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An an year of busy life

The year 2014 has been really hectic. Moved back to Hyderabad from Gurgaon/New Delhi at the end of  2013 and though joined my current employer in 2013 December, we started working with new client actively since January. A quick visit to US to client location and lot of work here(India) and there (US) kept me busy. We had production releases, bug fixes etc  that kept me busy with most of the time. Team size increased as per the scope of the work and additional responsibilities etc were good to me. Personally, we came to terms that my father is no more and life is moving on (I still wonder how YS Family is visits to sympathize the families of people who died on similar timeline as YSR). It is wonderful to see kids growing. Abhi breaks most of the things very often and makes me angry, but still he is something that I like and I see great unconventional future for him. He doesn't look excited with regular life. Adith is a charm whereever he is. he settles down easily and impresses

An evening at secratariat

I did visit the Secratariat this evening. I needed to rush because I came around 3.30PM to home. Needed to take print outs of the letter copy and then rush, I think I reached the secratariat gate around 4.20PM. I saw only AP Secratariat, I asked the police there where can I find Telangana Secrariat, I was told to go straight and take left. I parked my 2 wheeler there and then rushed to the direction. I needed to walk around 5 minutes or more to reach the gate and then I am asked to show gate pass. I told, I do not have one but I came to submit a letter to CM. I was asked to go back to the place I came from (first gate) and take the gate pass at reception. I said I saw lot of police but no reception, but was told that reception is there only and it is common for both the secratariats. I went back to the place cursing myself for being greedy(in finding parking place) and parking my vehicle at the first gate (AP gate) and walked back to the gate, I know the visiting hours are only 3 to

Complaint to Chief Minister


Complaint to the Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister, I am writing this with great pain, My mother who is more than 65 years and is illiterate is made to make rounds to various government offices. Not just once but many times. My parents worked hard for me, though they were never aware of what I am studying or what my future would be, they gave their entire life for me. It is my responsibility to keep them happy, but unfortunately my father expired while working hard as a farmer. He never made crores with farming but he made loans because he was hard working farmer and never cheated anyone.  As a son it is really shocking. At least I wanted to keep my mother happy. She loves to stay in the village and not in the city, so she lives in Bhallanpally, Tadoor mandal, Mahbubnagar district. Her name is Laxmamma. Please see  my mother's some of the sufferings as   a youtube video at this URL. It is a big shock for me to see my mother making rounds to Mandal Office and then people are trying

Stop petty bribes and simplify process

Hi, sent to in email to the following people (collector_mbnr, registrar.apsc, jc_mbnr all mail ids (ending with as per websites) and also to I am shocked to see how my mother is treated by various government authorities. It is really pathetic to see inhuman treatment at offices towards civilians. Here with I register my complaint. 1. Gas agency person trying to ask 200 rupees as bribe/favour. My mother bluntly refused to pay. 2. MRO office, for every stamp they put on request letters, they charge Rs 10/- and it is prevalent since ages and people are not bothered about that so much, rather they want to have their work done instead of making multiple rounds. 3. Complex stupid process that every person have to travel to Mandal office, not just mandal office, but the village patwari, sarpanch, bank and mandal office. Doesn't it sound too complex? most often every person demands bribe. 4. Lazy and easy money, what on earth prompts for g

Dear Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister, I have been thinking of writing this, and finally could grab some time for it.  This letter, Mr. Chief Minister is from an ordinary person who has feelings for what is happening around. When the Telangana movement is at peak and people where immolating themselves, I always was searching for you and you were doing farming(some say resting)  When people were busy with their life, you used to enter mainstream and pull them for Telangana movement. I am not so sure if you were really interested to have Telangana state if not for the students and employees stir that clubbed with Sonia's calculations on numbers for Rahul to be PM and congress situation in the state before last general elections. I know you got great oratory skills and you have lot of knowledge on history. You remember everything chief minster, if we have to go buy your own words there could have been tens of Telanganas (for every commitment you made that Telangana will be reality in a month or fe