Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Project called Birthday Celebration

Adith 1st Birthday (12-12) celebration was like a project planned and executed. Strength of collective effort of the some of my neighborer cum friends who helped me in various departments of the event.

Will post the details later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hyderbad trip

It was fruitful day today. A very hectic day but relaxing from routine week day work.

Here is the update about the ZPHS, Bhallanpally students Heritage walk trip sponsored by Oracle. I anchored it from TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and also with support from BPALLY google group.

Arranged Bus from Kalwakurty depot, spoke to the driver in the morning and spoke with teachers to make sure they are on time. Bus came around 10AM to SALARJUNG museum.

There were 56 students and 6 teachers. I got support from Naveen (cousin and member, bpally group) and 18 Oracle volunteers.

Trips in hyderabad are fully organized by the oracle volunteers. They have taken exception care in handling the trip. Nice planning and execution.

We went around in SALARJUNG museum and then had a quick trip around charminar and few snaps at Mecca MASJID. It took around 3 hours. Then we went to Oracle campus and had lunch there. Prize distribution for the painting competition and then we had a quick trip of cyber towers and other IT companies (just moving around in the bus). After this we went for Golconda. Rain interrupted us for some time but then we finally made it around Golconda fort.

We had snacks (biscuits and chips during the trip). Couple of Oracle volunteers (Sivakumar and one more person) actually made us wait for some time but then surprised to see that they bought slippers for all the students (they found some students without footwear,so they bought for everyone).

They also bought A microscope for the school and dictionaries for every student. As per their advice, I bought few science teaching aids (pipet,burette,electro magnet, periscope,thermo meters (Centigrade and Fahrenheit),Convex concave mirrors and lenses,periodic table chart and a prism) with the funding from this program.

I hope students enjoyed the trip, though we needed to rush at few places.

I felt I am indebted to these volunteers lead by Kranthi for their generous support for this program. I must specially thank kranthi, Mahati, jhansi, suhasini, Sivakumar and other person who helped with slippers for the students. I must thank each and every one present out there, but I am sorry I do not know their names.

The Job of being a post man is great. My school (ZPHS, Bhallanpally) needs motivation and some assistance. Students need mentoring and some support. Oracle GVD helped me in this caused. I spent some time but not money. I was more a post man in helping the GVD reach the school.

GHM Srinivasulu garu always appreciates my efforts but I am not doing anything special. Its my duty to connect the needy with the people who can help. I am a contented man at the end of the day.

Their support to this school is great and they really wanted to do more, probably next time(like organizing awareness camps in the school itself etc).

Last but not the least I must thank school teachers (specially Mr. Venkateswarlu garu for coming to the village around 4.30AM to make sure all the students are present and ready for the trip) and TMAD.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poverty of Indian bureaucracy

Yes, I mean poverty of Indian bureaucrats. I have heard of good bureaucrats and actually experienced bad bureaucrats. Probably I am not fortunate enough to experience a good bureaucrat till now.

When I say good bureaucrat, what am i expecting? I would be glad if he shouts at me if i have done a mistake. Give priority to the citizen who visit the office to get their claims/queries addressed. Do not make people wait when there is no reason etc..

My recent experience was ITO of ward 12(3). He looks so blind that he cannot make out my salary from the 2 FORM 16s I have submitted for the specified financial year. He asks me to bring him an break up of salary slip(Does this guy ever need to know various factors in my salary slip, I always thought they need to know how much i got and how much is in deductions and taxable income, is there any invalid deduction or income that is not account). And he says he can help if I need. I told him, tell me what you need and I will furnish. A simple case of expecting money for favour.

Another experience is with RVM (Rajiv vidya mission/SSA), Hyderabad district. These guys are so shameless that they do not care to get the work done.
These guys are supposed to contribute their portion towards a class room construction work near mehdipatnam. I am representing TMAD (tomakeadifference a voluntary organization in hyderabad) towards this and actually have been working on this for the last 2 years. They say their contract computer operator entered wrong account number so the amount didn't get credited to the TMAD account. The same guy harrassed like anything for quality and all that junk (says works build walls horizontally etc, I never saw a building in the world that stood on horizontal walls).

