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hectic weekend

It was very much hectic weekened for me, dirving around 300 km on bike (to & fro to native place) and meeting many relatives at the 11th day ceremony of my grand father. come across differetn set of people with different life styles and views. Wanted to post a big blog today on the trip but help up with lot of work to do that. I was thinking of my blog and comparing with some other blogs, I think my blog will never be interesting. there is not much stuff into it which could entertain other people. I just want to remind myself of my thoughts and thought blog could be a nice media to do that. There is lot of stress (as it has been) around. lot of commitments and less energy and time. one cause of me gettings tressed is that while attending to my commitments, i always expected something, interestingly they might not be met which will cause more confusion and stress. Am i in the right path? or am i doing right thing? a question that eats my mind severly some time. There is one interes

Apparent imperfection

A disciple is like a new moon, in reality no different than the full moon: its apparent imperfection is a sign of gradual increase. Night by night the new moon gives a lesson in gradualness: with deliberation it says, "O hasty one, only step by step can one ascend to the roof." A skillful cook lets the pot boil slowly; the stew boiled in a mad hurry is of no use. -- Mathnawi VI:1208-1212 Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski "Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance" Threshold Books, 1996

Nehru & Reservation

Look what Nehru said against Reservation....and Now Congress doesn't care about their own principles, just for the sake of Votes...

Everything is nothing ...Nothing is everything..

There are few words in the English language to adequately the various states of ecstasy and self realization which one can experience. The all-encompassing term commonly used to describe the advanced states of consciousness exhibited by such great sages as the Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, and others, is Samadhi. But there are thousands of Yogis (those who seek union with God) in the world who experience this great state of peace and enlightenment. Anyone who is sincere in their practice and desire to see God has the hidden potential to dip into this remarkable state of consciousness. In the Kriya Yoga tradition, Samadhi is a physical state of suspended animation, where breathing and heartbeat are stilled, accompanied by a focused mental state that facilitates profound insights into the true nature of reality. Samadhi can be triggered by prayer, meditation, kriya/chakra/tantric yoga, self-sacrifice, good works, near-death experiences, and more. Few Western religions prepare one for s

Reservations and rains

Two things that got my attention in recent days are reservations for BC/OBC and the rains that started troubling some of indian cities. Reservations, its very much confusing for me, why they are raising this issue now and govt is looking forward to implement more resevations in premier institutes of india like IITs,IIMs, IISc, AIIMS etc. I was thinking that politicians say all stupid stories and promise the world in their election manifesto. I have not seen any party that came to power doing some thing seriously on what they promised to people before election. But to it is surprising to see the hectic actions of central govt. to implement the reservations. The striking doctors and tech students really troubled some parts of the country. Many govt hospitals didnt function at all for some days and poor patients were suffering. It is always the poor who suffer come what ever may be it is! The rains, last time Bombay suffered a lot. There is no proper planning of drainage systems in man