Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ringing in the new year

Hmm, At the end of one more year. It was a good year.

Many things happened, but yet seems nothing happened.

Well, next year is going to be an year for personal life. Got to work towards making myself better.

The execution

Today's news papers read the execution of saddam by the united status (in the name of iraqi laws). A coward has won. He did what his father wanted to do.

Somehow i am not comfortable the way Iraq is ruined by the US and its partner UK.A personal vendetta which drived all the massaccre in iraq, is shown to the public as a fight for democracy (As if GOD has given them exclusive rights to save democracy, even democracy is stinking now a days with hell lot of corruption across the globe).

The reason for hanging saddam is some 150+ cruel killings by Saddam administration. Even school kids in US know this fact (I rememeber few years back as a member of, when i participated in discussion forums with few school kids of american schools i got this opinion).

But then the IRAQ too has a reason for those killings. There were many attempts to kill Saddam. Iraq administration has executed those people because they tried to kill Saddam(I am not sure of the facts on either sides).

Think of IRAQ now, ruined lives, handicapped people, families losing their dear ones. Growing hatredness in the hearts of young Iraqies who might turn against IRAQ and may become some more LADENs.

There are 2 things that are important.

1. No one has given america a right to ruin a country.
2. America is digging its own graveyard by distrubing innocent people.

If we have to execute a person for 150 killings, probably each american need to be executed for what they did in Japan. Two autom bombs which ruined the land of sunrise. America has ruined many other nations for its own shake.

With no doubts, It is america which encouraged Taliban in afghanistan, just to curtain USSR.

They are trying to pretend as a global police, but the whole target could be just their energy needs, or power of control over the world.

UN is just a puppet in the hands of america most of the time. If not it could have barred US from security council and moved the UN presence out of US.

I dont dream big of india, because we shamelessly disowned an old friend of us (IRAQ).We are too much fond of american dollars. Are we keeping any dreams of our own? Should we let every action of us defined by the rich countries?. We are losing our cultural integrity becoming more and more western. The families relationships are soring. Rich and poor difference is growing which is causing more unrest in the youth.

We are just moving the with waves. But we need to swim against the tides to have have a bigger victory that is just enough for the nation.

Think of Germany and Japan, the way they have come up when they are ruined by the America (I am not bothered about the background story).

It is because they worked on a factor called national pride. We are seriously lacking that.

Man, we got a billion people with us, we can rule the world without any doubt. And seriously we dont need to bend in front of anyone.

I see a serious need for India and Pakistan to come together. They need to work out their issues and stand together.

Then Indian subcontentent, China and Russia will be able to take charge of the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Saturday, December 23, 2006


The year has been different as any other year. Important change being my employment with Infosys, Hyderabad (but then working from Bangalore office most of my time).

There are changes. Only thing that i have seen constant was "change" itself. :-).

I stopped fighting with people, trying to reconcile with the society and people. I dont want to be a moral police too. (i lost few of my friends because of this account). I realize that I have bigger things to do, instead of pin pointing some one else deviation from my thoughts.

The world is big, the opportunities are big, and every minute you delay costs you lot. every minute and every second is important. When i say important It is not just the time, but things that i do in that time.

I have seen lot of new poeple, new places. Learned new technologies (.Net, i am back to microsoft technologies on a part time basis).

There is good reconginzation in the work place. My learning capabilities and open ness to solve problems and readiness working with things that i didnt work etc are appreciated. I didnt grow to the extent i wanted, and also didnt utilize my capacities to fullest extent.

personal front, i moved to hyderabad. Searching for an alliance, which didnt see an end, but then i come across very interesting people during my hunt. Parents who love thier children like anything and want to give the best possible (getting a right guy who can take care of their daughter). On the other side I come across people who say "why do my father loves me this much". There is a gap in thoughts of generations. Parents look at stabilitiy of the familiy. Children look at things with different perspective. They look at their life with their own eyes (This is new thing because earlier most of the gals and boys were obeying parents at things related to their own life).

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The gladiator

Today i happen to see Gladiator. Its one of the movies i like most. I like it because it is all about persuing one's goal against all odds. We all have something exceptional inbibed inside. Only thing is we got to look at it, and take care of our special attributes. There is nothing called "Perfect" thing is in this world. It is always about working towards perfection, that makes all our way of life.

Other thing i wanted to write about today was about the mind of female. I am damn sure will never be able to read the mind of a female human :-). Its really perflexing thought. It might be an educated one or not, kid or an adult, still its a confusing thing to understand.

At the outset they all fall for care and love, but then most often then want to be "Zahir" of the man. It is really difficult task, to say what makes a woman happy or angry. Some times i think, no woman life might be better :-).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rent O Rent

Yes, I have an announcement to make.

I created a website called rentorent. I am expecting this site to be fully functional around first half of the 2007.

Well, What is this site for:

A comprehensive website for rental services, which will help landlords, tenants, paying guests, hostels, shared accommodation etc.

I want this portal to contain lot of seach capabilities and easy registration without heavy stuff.

I am in the analysis stage of this project.

Please share with me a word or two of you... what do you think can matter for this portal, what could make the content of this and what you ultimately expect from this.

Technical specs:

you can mail me at

Friday, November 24, 2006

The appraisal

Yesterday there was a performance review of my work at Infosys. It was nice to see good feedback from my mentors.

Good things about me:

1. I have a broader aspect in solving problems. I understand the bigger picture better.

2. People relationships - I look good in this aspect (Very much surprising for me)

3.Good pace in learning new things, and open mind to adapt to technology.

Areas of Improvement:

1. Need to get more sophisticated with my soft skills especially dealing with clients and selling ideas.

2. Need to grow to the next steps in the ladder, learn stuff about effort estimation.

3. Customer orientation.

4. Participating in external forums and submitting technical articals etc

5. Getting more comfortable with Infosys processes.

It was really nice to have a positive impression from my boss. I am doing a kind of job i wanted/(thought i am fit to do). working as a technial specialist and playing various roles like architect, trouble shooter, client interfacing, developer, tester etc.. all with possible comfortlevel.

One thing that pained me during the sesson that the self discovery of me not doing at the optimum level.

The concept of home - that came from my words during the session.. "A home is something that gets you energetic for your next day work, when you go home after a day's work, and remove all your work related pressues and spend time wth dear ones at home is always amazing, when we go to work place next morning, we get all the energy required for the next day"

But going home and comng back to work place with the same state of mind that is left the day before is something i need to work on.

