The transport office

I wanted to try myself to get NOC for my bike. If I go through agent or broker, it will cost me around 1000/-.

The ambience is that the agents around the office, will identify those who came on work and will rush into details, how complex the process will be etc.. I have done similar work for a friend few months back paying money to an agent. Even the same agent was there in the RTO office (Jayanagar). He asked me if he can help.. ! i told him i will try myself as i have time.

The process looks not complex. i went there around 10.50 and submitted the NOC application form (in triplicate).The chassis number pencil imprint is important.

They gave some receipt (fully in kannada) and one computer printout form which needs to be submitted to police.

I have to go to commisioner office and submit this form. they will give me some receipt which might say no offence against me.

If i submit that back in RTO office (Jayanagar) then my NOC will be ready.

Looks like we do have an existing working system in good condition. But it is sorrounded by a layer which lays foundation for corruption. If we can formalize this layer or remove this layer then system will be working fine.


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