Stupid politics

Indian parliament is becoming a joke.

In recent times, they spent most of their valuable time in parliament not on budget, but throwing mud on each other. There was a sting operation stuff some time back, and now there is multi post altercation. Jaya bachan, sonia, anil ambani etc either lost their MP seat or resigned because of force (And shamelessly they claim it as a sacrifice).

I think we elected them to do little better things in their discussion.a country of billion people needs the parliament to discuss the people's problems and form rules for the people benefit.

None of the political party now really has time to think of the welfare of the people.

But in another sense this is really good, because they are not troubling people. let them fight among themselves and resign their jobs and again contest for elections.Atleast if they spare the private sector to work,it will be great on their part.

The rigid rules which are causing the JET and SAHARA deal into trouble is a live example.

Some times it looks like our Govt is not interested in development and at the same time it will not allow others to do it.

We proudly talk of foreign investment into india, but its nothing when compared to the investments that are flowing into China.

Another interesting thing i saw in today's news paper is that, Rabri Devi (Behar EX-CM) has shown her slippers to somebody in Assembly during some discussion.

Great i guess we should send these people to olympics or commonwealth games.

GOD Help my country, Help my leaders to grow their minds. Help my fellow indians.


Sri Harsha said…
K....gud pondering....but u r knocking on an emty house my brother!

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