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What went wrong in Mumbai?

It is really unfortunate to see the Mumbai incidents.  I am thinking about what went wrong. Why is that we were not able to sense anything about this attack?  Mumbai blasts are not everything, it just means that we have very difficult neibhourhood.   Let us curse the leaders who didnt close Kashmir issue, they wanted name, fame and stopped the war, leaving kashmir an unifinshed business. Then the bangladesh seperation saw them yelling at us. We are really stupids that we are not that proactive. We have been reactive.  Let someone do something for us and then we fight. Perils of too much of freedom and corrupted political conditions. We should always remember that, blaming pakistan is not always the only option we have. Let us grow from there.  Look, even pakistan is bleeding now. Pakistan political system is not really strong enough to curtail all this.  We must have sabotage plans, let us have our people into the so called terrorist groups. let us have decent networking into their wor

Let us fight back

Days look gloom. Various reasons. M umbai blasts claiming around 200 lives in M umbai , the economical capital of India and also the industry conditions. It is time, individuals need to be more careful. It is certainly not party time. We are yet to see the worst. Let us keep our jobs safe, reduce expenses and have enough savings to pay our EMIs at least for 6 months even without job. We need to be more careful about what we do. Let us make ourselves as inevitable so that our jobs are safe, and then our employers will become inevitable for their customers and that makes we surpass the difficult times with less pain.  It means, we work seriously, take the learning's well and work hard and smart. Going forward, it is going to be no more 9 to 5, 5 days a week work life. We might need to work more and more. On my personal account, I have decided to move on.  Everyone asked me, are you doing the right thing, but I have no other choice. Banks have increased EMIs , and expenses for li

Chiranjeevi, Hero or Villain

AP politics are getting spicier, with so many movie actors trying to test their luck into politics . Chiru started his own party after long long long long thought process and is still seem to be a fresher into politics.  There is Balakrishna , making his thanksgiving to chandrababu naidu who helped him out of Bellam konda suresh shoot out case.(Still people say that Bellamkonda suresh is having a bullet in his body even now). There is krishna and company, who are having some benefits related with their padmalaya studios, and hence will provide support to congress. And we have other opposition parties like CPM ,CPI who are not able to make up their minds that well. Though CPM looks decided,CPI (or should we say it is Narayana ) still looking out for alternate options. And as usual, you can never ever trust Mr. KCR , one of the shameless guys on earth. Add Devender goud , who felt he will never make it to No 1 in TDP so has his own party now. He want to try out his luck as

Career move

IT Industry looks dull day by day, and I strongly believe worst is yet to come. We are going to see lot more news about bulk firing at work places.  Present finance domain crisis is going to hurt most of the Indian companies who do business with headcount. More people, more work hours, more revenue model is not really scalable and is going to have problems time to time. Indian companies need to start next level evolution into software industry. We got hell lot of IT people in India who are competent . we need to break the walls of packaged software where we need to pay huge amount to get licenses.  Open source is there to help us, we need to leverage on open source concept and charge on the services. It is about committing to Open source, creating more open source projects and gaining expertise into the code base of existing open source projects. This will help us various myths like the software giants like MS are doing great job in writing software.  It is high time we change the