Monday, November 20, 2006


There is something that made me happy recently.
It is not the luxurious infy guest house, not the colourful campus of infosys.
It is the company of friends...true. I vacated the guest house and said bye to that private life, and joined suresh house for my temporary stay in bangalore. it is a good move.

Months of loney life was not scary (both hyderabad, and bangalore), but took away little bit of active life that i had. I was thinking what could be wrong, tried to get rid of boredom, by buying a TV, but TV channels were more boring, then bought a DVD and some original DVDs and movies (Including Mr. bean, Enigma etc) few days were fine, but at the end life was same. :-)

It is always a free mind, without worries delivers most. We get free mind only when we really feel free. just be the same old kid as you were in the school or college,leaving the office face in the office itself.

Anyway thanks to suresh and santhosh (our PU hyperjunior) for receiving me well.

The Zahir

When the Unwanted Guest arrives....
I might be afraid.
I might smile or say:
My day was good, let night fall.
You will find the fields ploughed, the house clean,
the table set,
and everything in its place.

The Zahir, by paulo coelho was making me busy in the bus everyday. I wanted to read the book fully. Even i
wished sometimes that the bus to take some more time to reach my destination :-) (but in general i do not want to get lost in the traffic for hours)

The reading was interesting in the beginning, my heart was full of sympathy for the narrator in the story, for his wife left him without telling him where
she might have gone, and the zahir (means visible ,present, incapable of going unnoticed. it is someone or something which once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies our everythought , until we can think of nothing else.., as the book says)
missing from him (his wife). Then the story talks of philosophy, lot of things which will interest us some time. To free up mind, to get rid of the weight of past fame or history of light, to make oneself light by unburdening of the thoughts of fame or something like that.

Life is a war (with death, for every one of us, is going to lose the war and die some day). This makes life interesting and we love life.
Hmm, Warriors see a stiff war and love every moment, because they may die anytime.

A story of two friends who went to a forest and lit a small fire and came back,
one has a clean face, where as other friend's face is full of dirt.
And the question is who will wash his face first? the one with clean face or the one with dirt?

Author gives the answer saying that it is the friend with clean face who will go for a wash, because he sees dirt on his friend face
and thinks that his face is no different.

A message here, we often forget our own self, we live life as the world looks like. Most often we tend to forget our own life and live life of every one else.

As i was on full strech to read the book, the interest in the book slowly waded away from me and got no interst to finish the book (may be some time later i can finish it)

Another thing that was mentioned in the book, what makes a married women gets pleasure in her marriage? hmm it is not the sex, but preparing food for her man and seeing him having supper with her.she waits for full day for that moment..
Looks interesting.

Thats all about the story of The Zahir.

My trip back to bangalore tought me one thing, most often it is not you but your designation or how you expose yourself to the world makes the diffrence.

Often i wanted to blog my thoughts, but something restrained me from doing so, (probably the criticism from one elder person related the family who wanted an marriage alliance with me)

Life looks really boring some times. is it boring really or am i making it feel like that ?
hours move slowly some times. work is no longer that interesting.
no arguments,no tentions.... Looks like a compromised life.

There got to be some special meaning to life. Might be something big is awaited out of me?

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Mumbai trip

Its first time for me to be in Mumbai. I am here in Mumbai for VISA stamping work. Mumbai looks great. I am really feeling home here. Traffic is better than Bangalore. Nice to see the sea side. today i have submitted my VISA application form etc at the Netherlands call center. Tomorrow i got to attend a personal interivew at the consulate.

Well, there are few good things about this trip.

1. I bought a book called "Who will cry when you die" a small but really great self help book. This really helps one to rediscover life. We all have great thoughts in mind, but only few of us go ahead and work towards it. But bought this book by looking at the title, just wondering "will some one cry really if i die?". One has to achieve something in life inorder to make sure, the world is going to miss you really, if you are missing from the world :-). Reading is a book is great. I was spending most of my time infront of the smart box (my desktop) or the idiotbox (TV). But reading does help. It makes you think.

2.Mumbai looks good, people are friendy.

3.Do not trust people (autowalla, taxi walla) just like that. I landedup paying lot more than what i needed to pay when i reached here last midnight. It is better to have some idea about the place you need to go. How far is it from your place (of stay) to the place of visit. People around you will help, if you ask them. But travelling in the midnight in the citymay not be a good experience (certain businesses happen over night)

Will be flying back to bangalore tomorrow evening.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Last night i was watching "premistee" telugu version of "kaadal" the madurai/dindigal based love story movie made in tamil.It was good to see that movie. one reason is that my attachment with the places mentioned in the movie. i see the fly over at madurai which i saw it many times when i was there. Dindigal, i remember i was walking on dindigal roads few months back (when i went o see sudharshan). Chennai my major interaction with the civilized world (while working for cybernet software systems pvt ltd, Mylapore, chennai). It looked good to me to think of my past attachment with the movie.

Saddest part is that the movie is based on a real story where the guy becomes a mad and wanders around dindigal streets.

I think if we miss the person whom we love more than us, the situation might as worst as it is exposed in the movie.

The quality of the movie (it being original CD bought from planet-M) is good. Anand, Nuvvostante nenoddantanaa (DVD) are the other movies that i watched recently (at home )

work is bit hectic but life looks fine. It is fine when i forget everything about the world and cook myself and watch TV or read something and go to bed.

Sudharshan coined a term "maiden flight" for my wednesday trip to bangalore to meet a client. Yes flying in air is someting interesting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am back

Wanna get back from the lethargic hibernation i have been through last few weeks.

shifting to new place, and setting up the home took some time, but the new environs are making me lazy. enjoying the sleep all the night, and lazy to get up early carrrying the dizzness to workplace etc..

my netherlands workpermit s under process. it might go through.

Got to start blogging again. blog is a nice place to record ourself.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dear Friend

Dear Friend . . .

We might not meet, we might not chat,
But we would still be friends,
You better don't forget that..

Times would go passing by,
Changes would come with you and I,
Our lives destiny would shape,
As with time progress we make.

Distance would take us away miles & miles,
We might not even see each others smiles.
We might not help each other;
But still let not,
Our friendship wither..

Remember the moments which we share..
No matter, now you are where
You would then miss me
But in your memories I will be..

