Ranga reddy district and is a landlord).

Coming back to chiranjeevi, he looks to be a real villain rather than a hero in AP political movie. Look at the strategy of YSR before last elections. He did all stupid things he can do to join all opposition parties together. He even did magic to get support from Naxalites.

Opposition is split into multiple parts and it obviously helps YSR. But  it might most probably push the state into hung assembly.

But if chiru is trying out his capacity by stating that he is the reall opposition and will go alone in elections etc and all these statements are just to increase his spread in the state and if he goes into an alliance with TDP, it makes lot lot lot difference to the state. And I am damn sure it will say THE END to YSR.

KCR will go with any one, all that he speaks is meaningless. so instead of listening to him and making out decisions, it is always better to see what is his action. He might even go with Congress if he feels congress is stronger than other parties.

My personal wish was, Chiru joining JP (lok satta party), they have good policies and I wish Lok satta winning some seats this time. If Chiru joined Lok satta, it could have been a big boost for cleaner politics.

Chiru might say many things, might do visits to many places (so as any other leader). But even if he wins CM post, will he ever be able to make any difference to the state? I am doubtful. We do not have the vacuum that was present at the time of NTR, making TDP. TDP came into picture when the market was kind of Black and White TV.  so TDP was like a color TV and got success.

But now the situation is different, we got lot more options, LCD,HDTV etc, so  success will be difficult for him.

If chiru wins the election and becomes CM, he will be Hero in politics, otherwise certainly he will be  a villain. Because he will not let TDP win as well. 

Well, I am not for any particular party, but just sharing some thoughts

Career move

IT Industry looks dull day by day, and I strongly believe worst is yet to come. We are going to see lot more news about bulk firing at work places.  Present finance domain crisis is going to hurt most of the Indian companies who do business with headcount. More people, more work hours, more revenue model is not really scalable and is going to have problems time to time.

Indian companies need to start next level evolution into software industry. We got hell lot of IT people in India who are competent. we need to break the walls of packaged software where we need to pay huge amount to get licenses.  Open source is there to help us, we need to leverage on open source concept and charge on the services. It is about committing to Open source, creating more open source projects and gaining expertise into the code base of existing open source projects.

This will help us various myths like the software giants like MS are doing great job in writing software.  It is high time we change the way software is created and used. Let the client get benefit out of free software,but let him pay usual project changes to you. 

Well, looking back at the present market condition, we have lay offs, no salary hikes, more companies moving towards variable pay structure, no promotions kind of stuff.

Not many people are interested to jump companies now. TO BE safe, staying with the same company, even if it means you draw less salary because of the industry slow down.

Not many on site opportunities, reducing bench counts, stopping later/fresher recruitment drives, creating more stubborn processes (like attendance systems, daily work reports etc) seem to be order of the day. 

Few weeks back when I decided to move on, my boss was asking me to look at the market condition and think over the decision again. But I am decided, it is the tough times that make us better. Unless we fight, we never win, isn't it?

Last few weeks, I am breaking my head over, Mule ESB (Java), Symfony (PHP based web framework) and little bit of few other things as well. 

I am trying to foresee the industry and where will I be in the immediate future. I will be creating software which is relatively better, learning about open sources more and trying to be an active Committer to open source etc.   I also have plans to start something of training sort into little bit of high end sutff (Spring,Hibernate,JBPM, Mule, Struts,PHP etc) but looking for like minded people who can join me in this effort.  

When industry is dull, you can conduct training sessions for engineers unlike freshers kind of training at Ameerpet University.

Let me see what happens, couple of more weeks before I say  bye to infy

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Abhi will  be  6 months old by September 11th. He already started operating computer. He is very serious about it. When ever you hold him near the computer, his fingers love to dance on the keyboard and you know what?. He looks so professional :-).
The computer stuff looks normal, though it is not thing of a infant of his age. 

And now he loves news papers and he doesn't discriminate by language or title. For him Times of India, Eenadu or sakshi doesn't matter. He treats all of them with the same affection.

But he differs from us the way we use them. He strongly disagrees with the basic purpose of new papers and he believes that it is another food item :-).

Sunday, August 03, 2008

RTI Report Release - Press Reports

RTI here is a mail chain about RTI recent press release. Even I was part of this initiative in analysis of the RTI requests of previous years that went till CIC level.

