Career move

IT Industry looks dull day by day, and I strongly believe worst is yet to come. We are going to see lot more news about bulk firing at work places.  Present finance domain crisis is going to hurt most of the Indian companies who do business with headcount. More people, more work hours, more revenue model is not really scalable and is going to have problems time to time.

Indian companies need to start next level evolution into software industry. We got hell lot of IT people in India who are competent. we need to break the walls of packaged software where we need to pay huge amount to get licenses.  Open source is there to help us, we need to leverage on open source concept and charge on the services. It is about committing to Open source, creating more open source projects and gaining expertise into the code base of existing open source projects.

This will help us various myths like the software giants like MS are doing great job in writing software.  It is high time we change the way software is created and used. Let the client get benefit out of free software,but let him pay usual project changes to you. 

Well, looking back at the present market condition, we have lay offs, no salary hikes, more companies moving towards variable pay structure, no promotions kind of stuff.

Not many people are interested to jump companies now. TO BE safe, staying with the same company, even if it means you draw less salary because of the industry slow down.

Not many on site opportunities, reducing bench counts, stopping later/fresher recruitment drives, creating more stubborn processes (like attendance systems, daily work reports etc) seem to be order of the day. 

Few weeks back when I decided to move on, my boss was asking me to look at the market condition and think over the decision again. But I am decided, it is the tough times that make us better. Unless we fight, we never win, isn't it?

Last few weeks, I am breaking my head over, Mule ESB (Java), Symfony (PHP based web framework) and little bit of few other things as well. 

I am trying to foresee the industry and where will I be in the immediate future. I will be creating software which is relatively better, learning about open sources more and trying to be an active Committer to open source etc.   I also have plans to start something of training sort into little bit of high end sutff (Spring,Hibernate,JBPM, Mule, Struts,PHP etc) but looking for like minded people who can join me in this effort.  

When industry is dull, you can conduct training sessions for engineers unlike freshers kind of training at Ameerpet University.

Let me see what happens, couple of more weeks before I say  bye to infy


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