Yes, my mind is tired. may be because i lost track of my goal and compromising in life. I didnt do any work in recent days on software security.
I was doing well as a developer in the office. Though my team in US, i performed well and my code is integrated without much problems. Its nice experience.

At the same time, i dont want to loose myself. its time i need to rekindle my enthu and continue on my software security dream. I am already late, i cant take any more chances.

House construction in Bhallan pally, is not making me happy. the cost went up, and my father was not able to alert me, before hand about the needs. And finally i gave up.Its near completion, i was working hard on house to take complete shape. But now i am helpless and its upto my father to finish it.

I was chatting with debo, ravi. I see in general everybody is looking for change in their career. Actually i am not seriously looking for change. What i need is money for work. I need money disperately to run family.I dont believe in easy money. I want to work smart and earn.

A post from my other blog, which contradicts of my mood..(few days ago)

It was a relaxing weekend sponsored by DH. We had nice weekend at country club lake view. we were playing cricket, TT and some time in water. Nice lunch and little bit of drinks (Yes, i tasted some drink, i dont know the name, but it tasted like coke only)

some more snaps on my photos blog

And then sunday was full of sleeping, because of the body pains.


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