Yes Harinath, well said. There is a lot that needs to be done. This report is specifically to highlight the govt apathy towards popularizing this. We need a larger debate. We are planning a panel discussion on this report towards the month end. I will keep you all informed.

Till then , kudos to all of you who made this report possible and put in those hours.

Lets create awareness.

Hi Rakesh,
I read the news morning itself. I was held up in something else and missed attending this session.
Yes, there is lot of work still pending in improving the awareness on RTI.
I found RTI as a singlepoint solution for many things.
one example:
our colony people have been struggling to get few basic things done by GHMC for the last few years. they even met Sabita indrareddy (minister and MLA for our area) and GHMC commissionr and some HUDA top brass, collectors etc
But we didnt see any happenings, but recently i encouraged my colony people to file RTI requests along with me and when GHMC people saw bulk of requests, south zone commissioner told us that our colony parks will be protected from encroachments. he gave us date commitment for implementation. His only request was to avoid RTIs. He said if GHMC people start working on responding to RTI, they may not be able to do their normal works, hence they resolve pending issues to avoid more RTI requests.
While the works are still pending, but there is a momentum and my colony people are happy about it.
Also I have few requests in 2nd appeal with CIC, awaiting call from them.

On 8/3/08, Rakesh Kumar Reddy Dubbudu <rakesh.dubbudu> wrote:
sorry for cluttering your mail is the TV5 report..

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 9:51 AM, Rakesh Kumar Reddy Dubbudu <rakesh.dubbudu> wrote:

Dear all,

I could find the reports in Eenadu, Hindu and TOI. PFA the articles and also the links,


The Hindu:


Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu
+91 9885419012

There are only two options,
Either 'you Change' or 'Change the system'

I chose the second one!!!!

Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu
+91 9885419012

There are only two options,
Either 'you Change' or 'Change the system'

I chose the second one!!!!

Harinath Your information source of Hyderabad
"Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive"

Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu
+91 9885419012

There are only two options,
Either 'you Change' or 'Change the system'

I chose the second one!!!!

Harinath Your information source of Hyderabad
"Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive"

Friday, July 25, 2008

PVN Expressway to be ready only by May ’09

TIMES NEWS NETWORK 24th July 2008, Hyderabad edition

Hyderabad: It will be a longer wait for air passengers waiting for the completion of P V Narsimha Rao Expressway to ease their travel woes. The complete commissioning of P V Narasimha Rao Expressway has been postponed once again, this time till May 2009.
The construction of the 11.5 km P V Narasimha Rao Expressway from Sarojini Devi Hospital at Mehdipatnam to Aramgarh crossroads started in August 2006. The Rs 438 crore express highway project was expected to be completed in 26 months and be ready by October 2008.
With the delay in the commissioning, the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (Huda) has come up with an alternate proposal, of opening a part of the flyover for use. Huda
vice-chairman K S Jawahar Reddy told ‘TOI’ that Huda had sent a proposal to the government about opening the partially completed flyover. So far, only 4 km stretch of the expressway from SD Eye Hospital to Hyderguda has been completed. Officials said the new proposal is to construct a down ramp at the Hyderguda junction so that this portion of the completed expressway can be used.
“If the government accepts, part of the flyover can be opened for public in three months,” Jawahar Reddy said. Severe labour shortage is delaying the project completion. Besides, the rise in steel and cement prices has also made the contractor put the project on hold.
“The contractor kept the project on hold for sometime because of rise in steel and cement prices. Following the government’s as
surance to the contractor about the compensation, the project is once again on track. One of the biggest challenges is to remove the underground utility services,” said Huda chief engineer Vivek Deshmukh.
As several infrastructure projects are in progress there is a great demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers. “Ideally there should be 1,400 to 1,500 workers per day for the project. Until two months ago, the contractor was short of 200 workers but now things have fallen in place,” Deshmukh said.
As of now, out of the 328 piers, only 176 have been completed. As many as 100 precast segments have been arranged out of the 327. “To compensate for the delay, the work is now going on briskly. The under pass at Aramgarh area on the way to Shamshabad will be completed by the month-end. Along with this the trumpet near the entry of the airport will also be ready,” an official said.

Alignment from PVNREEC

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The making of PVNR Express Highway

Here is an update of the PV Narasimha Rao Express highway that is under construction in hyderabad. This connects Sarojini Devi Hospital with Aramgarh Cross road with a total of 11.6 KM. Once completed this could be the longest elevated highway in india.

