What went wrong in Mumbai?

It is really unfortunate to see the Mumbai incidents.  I am thinking about what went wrong. Why is that we were not able to sense anything about this attack?  Mumbai blasts are not everything, it just means that we have very difficult neibhourhood.  

Let us curse the leaders who didnt close Kashmir issue, they wanted name, fame and stopped the war, leaving kashmir an unifinshed business. Then the bangladesh seperation saw them yelling at us. We are really stupids that we are not that proactive. We have been reactive.  Let someone do something for us and then we fight. Perils of too much of freedom and corrupted political conditions.

We should always remember that, blaming pakistan is not always the only option we have. Let us grow from there.  Look, even pakistan is bleeding now. Pakistan political system is not really strong enough to curtail all this. 

We must have sabotage plans, let us have our people into the so called terrorist groups. let us have decent networking into their world. It is time we need to be more smart. Every life is important for us. 

Task is not simple. some of my thoughts.
  1. Let us provide proper opportunities to the poor muslim community. The rich onces are rich and  do not need any help.
  2. Let our muslim leaders prevail the thoughts of our muslim brothers. Let no poor heart bend towards them for money or something else.
  3. Seriously implement family planning, especially in the poor and not so educated muslim community.
  4. Let us not treat Islam as our enemy. It is those deviated minds causing troubles to us. When we should at "Islam terrorism" why are we not shouting againt "Nehru, Gandhi" families for their unfinished job?  
  5. Solve Kashmir, its really burning many people. Either we occupy POK or leave J & K to make another nation in the middle. Probably we have to go with first option. Let us close the issue ASAP.
  6. People should avoid electing junk leaders. Let no "Rahul" or "Jagan" rule us. Enough is what their parents have done to us. let us look at new blood. No more dynasty rules. Father and son are not the same. we shouldnt be stupids to keep future of our country into some ones hand because of their dynasty. Let us elect young leaders with fresh outlook.Enough is enough with all these old leaders.
  7. Remove poverty, if you think you do not have enough work here,then train people and export them. let the world be full of indian workforce. 
  8. Let us be critical at international events. Let us start getting confidence and influencing the world. 


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