My first week outside Infosys

Just thought of sharing my experience with new company. While it was not too difficult for me to leave previous company and start with another one without any gap, I found lot of difference within the few days. I got what ever I missed at Infosys. Infosys is a factory, People, Printers, Stationary all are called "Resources". You cannot browse internet properly, you cannot download, you need to big someone to do the downloads for you and wait for their mercy (1 or 2 days).

Last few months were very very difficult, the more I tried to contribute the more work I had in my plate. And always there were only few questions "What is the status and when will it get completed?". While there is nothing wrong with these questions, think of a scenario where in you are deep into troubles,fixing issue by issue and some one asking you update for every 10 or 15 minutes. Doesn't it irritate you? There are many bosses then the people who really execute it. All those typical software industry jokes are infact true. There are very few people who stood with me and understood my condition. But otherwise, everything was shown as a technical issue and then because it is a technical issue, it is in harinath's plate. You work day and night and fix few issues. Response you get is not acknolwedging the work, but questions on the status of next set of issues.

It really made me go mad, I was responding to one of the manager, requesting to "Let me go, I do not want to remember infosys experience at all because it is painful".

But then last 1 Week was really out of all these bad experiences. I was able to sleep properly. play with my son and more over do some of the pending stuff (RTI,OCMS) etc. Still the queries on bulk testing haunt me :-(.

The bag that was given to me at the farewell party is really good. Thanks Janaki (He is a project manager who worked with me very closely and spent lot of his time with me) for the bag.

Successfull formula for succeeding in BIG Software companies is that, do less work and more talking. You must know how to delegate the work, if not you will be in troubles. You must be really good in playing the role of a POST MAN, delivering the tasks around.

It might look stupid, but it works. But then there are few cases where you get really GOOD BOSS who will help you out and recognize your work.

Mostly, all these BIG IT companies are like this. You become a "RESOURCE" and while you keep getting your salary (not so fixed, beause it is variable pay most of the places), you slowly loose your self. Your individualism. Your thoughts and you become a slave doing some knowledge work to your employee. Surprising fact is that you will never be able to identify the difference of being pulled into the corporate slavery, becuase you are lured with so many additional flavours. you see BIG GYM, swimming pool, big buildings and thousands of employees.

I am happy that I am out of the difficult times. It was not work that was difficult for me. It was those stupid policies and then junk timelines that made life too difficult.

On the positive note, It was mutually benifiting, because Infy got money out of my work, and I worked on multiple projects with no intersection of teams/technologies. At the end I learned more because I struggled and it made me more confident.

Life at Springboard looks good. While it is too early to go deep into the work, I am able to download GBs of data at around 50 to 80KBps and no filters troubled me. (Senseless Websense used to filter the jars i download and used to add lot of debugging classes into the jar files). While there is not work allocated to me. I am kind of taking help from teams and trying to understand the business and the technologies involved.

Interestngly, It is fun to get paid to play games. I come to know that "Tambola" game is called Bingo and there are various rules for it. There are so many fun games which doesn't require much of your brain.


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