The magic of friendship would call me

And I would miss you then
Together we would be when. .

An email forward from kiran I felt this is very much relevant (when i think of my close friends) so posting it on my blog.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


It was good experience last weekend. my parents saw infosys campus they were surprised to see the campus. I have been thinking of showing the campus to them and at last i am able to! :-). This made the weekend away from being boring. Ofcourse even the week days off office hours are boring after joining infosys. Nothing to do. there is none to talk freely. Though it is not serious issue it is not something welcome to be alone.

One interesting thing that i observed recently is the "feeling of hunger". I think we are becoming more and more automated such that we fill in our stomach with something or the other on time and often missing the feeling itself. it is nice feeling to feel that familiar feeling :-). yes food is becoming a problem now a days especially supper.

blocking blogs?

Surprised to see that blogspot domain is blocked. It was working fine till yesterday.
In my opinion this is a crudest act. There are alternatives avaialable to accesss blogs. like this one or this one

I hope soon the govt will understand the situation and revoke the ban.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006


In recent days I am working on JUNG API (Java graphs API similar to YFiles or Tomsawyer API). It was slightly difficult because of the less support available and not so useful documentation, if we want to do something on our own. But at the same time sample programs were really useful.It took few days for me to put up 2 classes and with my thoughts and borrowed pieces of code from other sample programs.. Here is my output.

The recent bomb blast at Mumbai local trains is really a sad experience. As expected again the fingers are pointing to Pakistan. Arent we capable of securify our own nation? This is something we have to pay thoughts into. yes many people may want to some something bad to us, and they are successful in most of the cases. It doesnt even require much effort to frighten us. Does it mean we are so fragile nation which cant do anything on its own? I am not sure, but we have been reactive in almost all the cases. The great leaders whom we praise all the time, are the source of all these issues. If we had resolved Kashmir issue in the budding stage, we could have been in better position. We India and Pakistan were single entity, we never need to look at somebody else to help or support us. We could have been a super power. The Nehru, who wanted glorification of his own self, stopped our army occupying full kashmir... The result.. everyday killings are a back page news now.
Gandhi who was after non violence was not able to stop bifurcation of the nation. Wasnt that a failure and all those big leaders of that times responsible for that fialure? how beautiful present could have been, if India and pakistan were together.

it is high time for us all indians to think of our own safety. to stop our own brother and sisters planting bombs in our own places just for some money that they might get from terrorist groups etc..

Just like any other nation we are proud of ourself, true. But are we really respecting our selves? Starvations, suicides, militancy, unemployment, unwanted cultural deviations.. What do they say?

Mittal, Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas, the IT companies like TATA, Infosys,Wipro, Satyam HHCL etc.. are doing well on the corporate side. But the division of poor and rich is too growing. Are we paying attention at this? We need to do something seriously to make our country prosper in all fields.

A mail from Pandu anna says "GROWING OLDER IS MANDATORY. GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL". True isnt it?

Monday, July 10, 2006


I like hyderabad more than Chennai and Bangalore. The place which has seen my over all transition. I was here first time, after my +2, to attend APRDC exam and then for my PG entrance preparation. When I go through the streets i used to walk (new maruthi nagar, Chaitanyapuri) I get some kind of warm feeling. Afcourse often i lose my way in the city(latest being yesterday night, I am supposed to take a U turn at Hyd Central, but landed up taking a right turn which took me to Ameerpet, Adarsh & and srinu have to wait for me near lifstyle for some time :-).
couple of months back, I landed up at Charminar instead of reaching Dilsukh nagar.
When ever i take a wrong route, I open the Google Earth and check where i did the mistake, often a simple mistake of picking the wrong road when landed up at some multi road junction.

Most of the time, when i ask any one for direction they will say promptly, "seedhe chaloo". It holds good most of the cases. One just need to drive straight (roads are slightly curvy some times, but as long as you dont hit a cross road or a signal you can assume that you need to drive straight).For the first timers, this "seedhe chaloo" direction surely will land up in trouble. And also there may not be any relation between the street addresses/road numbers and actual placement of the locality. I looked at Google earth and road no 1 (banjara hills) was near to masabtank fly over. I needed to go to road number 2, so i went all the day to masabtank fly over and took a left.... then to nagarjuna cirlce again left....... then landed up near jublee checkpost, which is 3 or 4 km from my house at shaikpet nala.

I like riding to office everyday. The 6 lane road which is mostly empty, tempts you like anything often leaving you to work more with throttle. But always one need to be cautious, because the roads are equally deceptive. You never know when some scooter wall surface infront of you all sudden crossing the road. hyderabad traffic sense is altogether different when compared to other place,here most of the time it is right if you overtake the other vehicle from left side.

advantage of being in hyderabad is I can visit most of the relatives and pay visits to bhallan pally often. Soon I want to cover most of the important routes of the city so that i never need to land up with wrong destination.

One other thing i like here the pani poori that i get for just 3 bucks.

some of the place, where i have been there..

Sunday, July 09, 2006


It was intersting weekend. It was partly boring too. I went to a restaurant and I went to watch a movie ("POKIRI" of Mahesh babu). both of them i think for the first time.
:-). Not that i never been to restaurant or a movie, but i never went alone. This time i went myself (It was interesting to go alone, but not that adviceable :-) )
It was on satuday night.

On sunday evening went to Central, and shoppers stop, did lot of window shopping. There was nothing that prompted me to buy there :-).

Other interesting thing is a gal from bangalore called me and told me that she saw my profile on (matrimony site), i went thru her profile it looked interested. But later she told her parents are not interested. :-(.

Looks like most of the well educated girls have higher expectations than i can offer.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Its been slightly relaxing time for me. Though officially i am on bench i am doing something or the other. It is nice to see the kind of stuff that is coming to me, work related with different aspects fo SDLC. working on a proposal, going thru an RFP, fixing some important bugs and reviewing some DB aspects of an application, some R & D on capacity planning and learning of DOTNET technologies (just begin doing it).

Sudharshan is back to college for his final year MCA while Shiva entered into his school life (He joined LKG last month). It is again one more season for my parents and they already started their routine life. They are ploughing and started seeding crops for this season. Ofcourse this is where i am slightly differing from other guys. I didnt want them to end their active life by shifting to city. I wanted them to persue their own goals. Till now they have been struggling to run family. pay fee for our education etc. It is now time for them to think of their own capabilities and achieve something which will really give them some satisfaction.

