Drupal and zoomla - the CMS

I was doing basic study of zoomla and drupal. As both of them being open source content management systems, it was very easy to get the latest downloads and setup them up in my apache server.

unzipped them into d:/apps folder. renamed the root folders to plain names (removed version info etc). and configured apache with additional virtual hosts.

we need to have mysql installed already.

Apache configuration entries...

Listen 100
Listen 200

ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot "D:/apps/Joomla"
DirectoryIndex index.php
Alias /zoomla D:/apps/Joomla

AllowOverride All
Allow from All

ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot "D:/apps/drupal"
DirectoryIndex index.php
Alias /drupal D:/apps/drupal

AllowOverride All
Allow from All

Zoomla, installation is straight forward. after installation it asks us to delete "installation" folder.

Where as drupal asks you to copy "/sites/default/default.settings.php" to "/sites/default/settings.php" to start actual installation.

Installation basically includes creating certain tables with the database information we provide during installation steps (It is mysql database info).

In both the applications, we create a admin account during installation.

Both of them look similar to me.



Multi site option seem to be available with drupal not with zoomla. But it requires some effort to do the same.

reading the documentation and some stuff on http://www.scribd.com/ will provide basic overview and usage of both of them.

some quick references.


Essentially both of them offer basic features of web building. we can say they provide some additional features than the standard blog/other open source softwares.

Probably, they dont really let you do very serious business.


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