Roads, Footpaths and Speadbreakers in GHMC

You can find below, the response framed by GHMC to one of my RTI request with them. I have scanned all the documents (including appeals) and uploaded them to blogger.

I was asked to visit SE-II at GHMC to get the information after the final hearing at AP State Information Commission.

Today noon, I visited GHMC office, and when insisted they provided me a xerox copy of the information. Ironically, you can find the GHMC formal response to the hearing (signed by Sudharshan, SE-II) containing just one line response stating the number of spead breakers in GHMC. But they gathered information and kept it with themselves.

Formal response they sent to me by reg. post is


Naveen said…
why are you collecting this information. just curious..

Unknown said…
You did not get the information you had asked for. Do you plan to insist on them to give what is asked for? You should have been following this for quite a year. This is ridiculous. We should file another request with the AP Information commission itself to know how much time would they take to respond to any request and In case of inordinate delays like this who should be held responsible.
Hari Mallepally said…
thanks naveen, sivanand.

I wanted multiple things out of this RTI information.

1. footpaths : wanted to have a proof that we dont have proper footpaths and it is a serious issue.
2. Speedbreakers should have proper indicators.
3. GHMC must know how many of them are there in total.
4. see if GHMC, APIC are serious about RTI (it failed anyway).

they provided some information through letter and some different information when i went to SE-2 of GHMC office.

GHMC formal response says they are expecting some information and will provide as and when it arrives.

This is more sad, because APIC ordered them to give info in 10 days.

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