There seems to be around 320(approx, I found pillar number 290 before Aramgarh cross raod and a rough estimate of around 20 to 30 pillars further) Pillars that will be erected in total.

At present pillars are erected till Upparpally X road. There are few left overs around musi river and hyderguda area (in total around 10 pillars). In total There are around 175 pillars constructed till now (approx).

Pre-fabricated units are arranged between the pillars instead of layout the slab for the elevated highway. In some places(Especially when there are curves), it is done manually which takes lot of time.

A quick observation about the work gives you undestanding of the present status of th work.

Other than the starting ramp construction, every thing is completed till pillar number 40. again construction is almost completed from pillar no. 47 to 125 with a gap of around 20 pillars in between.

So in total total work is completed for around 100 to 110 pillars (including the actual elevated road construction). Given the complexity of laying out the express highway in the busy traffic, we can treat this work as 30% to 40% of the total work.

Well, an RTI Response from HUDA who moniter this work says that October 2008 is the scheduled completion date for this full project.

While the actual completion is for around 100 to 110 pillers while there are supposed to be more than 300 pillars.

Over all progress of the work 40%
Actual work completed 100 pillars
Pillars layed out 175
Total pillars (approx) 320

There are 3 more months left for the actual completion of the work and there 60% of the work still pending. It is almost impossible to complete the work in the schedule d time.

There is an under pass(4 lane) in construction on inner ring road at Aramgarh X road. Almost 80% of the work is completed. I expect this under pass to be available for general traffic in another few months.
Once open to public, this under pass provides free passage for the commuters on inner ring road. No more waiting for green signal at Aramgargh X road for inner ring road commuters.

People from Attapur towards shamshabad, people from Gaganapahad towards Attapur, people from Shamshabad towards Attapur, people from Katedan towards Gaganpahad need to wait at the signal.

Here are some of the snaps of the express highway.

Here is an update from Hindu about the development phase of the project. This article claims December 2008 as the scheduled completion time for this PVNR express highway.

There are couple of obstacles in the inner ring road on this route. One is(a muslim worship place) a the X road at moghal ka nala (connecting lungar house and karwan), while the other one is a small maisamma template near the X road connecting Nanal nagar and Gudimalkapur. I am not sure if these two things are going to be shifted to some other place, But that is highly required to allow general flow of the traffic without any problem.

Well, The best part of this express highway is that expanded inner ring road will be available for the people (all the airport traffic will be directed through the express highway). You can dream of a nice riding experience in this road.

But then be careful, there are some surprise medians for this road and you never know who is going to cross the road all of sudden, so drive carefully and reach your destination safely.

Pollution check

Look at this snap depicting intersting scenario. Not sure of the other cities but in hyderabad, some people are experts in rocket science. I guess Kalam might have got the motivation from hyderabad.

See this scooter rocket, mistakenly travelling on the roads, rather than onto space. May be that is the reason, these rocket scooters do not display any vehicle number.
We can call this technology as SSTV, scooter satellite travelling vehicle.

If you are a hyderabadi and are used to inner ring road, you will find aero express planes(GMR aero express buses), plying on the roads. Those junk outdated old volvo buses with new look and feel, create hell lot of pollution, You feel like hell if you are lucky enough to go behind of a GMR bus on your bike.

Well, I checked with RTA, these people not bothered about GMR organized proliferation of pollution as a free gift to the new metro city of india.

Abhinav in July 2008

Here is a snap of Abhinav, my son. He looks really cute.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sign Board and bullock cart

See the interesting snaps near Aramgarh X road (cross of Inner ring road and NH7).
First there is a sign board and bullock cart.

Ayyayyoo...few steps bt bullock cart and the sign board gone. :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

State matters -police

Police, supposed to be protectors of the state and people. Most of us have seen how bad the police could be, in most of the indian movies. That is true mostly, but there are some good people as well.

I met police few months back, when some miscreants stopped the bus I am travelling and started breaking the window glasses. They damaged the front glass (infront of the driver) and also few of the window glasses.