Life is boring some times,especially in the weekend. Hemanth's manager was asking their team members not to overstay in the office (altogether a different Project Manager i have ever seen). Hmm it is always wondeful to work in 8 to 5 shift. I always felt like I have almost half a day left for me when i reach home by 5.30PM.
But then what should one do when he has not much to do at home. I cant go and distrub people (relatives or friends) on working days, they will be busy). No movies in recent months, i saw mahesh babu last movie (probably that is the latest for me) but now even "POKIRI" is also becoming an old movie :-).

My search for a life partner is still on, I dont know where that person is but eagerly waiting to see her as soon as possible. Yes even i am getting some time to think of myself. :-).

One important event that is happening around is the Silver jubilee of infy.
I love these big people, NRN, bill gates, buffet etc. They have achieved something of their own and have strong social conscienceness. I like them for what they are.
Unlike the Premzi, Mittal etc who are more focussed on their shareholders stakes (they themselves r the share holders in their organizations) and mean business.
Ofcourse this is out of my understanding of things and happenings.

Here is the mail Infoscians got this week from NRN.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

hectic weekend

It was very much hectic weekened for me, dirving around 300 km on bike (to & fro to native place) and meeting many relatives at the 11th day ceremony of my grand father. come across differetn set of people with different life styles and views. Wanted to post a big blog today on the trip but help up with lot of work to do that.

I was thinking of my blog and comparing with some other blogs, I think my blog will never be interesting. there is not much stuff into it which could entertain other people. I just want to remind myself of my thoughts and thought blog could be a nice media to do that.

There is lot of stress (as it has been) around. lot of commitments and less energy and time. one cause of me gettings tressed is that while attending to my commitments, i always expected something, interestingly they might not be met which will cause more confusion and stress. Am i in the right path? or am i doing right thing? a question that eats my mind severly some time.

There is one interesting observation about me, i was feeling a kid (or dependant on parents etc) for most of my life,and all of sudden lot of FF(fast forward) happened and now I became a responsible person to take care of parents, brothers etc. Am i missing a normal life? just wondering. for sure i need to reduce expecations on others and need to have more socialization with my own self. Got to concentrate more on tech stuff which could get me rid of the stress that is getting accumulated. need some emotional relaxation. Got to learn feeling comfortable with the existing system, but at the same time, i will never be happy to die without making some different in this world. so there are going to be tough times ahead, and i am looking forward positively.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Apparent imperfection

A disciple is like a new moon,
in reality no different than the full moon:
its apparent imperfection is a sign of gradual increase.
Night by night the new moon gives a lesson in gradualness:
with deliberation it says, "O hasty one,
only step by step can one ascend to the roof."
A skillful cook lets the pot boil slowly;
the stew boiled in a mad hurry is of no use.

-- Mathnawi VI:1208-1212
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
Threshold Books, 1996

Nehru & Reservation

Look what Nehru said against Reservation....and Now Congress doesn't care about their own principles, just for the sake of Votes...

Everything is nothing ...Nothing is everything..

There are few words in the English language to adequately the various states of ecstasy and self realization which one can experience. The all-encompassing term commonly used to describe the advanced states of consciousness exhibited by such great sages as the Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, and others, is Samadhi. But there are thousands of Yogis (those who seek union with God) in the world who experience this great state of peace and enlightenment. Anyone who is sincere in their practice and desire to see God has the hidden potential to dip into this remarkable state of consciousness.

In the Kriya Yoga tradition, Samadhi is a physical state of suspended animation, where breathing and heartbeat are stilled, accompanied by a focused mental state that facilitates profound insights into the true nature of reality. Samadhi can be triggered by prayer, meditation, kriya/chakra/tantric yoga, self-sacrifice, good works, near-death experiences, and more. Few Western religions prepare one for such an experience, and those who are blessed with it are often described as having undergone tremendous agony and sacrifice. But this is not necessary. One can turn to Eastern religions which have studied the subject in a more scientific manner, documenting which practices help the experience, and which ones to avoid.

Most people see Samadhi as unobtainable - they feel they are not "religious" enough, physically fit enough, or have too many worldly habits. The Kriya Yoga practices help us to deal with and overcome these human frailties. Many people begin to experience periods of breathlessness after about 2-3 years of intense practice of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama. Know that Samadhi is attainable!

Popular Kriya Yoga lessons and literature seem to get people thinking of Samadhi and self-realization as one and the same thing. True self-realization might take 30 years of intense practice, but Samadhi does not. Samadhi is the medium for attaining self-realization. The great Master Yogananda says to enjoy the periods of breathlessness that follow Kriya Kundalini Pranayama. And that is exactly what should happen.

It usually takes some personal instruction to get beyond the initial stages of Samadhi. Yogananda talked about his techniques as a method for building and tuning a sensitive radio for communicating with God. The point missed by many is that, once you build and tune the radio, you should listen to what God is personally telling you. Often, when the time is right, a teacher will appear nearby. Yogananda stressed that one must not be timid in one's approach if one wishes to attain self-realization. Yet many students are so timid that they refuse to consider anything that is not in the printed lessons, and they are blind to their final instructions. It's kind of like learning how to read, and then, instead of using that skill to read great texts on religion and philosophy, just reading the same ABC learn to read books over and over again, because those are the only ones your teacher used in school.

One must not be timid in one's approach if one wishes to obtain self-realization. One must thirst for knowledge. One must seek it unceasingly. One must develop and trust a deep intuition for what is right. One must expect results. One must overcome any fear that one is not deserving of the sweet nectar and the great prize.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Reservations and rains

Two things that got my attention in recent days are reservations for BC/OBC and the rains that started troubling some of indian cities.

Reservations, its very much confusing for me, why they are raising this issue now and govt is looking forward to implement more resevations in premier institutes of india like IITs,IIMs, IISc, AIIMS etc. I was thinking that politicians say all stupid stories and promise the world in their election manifesto. I have not seen any party that came to power doing some thing seriously on what they promised to people before election. But to it is surprising to see the hectic actions of central govt. to implement the reservations. The striking doctors and tech students really troubled some parts of the country. Many govt hospitals didnt function at all for some days and poor patients were suffering.

It is always the poor who suffer come what ever may be it is!

The rains, last time Bombay suffered a lot. There is no proper planning of drainage systems in many of our indian cities. Bangalore too, is will have to face the wrath with heavy showers.

