Stop petty bribes and simplify process

sent to in email to the following people (collector_mbnr, registrar.apsc, jc_mbnr all mail ids (ending with as per websites) and also to

I am shocked to see how my mother is treated by various government authorities. It is really pathetic to see inhuman treatment at offices towards civilians.

Here with I register my complaint.
1. Gas agency person trying to ask 200 rupees as bribe/favour. My mother bluntly refused to pay.
2. MRO office, for every stamp they put on request letters, they charge Rs 10/- and it is prevalent since ages and people are not bothered about that so much, rather they want to have their work done instead of making multiple rounds.
3. Complex stupid process that every person have to travel to Mandal office, not just mandal office, but the village patwari, sarpanch, bank and mandal office. Doesn't it sound too complex? most often every person demands bribe.
4. Lazy and easy money, what on earth prompts for government to release drought funds after many years? it doesn't sound any logical at all and people(may not be everyone) giving it back to government by spending that money on liquor shops.
Don't you think, we need to simplify life and get rid of the beaurocracy? probably install a small comput\er center with xerox in every village and take all requests there and make sure you are not doing any TYPOs. It really pains to see the result of the mistakes. Why do you think my mother has to beg people to certify/sign just because some stupid data entry operator typed "Tirupathi reddy" instead of "Tirumal Reddy" as my grand father's name?
Please get the basics correct. I remember how bank people tried to cheat my father for around 30k when he submitted his hard earned money(he submitted around 1L or so and then cashier said he gave only 70k, my father was heart broken), then it needed me to send UNHAPPY SMS to SBI and then bank people found my father in the fields and gave the money and also conveyed apology...
But how do I know how many other fathers and mothers are facing the same problem?
I am very sure, there is a great progress in the system, but there is a strong reason why we should invent a better, smoother and even more transparent system that is well understood by even KG students and still fool proof.
Could you please fix this please? and first thing first, stop the petty bribes first!


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