It happened somewhere near Kandukur(on the way to kalwakurthy\Srisailam from hyd). Some how some of us(passengers) were managed to catch hold of one guy in the team and took him to the kandukur police station. S.I in that station is ditto copy of the corrupted police we see in the movies. He almost took the stand of the miscreants and started doing settlment like penalty of 1000 or 1500/ from the miscreants, while the actual damage was more than 3000/-. I was really shouting at the SI, asking him whether this is what he is supposed to do. Then we came out of the police station and went for settlement directly with the miscreants. they gave the conductor 3500/- for damanges and few hundred rupees for passengers who had minor injuries. If you know any movie producer who is looking for some bad police man, recommend this guy, he is the right guy for that wrong role.Well, this SI (dont remember his name, but he had a muslim name[no offence meant]). Those guys are from the local area and if SI behaves against them, he will have issues. Now a days real estate value is reaching sky, and hence Rangareddy district police have lot of good future in terms of settlements.

Now looking at the Job of the police, it is really difficult one. How many of us know that if a person is in police custody for 1 day, Police station can claim Rupee 1 for the food expenses of that person. Most of the police stations do not claim this amount. Imagine what u can make out of 1 Rupee? we cannot get even a cup of tea.

There are 2 types of custodies. Police custody, meaning the person is held by police and he must be presented in the court within 24 hours of the arrest.
Judicial custody, meaning the culprit is in the custody of the judge. Judges send the culprit to jail. so essentially judical custody means, short term jail.

Most of the hard core criminals do not reveal the facts in the first instance and generally 3rd degree is required for around 2 to 3 days minimum to extract the facts from the culprits. But police cannot keep the culprit for more than 24 hours in legal terms. So what they do is they keep the culprit in their control, but they just don't record it.

In unfortunate cases, innocents too suffer and some times, innocent people will be forced to accept the wrong things.

The kind of paper work that involves with day to day cases require lot of stationary, papers and other stuff. Often the cost of the staionary is proportional to the number of people involved with the case. But the government spending is too less in stationary expenses.
How do they manage? they either extract it while doing settlements or get funding from DONORS.

Good police will always have difficult conditions with politicians. Remember the Balakrishna - Bellam konda suresh shoot out case. Balakrishna did shoot suresh multiple rounds. As per the information from reliable sources, Suresh has a bullet in his body even now.

In cases like this Victims and their cooperation is very important but they often bend and turn hostile to police. There was some settlement that happened and Bellam konda suresh got hell lot of money (around 8 Crores or so) and hence he turned hostile to police stating he didnt see the person who did the shooting.
Think of the fate of the police in this single scenario. Court needs witness and the main victim is not ready for any statement against Balakrishna.Either get something from the people behind and keep quit or face the wrath of the top brass including transfer. Usually people prefer first option.

And now Pandurangadu is in theatres. Balakrishna is supposed to be behind the bars but still making movies.

Kind of the powers police department has are too funny. Normal police cannot stop a polluting vehicle. A traffic police can stop a polluting vehicle, but if the driver of the vehicle produces a pollution certificate, he becomes helpless but to leave the vehicle go. RTA has the supreme powers but they are always busy in issuing licenses and collecting taxes etc.

The Maruti omni, pollution checkup vehicles are a big joke. RTA gives them permission and what they do is to give pollution test certitificate to all the vehicles at the cost of little extra money irrespective of the actual pollution levels of the vehicles. The pollution certificates issued are not updated to a central system at all. So if we cannot validate if the certificate issued is a valid one or not.

Traffic police
One of the most hated job in this world is being traffic man.
I get to hate this people on a daily basis. You can find these white dress men at any major junction doing some chit chat or extracting some money from people who dont wear helment or do not carry pollution certitifcate or some other papers of the vehicles.

In most of the junctions, we get more traffic jams becuase there is one traffic man trying to control the traffic. These people, I doubt, really might haven't been trained at all on how to manage traffic. Mostly if there is no traffic man, then traffic flows smoothly.

Once i stopped a traffic inspector on the way to office (mehdipatnam to gachibowli) and asked him why he is not wearing helmet. His answer is he cannot talk on walkie talkie,if he wears helmet.

But are these people trained properly. Do they have proper oxygen supplies or atleast are they been provided wiht tea/water expenses?
I heard they got pollution masks few months back, but they are not useful now. they need to change the filter every 3 to 4 days which cost Rs 5/- not a big amount but they are not available locally and need to be ordered from some other city.

police cannot do strikes, they cannot raise their voice against their sufferings with their bosses.
Mostly high level officers are always protected. What they look for is... Am I given good accommodation, Do I have gun men, Am i given a vehicle and driver etc and I am happy. I do not need to know how my subordinates are doing.