Personal side, I am happy to see my parents moving into the newly constructed house in my village. It was tough task for me to build a house for them but then its done.
I am happy about it.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Being assertive

it helps to be assertive. There is no place for you if you always look for someone to lead you. The confidence makes the diffrence most of the cases. It is not that we are not capable of doing things but it is that we think we are not capable of doing things so as we are!.

The current infy project is teaching me some lessons, i was thinking, i needed some one to mentor me through out the project, but it just made me spend my days and nights in office and doing nothing, expecting someone to help me. It didnt work out.

I could have been more assertive of what i am doing. it could have saved some of my time.

The people around me are having some thing special or the other which i can embibe from them. Life looks interesting But ofcourse very lonely most of the time. I wish i could go back to hyderabad soon, so that I can feel more comfort.

It is not good to say "you are bad" to someone, instead appreciate him/her and give suggestion (which might mean rework of entire work :-). This is something I was made to learn today. :-)

Monday, May 22, 2006


I thought I could post something in the lexury of infosys campus. beautiful environment. nice guesthouse, multiple food courts. greenery all around. thousands of people around in week days, not much activity at the weekend(some times i have to run around all the food courts to get my lunch or dinner on weekends).

I like the campus because of the facilities and the freedom i get. Infy culture looks different. There are so many unspoken rules around. I need to go to office in formals which i never used to do at Digital harbor. But it is not bothering me much.

work is bit scary, i am lagging behind few days so got to cover it up in this week. weeekend SEED meeting at Mysore infy campus.
On the other side,its something interesting to see 2 infy campuses in less than 2 months.

There is a mail saying H1B visa process is initiated for me. I am not sure of what is ahead.

On personal note, Marriage is still alluring me.. It might take more time now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

life @ infy, Bangalore

I am back to Bangalore after a month time. Life looks usual, but missing friends and acquintance here. I long for friends now. Every one at office are helpful. the ECC (Employee care center) is good.

life @ infy, Bangalore

I am back to Bangalore after a month time. Life looks usual, but missing friends and acquintance here. I long for friends now. Every one at office of helpful.

Monday, May 08, 2006

exciting work ahead!

Its been a month in Hyderabad. I am going back to Bangalore on an important assingment. It is an important and challenging task for me. Being the first task at infy,it needs all my attention and efforts. I am looking ahead for exciting weeks at Bangalore Infy.

Got the ticket, and accommodation is confirmed. so only thing remained for me is executing the assignment.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

into SEED

Today's intro call with Ananth was really exiting. It is good to be in a big company like infosys, but still enjoying the luxury of small company (like work on anything you want (technical) and as much as you want ). It is rare to get this kind of opportunity. Let me see how things go. It is all about making things better and making mutual benefit out of the tasks (me, learning and the company.. towards more business).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

broken hope

At last I decided to drop from the marriage proposal that was on the way. My family is not at all interested which made me sick. I tried to convince them for some extent. They looked positive at times, But then again negative.

It is painful experience for me after coming to hyderabad. No marriage thoughts again in the near future.

Though i am on bench, I am working with some team here. Today I am introduced to my new boss (he sits in Bangalore). So things are going great on work side. Atleast this one is going fine.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hyderabad life

It was boring some times, and interesting other times. i met some of my old friends. I was able to drive 30 km (from my brother place to infy campus) within 1 hour. This is something that might not happen in bangalore :-). The roads are big and there are less signals and the traffic always keeps moving which is different from bangalore.

I am into work now (from bench :-) ) Thanks to Srini Rao and suresh for asking me to look into webservices stuff in java.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Digital Harbor

In few days from now I am going to leave Bangalore. It was nice working with Digital Harbor. A place where I lived not just worked. I had all kinds of people. I fought with almost every one in the office (for office work,but often misunderstood). I had elations when my code worked and when things didnt work, it really sucked.

It was altogether a different and pecular experience. From a services background coming to a product company just for a change.... but later on growing love on the product..learning it bit by bit, and again into services team using the same product, I learned and tried to contribute the the product.

The Composite Applications domain is a vast one having bright future. For Digital Harbor, the only concern is what we are aiming at? is it the big pie of the total market, or just want to be a player in the market with few clients? or make ROI look interesting some how and sell it to somebody.

I am not much aware of the long term goals of the company, but this is the right time to make it effective in the market. Like its happening, grab few clients and get good references and get more clients which inturn makes the investors happy and keeps company goals alive.

Regarding the work, I almost forgot my JFC (swings) knowledge before joining DH, in link analysis tool development I reviewed my core java knowledge and made the design with the partial understanding about the component development. we happen to do changes few times interms of design.
Good thing about my contribution in LAT component is that most of the code I have written is left as it is!. LAT is one thing which saw wrath of everyone. nobody liked it at some part of time. There was Brandon who helped in certain aspects of coding.
he was like teacher to me. He is great guy who worked extensively on JAVA and Open Source. I am using Smart CVS now instead of winCVS because of Brandon. And yes i made some of the other developers use the same tool as their CVS client.

Other works involve some changes in ASK and then importantly BOA application.Both were good learnings. in ASK I learned understanding the code (without any docs) and in BOA, a simple design and then implementation etc something similar to all most all SDLC steps.

BOA work is something that interested me much. Becuase I liked it doing as quickly as possible, i stayed all nights in office few weeks.Design concept was easy and good. I had discussions with Bala several times on it.

Gaurav is a nice boss to have. Though we havent talked that often,we were in sync almost all the time in work related thoughts. That is a good learning for me. Its very essential to understand things first before doing anything.

Many guys lent help when I was in trouble. Bhagat,Gaurav,Bala,Ajay, Vikram,Neil, Krishna, Mike,Wes,Russ, Ryan & KK etc. I think if i have to name all of them, it will be the almost DH employee list, :-). In India,All the people (Engineering and QA) helped me lot. Thank you all for your support.

