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Weekend at Edinburgh

Today I was walking around the princes street, castle etc. spent around 3 hours in walking and then 1 hour in shopping and bus travel. I like the descipline in people and the architecture of the city. Descipline, pedestrians are given great importance and where ever possible, there are signals and the vehicles will stop if they see someone crossing the road. Great descipline. Ofcourse, there is far less population when compared to india. Hyderabad has around 1 crore population i think. here there are less people and you can easily figure out that there are more cars on the road then people in the footpaths. Nice touring place (though i came here on work). Scotland touring experiment will be worth of it. but choose summer. winters are too cold here. Click here to see some of my snaps.

Being in scotland

I came to Edingburgh last monday. Edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, is really a nice place to visit as well as nice place to work. Company flat is really nice (thougth i am ignorant of many of the facilities inside the flat :-) more updates soon