Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister,

I have been thinking of writing this, and finally could grab some time for it.  This letter, Mr. Chief Minister is from an ordinary person who has feelings for what is happening around.

When the Telangana movement is at peak and people where immolating themselves, I always was searching for you and you were doing farming(some say resting)  When people were busy with their life, you used to enter mainstream and pull them for Telangana movement. I am not so sure if you were really interested to have Telangana state if not for the students and employees stir that clubbed with Sonia's calculations on numbers for Rahul to be PM and congress situation in the state before last general elections. I know you got great oratory skills and you have lot of knowledge on history. You remember everything chief minster, if we have to go buy your own words there could have been tens of Telanganas (for every commitment you made that Telangana will be reality in a month or few months or so). I am not sure if you used to make those statements straight from your heart or that was just a political gimmick to keep the moment going on.

Being a rebel, calling for bandhs is a different ball game and being on the other side in power and then controlling this is a different ball game. I hope you understand this more as now you are experiencing it.

You know how much your bad mouthing hurts people, how many times did Chandra babu utter your name and used filthy language?  I am not so sure why you are so much afraid of chandra babu and talk about him all filthy. I am not sure Mr. Chief Minister, if someone says me "Sannasi",I won't keep quiet, rather I would slap him on his face left and right. Why do you need to do all that and give visibility for CBN more?

CBN is busy with his own job, I was surprised when there were some early reports that said 3 people died in andhra because of hudhud and 2 people in hyderabad because the welcome banner stand for Mayers meeting, erected by GHMC fell down because of winds.  I am not sure if there is really focused effort for development.

I never understood what you really have to do with CBN, don't you have any work to do other than keep blaming TDP and CBN every day? don't you see who ruined the state? You were part of CBN team Mr. Chief Minister and you know the history, Hyderabad has been a city but who made the IT presence into Hyderabad? looks like you don't want to remember anything that doesn't fit your party, I think there is nothing wrong in accepting facts.

The numbers talk by all political guys look really dumb. I wonder when some politician talks about comparison about the numbers when CBN was ruling the state and current budget or allocations.  are you guys dumb about inflation etc? earning 10k was a big salary when CBN was in power, earning 1 Lakh is not rare thing now a days. earning levels of people and also inflation also need to be considered when someone is doing comparison.

As a common man, Mr. Chief Minster, I strongly believe taking credit for someone's efforts is bad, did you build HITECH city or did you build airport? did you plan for outer ring road for Hyderabad or did you expand the city roads? have you done anything of that sort Mr. chief minster? Don't you see the no. of years of floods or drought when CBN was in power? Please if you can learn from him learn or just discard him.

Does a common man need YADAGIRI to be another Vatican or Tirupathi or 100 floor towers around stinky Hussain sagar or a mini tank bank for every mandal or Karimnagar to be London. It looks like either you are still to start understanding the governance or you just want to keep people discuss about you either good or bad.

It pains me to see every small rain kills so many people in Hyderabad, any leader worth the carbon atoms in his body should understand the problems and solve them. Try once Mr. Chief Minster  to travel with me in hyderabad, I will take you to places that you hate to see the bad infrastructure.  Stop blabbering something every now and then, rather work on real things, show something you on your own are achieving. If you have guts,develop Mahubub nagar or Nalgonda or Adilabad on par with Hyderabad. Can you dare for this challenge? Let us call this as Hyderabad Challenge, build another city (minus slums or bad roads) on par with Hyderabd, try it out.  I am damn sure you will not agree, if you agree, I am sure you will fail your word like always you do.

Dear Chief Minister,
Did you read the budget copy this year after delayed months?  even KG students will question basics, I am not sure how you will get the money and get things done when all metrics about taxes in Telangana are showing down trend, are you trying to play another YSR by selling lands or so?  Have you not seen what Mr. Jagan is going through right now? Power is not permanent Mr. Chief Minster, people are really smart and they make right decisions always and if you continue to be talking crazy things and doing nothing, I do not need to say anything Mr. Chief Minster, people will decide. Believe me money alone will not help continue power.

God has given you great skills Mr. Chief Minister, you got brain that works, you got power that  you can use to make real development. Believe me learning is great thing, Learn to be humble, when our time is up Mr. Chief Minister,I have not heard anything magical, all great leaders, great kings and common people at the end die and we do not carry anything with us, so at the end of the day Mr. Chief Minister, we are all humans irrespective of power, so my request is be humble, think, listen to people, stop bad mouthing, once you learn, please train the ministers.

Dear Chief Minister, please be a man of actions, you are a man of masses and man of bad mouthing right now. Please Mister Chief Minister, grow to "Man of Actions".

An ordinary man

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