It was great to be in Digital Harbor (No flattery but truth). Good product and great concept. I will be proud to say "I worked for DH" now and in future too.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


ఉగాది చాలా బాగ జరిగింధి. నేను చెసిన ఉగాది పచ్చది చాల బాగ తయరైంది. మామిడి ముక్కలు, వెప పూత, అరటి పల్లు, బెల్లం, చింతపండు రసం, కాసిన్ని పుట్నాలు మరియు కొంచం కొబ్బరి, అన్నీ కలిపి చాల మంచి రుచి వచ్చింధి. ముందు జాగ్రత్తగా కాస్త బెల్లం ఎక్కువ వెయదం వల్ల మరియు అరతి పల్లు వెయదం వల్ల పచ్చది రుచి వచింధి. ఎంధుకో వచ్చే సంవత్సరం బాగ ఉండాలని అనిపించి అలా చెసాను. నాకు తెలుసు ఇధి ఒక రకమయిన మొసం :-).

మొత్తానికి పచ్చది అదిరింధి. నాకు వచ్చిన కొన్ని మేయిల్స్ లొంచి కొన్ని చిత్రాలను అప్లోడ్ చెసాను ఇక్కడ .

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

RTO office part 2

Today my visit to RTO office made me sick. Oh No.. not that much of corruption. Everybody looked like interested in bribes.

But unfortunately i decided to make it on my own. I went to commissioner office and a no crime letter for my vehicle. so now i have to wait for one more week to get my vehicle NOC.

I do not understand what our leaders are doing!!!. How can such a corrupted environment exist in open?

If facilating tasks at office, is a must (or comfortable for end users), then that should be made official. Agents can do work for you officially. if we can standardize the place where we cant avoid corruption that makes sense. agents will not loose their earnings.

When i think of my vehicle registration again in Hyderabad.. it makes me dull. Am i going to be in trouble there? if i try myself.... Let me see!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mind and Thoughts

Stupid politics

Indian parliament is becoming a joke.

In recent times, they spent most of their valuable time in parliament not on budget, but throwing mud on each other. There was a sting operation stuff some time back, and now there is multi post altercation. Jaya bachan, sonia, anil ambani etc either lost their MP seat or resigned because of force (And shamelessly they claim it as a sacrifice).

I think we elected them to do little better things in their discussion.a country of billion people needs the parliament to discuss the people's problems and form rules for the people benefit.

None of the political party now really has time to think of the welfare of the people.

But in another sense this is really good, because they are not troubling people. let them fight among themselves and resign their jobs and again contest for elections.Atleast if they spare the private sector to work,it will be great on their part.

The rigid rules which are causing the JET and SAHARA deal into trouble is a live example.

Some times it looks like our Govt is not interested in development and at the same time it will not allow others to do it.

We proudly talk of foreign investment into india, but its nothing when compared to the investments that are flowing into China.

Another interesting thing i saw in today's news paper is that, Rabri Devi (Behar EX-CM) has shown her slippers to somebody in Assembly during some discussion.

Great i guess we should send these people to olympics or commonwealth games.

GOD Help my country, Help my leaders to grow their minds. Help my fellow indians.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The transport office

I wanted to try myself to get NOC for my bike. If I go through agent or broker, it will cost me around 1000/-.

The ambience is that the agents around the office, will identify those who came on work and will rush into details, how complex the process will be etc.. I have done similar work for a friend few months back paying money to an agent. Even the same agent was there in the RTO office (Jayanagar). He asked me if he can help.. ! i told him i will try myself as i have time.

The process looks not complex. i went there around 10.50 and submitted the NOC application form (in triplicate).The chassis number pencil imprint is important.

They gave some receipt (fully in kannada) and one computer printout form which needs to be submitted to police.

I have to go to commisioner office and submit this form. they will give me some receipt which might say no offence against me.

If i submit that back in RTO office (Jayanagar) then my NOC will be ready.

Looks like we do have an existing working system in good condition. But it is sorrounded by a layer which lays foundation for corruption. If we can formalize this layer or remove this layer then system will be working fine.

new home on net

I got a new home on net. its on googlepages. the url for this home is

It is good to keep few pages about myself. But google pages is just like geocities of yahoo. once i had a geocities home page. fine, google pages look intesting but not that amazing.

after some gap, i stayed late in the office again. there was some interesting work.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Changes in pipeline

I am planning to move to hyderabad, which makes near to my family and especially useful because i am planning to get married in few months from now on. So now i can spend time in looking for alliance because most of the telugu gals will be in hyderabad.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yes, my mind is tired. may be because i lost track of my goal and compromising in life. I didnt do any work in recent days on software security.
I was doing well as a developer in the office. Though my team in US, i performed well and my code is integrated without much problems. Its nice experience.

At the same time, i dont want to loose myself. its time i need to rekindle my enthu and continue on my software security dream. I am already late, i cant take any more chances.

House construction in Bhallan pally, is not making me happy. the cost went up, and my father was not able to alert me, before hand about the needs. And finally i gave up.Its near completion, i was working hard on house to take complete shape. But now i am helpless and its upto my father to finish it.

I was chatting with debo, ravi. I see in general everybody is looking for change in their career. Actually i am not seriously looking for change. What i need is money for work. I need money disperately to run family.I dont believe in easy money. I want to work smart and earn.

A post from my other blog, which contradicts of my mood..(few days ago)

It was a relaxing weekend sponsored by DH. We had nice weekend at country club lake view. we were playing cricket, TT and some time in water. Nice lunch and little bit of drinks (Yes, i tasted some drink, i dont know the name, but it tasted like coke only)

some more snaps on my photos blog

And then sunday was full of sleeping, because of the body pains.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The sad news

I came back from my hyderabad and Bhallan pally Trip.

Owner uncle told me that shashi has left early morning around 5 O clock. I come to know about Venkatreddy thatha expired last night. Its so sad. because shashidhar got job and this is the time his father should reap the fruits of shashi's success.

shashi has placed good efforts, i have seen his work as he has been staying with me for the last 1 month.

Sorry shashi.

my trip was essentially to meet a gal's family. It looks it's(alliance) fixed to some extent.But for atleast a month its on hold. I am interested in marriage around november/december 2006.

The House construction, my current dream project :-) is near completion. the updated snaps are here

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have been busy all these days, and some times i felt lazy to update the blog.

There have been changes, in the workplace. My work hours are changed, i come late and work late (some times i go home next morning). This month is crucial for my team as we need to deliver it at the end of this month.

Personally no updates, awaiting our house construction to get finished, interior work is going on now.

I will be in hyderabad this weekend, and planning to go to bhallan pally too to see the house construction progress.

There might be interesting and important updates in personal life in the near future. let me see, what is going to happen.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A kosmix good news

Its nice to read an article about kosmix on EENADU. A new search engine which works based on category (similar to Askjeeves etc, but in more filtered and finetuned way).