Politicians control the police to max extent. We have seen how police have arrested 'Andhra Jyothy' editor and other scribes, just in the name of burning an effigy. there are real people who are burnt alive every day, and police just doesnt care much.
In andhra jyothy case, there is no doubt it is the act of the Chief Minister Mr. Reddy. He is growing more polished day by day. He knows how to take revenge on the people he doesn't like.

If we look at the leave calender of the police it is really surprising. they generally dont get leaves at all. theirs is kind of 24*7*365 kind of job. VIP visits, strikes, naxalites and hell lot of things make the leaves as a big joke. people at middle tier (like SI, CI) too do not get proper leaves.
Work-Life balance of the police is really at risk.

Few of the RTI requests that I always wanted to raise with govt/police head quarter are

1.No of police in the state and leaves availed per designation.
Year |Disignation |No of people |Actual holidays per head |total holidays actually taken holidays|.
2.Stationary expenses per case on an average, and total number of cases booked in the state per year and the expenses granted or reimbursed per year.
3.How many person days of police custody was reported and how much of expense reimbursement has happened?

4.What is the plan year by year for training the state police and actual implementation.Do the police really have training on firing etc on periodically? If yes please provide the details.

State matters - media

I almost stopped blogging, partly because of the new policies at workplace.I cannot blog from workplace, i cannot see most of the sites, including flickr, picasa etc.
Another reason was that I got into some project which didnt leave any scope for free time and the new manager who wanted to get something up so that he gets some visibility, so the team was busy all the time.

At last, architecture, HLD,DLD etc are completed and hence I am out of the project.

Well, the point that I wanted to discuss in this post is about the serious and funny aspects of the society.

I remember the college days, myself, TVB,Ramu(works for eenadu now) were really amused at the print media capacity. We used to write to 'Letters to the editor' columns of all the dialies (Telugu and english)and some times same item used to come in almost all the dailies(though it is not a daily occurance). The number of pen friends we got (most of them of opposite gender). It was great to have pen friends. I was so impressed by one girl that I proposed to her even without seeing her photograph, she didnt respond that time, but recently come to know that she did that intentionally becuase she is taller than me. :-).

Jokes apart,well Media is like drugs, some times it is good and some times it is bad. Mostly media is trying to showcase the evils of the society and most importantly it is convincing us to live with the evils. Not sure if it is going to solve any issue by showing random/limited evils on a large scale to the public, but certainly it does force us to compromise to live with all the evils in the society.

media has become a big business now a days. Once upon a time, it was the voice of the speechless it was messiah of the under privileged. Even now it looks like that. There are columns representing the common man, but the media is more polluted. They present news with their eyes(many times it is true, media stopped reporting what has happened, but started reporting what it sees happening). Everyone has some some advantage of something or the other.

Same news, read multiple news papers or watch multiple news channels, you really get confused about what is the fact and which one to believe?

Might be time will come, where doctors will recommend stop reading news papers or watching news channels in TV for sensitve patients.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

అబద్దపు సాక్షి

వాసి ఎక్కువగా ఉన్న సాక్షి పెపరును కెవలం 2 రుపాయలకే అంధజెయడం సంతొషించే విషయం.

కాని ప్రతిరొజు ఎదో ఒక రకంగా ఈనాడు గ్రూపుని ఎత్తిచూపడం, ఎక్కడ అవకాశం వచ్చినా తెలుగుదెశాన్ని దొబ్బడం ఎమాత్రం బాగలెదు.

తండ్రి సాయంతో కొడుకు పరిశ్రమలు పెట్టి ప్రబుత్వసాయంతో కోట్లకు పడగలెత్తిన వై ఎస్ ఆర్ కొడుకు జగన్, సాక్షి ని ప్రబుత్వానికి తొత్తులాగా తీర్చి దిద్దడంలో చాలా బిజి గా ఉన్నట్టు ఉన్నాడు.

