RTO office part 2

Today my visit to RTO office made me sick. Oh No.. not that much of corruption. Everybody looked like interested in bribes.

But unfortunately i decided to make it on my own. I went to commissioner office and a no crime letter for my vehicle. so now i have to wait for one more week to get my vehicle NOC.

I do not understand what our leaders are doing!!!. How can such a corrupted environment exist in open?

If facilating tasks at office, is a must (or comfortable for end users), then that should be made official. Agents can do work for you officially. if we can standardize the place where we cant avoid corruption that makes sense. agents will not loose their earnings.

When i think of my vehicle registration again in Hyderabad.. it makes me dull. Am i going to be in trouble there? if i try myself.... Let me see!


oremuna said…
మరీ అంత అన్యాయం లేదనుకుంటా, మా బావ బంగళూరు నుండి వచ్చేటప్పుడు సరిగ్గానే తిరిగి తిరిగి తెచ్చు కున్నాడు

ofcourse I went to a broker with 600/- (did I remember correctly?) to get NOC, which saved lot of time, petrol etc...
oremuna said…
BTW Welcome to Hyderabad...
Hari Mallepally said…
Thanks.. Kaani direct gaa try cheste telustundi kiran.

dabbulu iste pani jaruguthundhi. ibbandhi lekundaa!

kaani mana system ento telusu kovalani nene try chestunnanu ippudu.
uma said…
Good Try, And your intension. I strongly believe that this kind environment exists all over India. If big fishes like politicians and higher officials are taking bribes, the small fishes like the assistans, gummastas will also follow. Even people is also encouraging them by giving bribes, just coz of their work will be finished quickly. A right movement is needed in people where they must know that it is our right to get work by the government.
Every person must have ethics, and must follow them in their life. I appreciate your thought.
Hari Mallepally said…
Hey rajaraman! (Tinku)

i am bankrupt now. next birth lo veelaithe choosthaanu.

opika pattu.

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