Good news to all googlers who have to wander around thousands of search results, to make out what is needed to them.

An interesting thing about kosmix is that the management team.

some details on kosmix on net are
1. technorati
stanford forum

right now the kosmix contains less data so we might not get amazing results. important thing to note is that its just in alpha stage. so interesting things to come up in the world of soft search. keep watching.

Once again

It happened once again, and my right leg is paining like anything. today morning i met with an accident, i didnt feel anything at that time, but now my right leg is paining and i am not able to concentrate on work. If this pain is going to increase then i think i should consult a doc and get it X-rayed. Thank GOD the lorry behind had breaks in working condition.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A trip to kanyakumari

Last weekend was very interesting,because i went to kanyakumari and because i went along with sudharshan.

Looks like meenakshi wanted to see us, so we landedup up at meenakshi kovil some how (in search of ATM). Then we spent couple of hours at the temple. It was really a wonderful experience. Then we started on 4th feb night to kanyakumari, we reached there by morning (5th feb) 4AM. we got ready and were in eagerly waiting for sunrise.
But SUN felt shy of us, and he didnt show up till the noon. Sudharshan was telling me " I wont leave him, i will see when ever he comes up". Then the jetty trip to vivekananda rocks, and thiruvalluvar statue was interesting. the vivekanada memorial and the dyana mandapam were really good to visit.

we spent some time in the silent environment of meditation center.

Apart from this, the Kanyakumari temple(i didnt know how the name came to this place, and used to wonder both "kanya" and "kumari" give same meaning. but now its a goddess name, and i am clear of this name to this particular place), the gandhi memorial etc were interesting to see.

Well,somebody was telling me, the three seas (bea of bengal, arabian sea, indian ocean) waters are in different colors. we saw some red/blue waters.(we got to interpret them as different sea waters).

But back in bangalore, somebody was telling me, its we who named the sea. (like indian ocean, bay of bengal, arabian sea) etc. so it might be imaginative to say at kanyakumari 3 seas meet.

A nice trip. touching thing at kanyakumari was the memorial erected for tsunami victims.

Other pictures of the visit can be found at my photo blog

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Freedom struggle (in digital world)

While reading some stuff on data compression i came across an advt which says "coding is not a crime" i clicked the link and landed up with an interesting site called EFF

yes its true, we are slowly landing into a digital slavery.. with so many constraints to use the BITS. I liked the message of this site. yes we might need to have a freedom struggle for our digital rights.

Do you agree with me?

Monday, January 30, 2006

A software dream

I have a wish about what i could do in software. My wish is about software security. inline with my long term plan of doing research and doing something useful.

I want to continue my efforts in this aspect with regular attention apart from the work i do at office. i have a new blog now to record my work on for this purpose

Thursday, January 26, 2006

few things about me

1. some times i buy dates and eat them, And i am frequent to fruits and Juice.

2. still i buy dosa mix and eat dosa often

3. i stopped alcohol more than a year ago

4. I am driving bike better now.

5. I am striving my level best to make my family the same time i dont loose any of my freedom in my personal life.

6. My house construction in the village is about for completion(with the latest citi bank loan)

7. I am trying to update my technical skills to pursue my PhD in software security after few years.

8. I am learning tech stuff on a continuous basis.

9. Lost control in office in some occassions when other person is behaving weird or stupid and trying to put me down, and had bad feedback about my attitude. But now i am dealing the same things in better way. Its a good learning for me. I dont need to get upset when somebody else does. If i get angry i am ruining myself. If other person does, i dont need to do anything becuase he is harming himself.

10.Similar things in personal life, thought i wished my friends in some way, but it turned very much negative. I understand i dont have any right on any body's personal life, even it means ruining of their character. What i could do is that i dont encourage or participate in any activity which could hurt any of my friend potentially.

11. I am taking care of my health in better way, like following Dr Batra's treatment and keeping myself clean and healthy with good food. My hair needed attention becuase of the dandruff problem.

Republic day

Today is the republic day of India. Something interesting to refresh our thoughts about slavery under british and the struggle for the freedom.

This is needed, because the relativity of freedom and slavery makes us understand how fortunate we are, with the individual liberty we get in our country.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Yes I will be

I will be able to finish the house construction soon.

courtesy : citibank, Sursh, Adarsh, Babji

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Will I be?

I am in the half way so far house construction is concerned. I want to finish it fully with comfortable facilities. But now it depends on banks to give me some loan so that i can finish.

Here is a Sorry Messages collection.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Merciless Time

Time is like a merci less beauty. as long as its there, we can feel the comfort. but when we run short of it, it kills you without giving options.

Am i using time efficiently?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dr Batras

I was thinking last month, now i joined Batra's yesterday. It might be costly but i thought my body might be worth of it :-) . Need to be cautious about health.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


God give me energy and patience to keep quiet. Some how or the other way i am pulled into troubles by some people. I know they want to test my energies and patience, once i burst, they will make it an issue, and get me shunting. What can i do? other than keeping quiet, and wait for the troubles to go down?. I just want patience to go through the situations and make a life time experience.

Here is a personality page

Then, here is a note on personality types


The trip home for sankranthi was nice. the snaps are here and here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


అనిపిస్తుంది ఓక్కొ సారి అనుకున్నది సాదించగలనా లెదా అని. కాని అనుక్శనం సాగే ప్ర్యత్నం ఖఛితంగా గెలుపును ఇస్తున్ది. జీవితం అనేది చివరి క్షనం వరకు సాగే యుధం లాన్టిది. ఛాలా వరకు గెలిచామా ఓడామా అనెది కాదు ముఖ్యం, కాని ఎలా పోరాడామనేది ముఖ్యం. అనుకున్నది సాదించలెకపొయినప్పట్టికి ఈ ప్రయత్నం లో మరెన్నొ అద్భుతాల్ని సాదిన్చి తీరుతాం. ప్రయత్నం గట్టిగా ఉన్డి గమ్యం వైపు సాగె ప్రయానం అన్ని అడ్డంకులని ఎడుర్కున్టుంది

bond of trust

A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.

The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter,

"Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river." The little girl said, "No, Dad. You hold my hand."

"What's the difference?" Asked the puzzled father.

"There's a big difference," replied the little girl. "If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go."

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs...