వక్రమార్గాలలో అదికారం చేజిక్కించుకొవడంలో రాజశెకరుడు మాంచి నిపుణుడు. అదికారంలో లెనప్పుడు నక్షలైట్లతో చెతులు కలిపి తెలుగు దెశం నాయకులని అడ్డదిడ్డంగా హత్యచెయించిన ఘనత ఈ అదినాయకుడిది. అదికారంలోకి వచ్చిన తరువాత టార్గెట్ ఇచ్చి మరీ ఫాక్షనిజం నిర్మూలణ పెరుతో గడువులోగా తెలుగు దెశం నాయకులని హత్య చెయించిన క్రెడిట్ కూడా వీరిదే మరి.

చచ్చిన పామును కూడా ముక్కలుగా చెసి అనందిచే నైజం వీరిది. సినిమాలో విలను ఏరకంగా అయితె ప్రణాలికాబద్దంగా హిరోను నాశనం చెయాలని చూస్తాడో అదే మాదిరిగా ఈ నాయకుడు చెస్తున్నాడు(ఇక్కడ నా
ద్రుష్టిలో తెలుగుదెశం కాని, ఈనాడు గ్రూపు కాని హిరో అని నా అర్థం కాదు).

ఇక అసలు విశయానికి వస్తే సాక్షి వచ్చినపట్టినుంచి ప్రతిరోజు ఎదోరకంగా రామోజి గ్రూపును తెలుగుదెశాన్ని ఆడిపొసుకొవడం జరుగుతోంది. రామోజి రావు దగ్గినా పిత్తినా సాక్షికి అది మొదటిపెజి ఐటం అవుతుంది. మొన్నటికి మొన్న రామోజి రావు కి సంబందించిన కారు ఒకటి ఎవర్నో రాసుకొనో, గుద్దో పోతే (చెప్పుకొదగ్గ ప్రమాదం ఎమి కాదది, కనీసంగా మొదటిపజి ఐటెం కాదు), రామొజి రావే కావలని గుద్దినట్టుగా రాసారు సాక్షిలో. ఈలానె ప్రతిరోజు ఎదొ ఒకటి. దమ్ముంటె సాగునీటి ప్రాజక్టుల్లో అవినీతి కనిపించదు. పతకాలపెరిట అప్పుతెచ్చిన డబ్బుల్ని ప్రజలదగ్గర్నుంచి లాక్కొని పరిశ్రమల పేరుతో నయకులు బినామి పెర్లతో పంచుకుంటున్న నాయకులు(నయవంచకులు) సాక్షి కళ్ళకు కనిపించదు. అరకొర జీతాలతో, సిబ్బందితో నడ్డి విరిగి కూలుతున్న కార్యనిర్వహణ విభాగం ఈ అబ్బద్దపు సాక్షి కి కనిపించదు. పుట్టుకతోనె పచ్చ కామెర్లు వచ్చాయి కాబొలు. కాదు కాదు రంకు బొంకుల తండ్రినుంచి వారసత్వంగా వచ్చే ఏయిడ్స్ లాంటి జబ్బు సాక్షి కి పుట్టుకతోనే వచ్చింది. పుట్టుకతో వచ్చె ఈ లక్షణం కాటితో మాత్రమే పోతుందెమో. ఒకప్పుడు సంఘీ వాళ్ళు వార్తను పెట్టి చేసిన హడావిడి ఇప్పుడు సాక్షిలోను కనిపిస్తొంది.వార్త మొదట్లో చాల పేపరులో ఎక్కువ పేజిలతో జనాలని అలరించిన మాటనిజం. కాని ఇప్పుడు అదో మాములు పేపరు మత్రమే. అక్రమార్జనతో వచ్చిన డబ్బుల్తో పేపర్ని నడపొచ్చు, జనాల్ని కొనొచ్చు, కాని ఎదో ఒక రొజు ప్రజా న్యాయ స్తానంలో అబద్దపు సాక్ష్యాలు ఎన్ని వున్నా వీగిపొక తప్పదు. చండాలుడి ఇంట్లో కూద చంద్రుడు ప్రకాశిస్తాడు అంటారు, చూద్దం ఈ వెలుగు ఎన్నళ్ళు ఉంటుందో.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Entry

Yesterday we are gifted with our new family member. Tiny boy with just 1.8 kg, but with full of energy has entered into our life.

few weeks back when my wife first observed his moments in her,we felt happy. Now the boy has come little early (atleast 3 weeks before then the planned).

Its nice to feel his little body, small arms