An email forward

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And then

There was an accident yesterday night. both me and my vehicle are safe with some scratches.. It was really some kind of shock. Might be this is to alert me.

Looks like there are more and more unexpected things, in front of me.Need to be very much careful.

felt dull, but then life goes on!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


God, Give me strengh to survive and to reach my goals.
Give me energy and patience to go through all the troubles and odd times.
Show me the right path to go on.
Enlighten me to understand good and bad, and to pick the right opportunities and paths.
Thanks a lot for being with me, and for your support, in all my life and activities.

Today is my birthday,( Happy Birthday Harinath :-) )

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Indian Deviation

new analysis of births in India finds that about 10 million female fetuses may have been aborted over the past two decades. Sexual selection is illegal in India, but the practice continues anyway.

Fewer girls than boys are born in India. A study published in the journal Lancet says the cause is undoubtedly prenatal sex determination using ultrasound technology, followed by abortion of female fetuses.

Courtesy Voice of America News

Friday, January 06, 2006

First Mistake of the year

Yesterday was a great achievement. today's special is that i lost control over myself, when a guy behaved weirdly with me. I could have controlled myself, though I was right.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good work

When boss asked me last friday, i told him, yes for this friday for finishing the PDF form filling task. Now i have done most of the work, though still one more day is there. I placed lots of my efforts (was thinking one full night(almost)), on the design and the application flow. Then took the feedback from collegues in the office and made improvements.

When i started coding, i felt the implementation, will make me slip my word (the friday deadline). But then some how i followed the design,and made the implementation.

I am happy about this particular task, finishing a task in few days of time. Ofcourse one of my collegue has worked on similar task last few months. So I am not that new to the task. Good thing is that i did all the coding myself (almost). Didnt use old code etc..

Ofcourse the work is done in 2005 and 2006 (2 years is too much of time isnt it :-) )

Nice to see my first task of the year, getting a closing status.

Good work, I am on time (As I am, most of the time :-) ).

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What will i be?

I have been working (infact overworking) for the last 10 days or so. Even tired very much but I want to finish the task that i am handling right now.

Dinesh was showing me tarot. Intersting site.when i post questions like what will i be? etc. it is giving me very interesting predictions.

Four stages of life

Hindus divided the life into four stages also called ashramas. Life in this body is estimated as 100 years. Isa Upanishad says, Jijivet shatam shama. - one can have a strong and healthy life for hundred years.

First stage, brahmacharya, first twenty-five years is spent for study, with discipline and self-control. In modern times, study is a life long process with continuing education, board certifications etc.

In the stage of gruhastha, the second twenty-five years one enters the world to work, have family life and to bring excellence to the family and society. Gruhastashrama is considered the foundation of the society, as it is responsible for the other three stages with children going through brahmacharya, parents entering vanaprastha and the sannyasis who have given up the world to teach humanity. With late marriages, divorces and remarriages, there is now a blurred period of gruhastha.

The third twenty-five years as vanaprastha were spent in service to humanity – the children are now grown up and you have less responsibility and you can do more social and charitable work. When does this period really start and end? It is not practical as in ancient times for the seniors to go away into forests and lead the life of vanaprastha. It is in fact a continuum of service to the humanity when you are able and willing. There are youngsters who volunteer to serve in the hospitals, elder homes, and community centers when they are still in school. There are many with families, who spend a lot of time in the service of the community. We see many renunciates, leading the life of a sanyasa, yet serving the community with their spiritual teachings.

However, the people in the vanaprastha period are the most suitable to act as a strong support to the young, the married and to the renunciates. They have the experience and knowledge of the world and the wisdom. They can provide the physical and emotional support to the youngsters. Their needs, generally by this stage should have been reduced and they are self-contented. Any work would be done in the name of God without expectations of name and fame. This is their time to pay back to the society.

The remaining twenty-five years should be spent as sanyasa in contemplation and meditation so that the final exit will be peaceful and loving.

Let us take a moment to evaluate what stage we are in. Are we doing our share?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What does this mean?

I felt embarrassed, isnt it communal harrassment? They might have had great creativity, but I didnt like the advt.

Dont worry Be happy

Don't worry be happy. This sounds such a simplistic phrase, but there is great power and wisdom in it.

Worry blocks our thinking, narrows our options and limits us. Being happy increases our creativity and problem solving skills. It increases our energy, motivation and our abilities.

Don’t worry, be happy tells us to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. When we focus on what we want our actions take us nearer to our goals.

When we focus on what we don’t want we move away from what we don’t want. But not necessarily in the direction that we want to go in. Out of the fire and into the frying pan.

extract from this site

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good Morning

Today interestingly I got up early (by 7 AM) then went for walking and got ready and in office by 9.30AM. This is something which wont happen that often.

There seems some omens which asks me to be careful today about my activities and words. I need to heed to this. I wish i could finish all my tasks pending for the day.

Let me see whatz going to happen!.

The new year

Hmm, the new year went well for me. I went to bed around 10.30 PM on 31st night. Was thinking of happenings in life, personal, family and the society.

I felt everything is happening as it is supposted to. some bad, some good and some ugly :-).

The change in me is that I wore a kurta. Took some decisions, which i want to implement now on.

some of them are:
1. Listen to the other person carefully and fully.(I started doing it starting with a altercation with mahesh,my roomie in the morning. I was requesting him something, he took it too personally and did a great job in digging the history, he reminded me that he has crores of property and he doesnt even need to work etc.and went on using some slang. But then I didnt get upset at all. I conveyed him what i wanted to and i listened to him and understood that he didnt listen what i was trying to say)

2. Think..
To think before i say anything or i shoot any mails. I have been doing this for the last few weeks.. some times i do type mails to people but then instead of send i click compose again or make that as draft.

3.Trusting the self.
hmm i do need some self appreciation. I believe i can do more than i am doing right now.

4. Stay away from liquer etc, As i have been.

5. If i get 'suitable gal' i want to get marry.

6. Meet the deadlines - I want to carry this particular characteristic into the coming years too.

7. Honor friends.. Understand them even if they dont understand. There is no meaning if i dont wait for them, when they r busy with other friends. I cant expect that my friend should be with me all the d time.

8.Remember people who helped me..I want ot remember all the poeple who are helping me all the way in the life.

9. Love, care and appreciation - showing affection towards the 'Other Person' will get the same thing back to me. so I want to make it a custom to appreciate all good things and share a bit of care and love to all the people i know.