May be I am fortunate enough to experience these things, because others will miss the chance by paying them money.

Doesn't it show poverty? yes it is. It is not financial poverty. Poverty because of lack of ethics and esteem. I pity them.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rains rains, please go

Last few weeks, it is been raining like anything. Probably not seen in a decade or so.
Probably I am not too much affected as my house is not in low lying area so it will not get drenched and the route I take to work place is not much affected. But then people are getting affected a lot. My colleagues spent 4 to 5 hours to reach home which usually take not more than 1 hour (not every day but there are instances).

So I say "Rains rains, please go", though you are like blessing, to grow our food and all, still at least please cut short your trip to our city, as we are full of falsified dignity about regional issues and we do not take for anything that is proper and correct.

Our guys lay roads that are of sub standard. Our engineers do not care, if there is a drain way to rain water or should we design roads with that in consideration. Our political leaders are actually contractors who are running the show because they need to win contracts. They do the same job repeatedly (laying the road time and again). We do not care if we should really stop using the traditional approach of BT roads and go with something that can sustain and withstand few days of rain and heavy vehicular moments.

Some are busy pulling the people in power, some are busy designing plans to break and make, some are busy trying hard to pretend everything is fine.

The state that was kind of the top in progress a decade ago but now not the same now. It is just another state,left behind with the growth of the past.

Am I exceptional, No. I must agree that I am part of the crowd and though I try some times with RTI and other stuff to figure out what could be wrong, I think I need to do lot more to really bring out change. Funny part is that while we have so many issues to solve, our bureaucrats are pampered so much by the politico contractor leaders have almost forgot doing serious job. To one of my RTI request they have added values in KM and meters together to give me a final KM of roads. Even a KG student can fix that bug easily.

So I say again, "Rains rains, please go", we can not manage our roads in your presence.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Reaching the thresholds

Having 2 kids at home is more fun and actually takes most of your attention. Indulging in their innocence gives the fun that you will never get anywhere else. And some times that becomes the most difficult part of your life.

Some of my experiences:
1. When it is too difficult for me to manage "Abhi", i tell him, you are making me see "stars" in the day time, his response is "Where are they?,Can I see them"?

2.Abhi doesn't care about the physics or chemistry rules. He thinks everything in this world is mutable.He cuts chocolate into 2 pieces and then orders you to make join it, making it as it was before.

3. When the sky is dark, and I ask him, where is the moon, don't know where he leart, but says "Mummy shouted at him, so he ran away". Similar answer why starts don't appear.

4. He strongly believes, there is reason for everything, he always asks "why" for everything.

5. He always overrides everything else, I stopped logging onto computer at home. Taking him to school, feeding him are the most difficult tasks. Also making him sleep when he is sick. He is very good at creating sleepless nights for me and my wife when he is sick.

Of course you also get a chance to blog something like this post.:-).

Children are good at exploiting the limitations of the parents. You may think you have too much of patience and will never shout at any one, your kid can prove it wrong.
They are very good at making you understand your "Threshold limits".

But the fun you get with kids overrides all other feelings. Children are you blessings and not your responsibilities. The time you spend with kids is more helpful to you to get away from any stress you may have. Of course, overdoing the job also will put you in trouble. My son wants to go to "office" every morning rather than to "play school", not sure what kind of job he has.:-).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are all wired...

I took off today to see "Agritech 2010" at the Agriculture University, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. It was kind of below my expectations and was more like a 'duty' of CARD to conduct such an event every year.

So I got some time at home. took out a DVD from my collection and watched 'National Security'.

Then I was watching news discussion about corruption cases against Naveen Mittal, former collector of Hyderabad district with JP. JP was striking the right thing in answering about the corruption. Our leaders/Politicians are corrupted so are our officers. JP says around 50% of the officers (IAS) are corrupted for sure. But there is a crowd of around 25% still good and working for the good of the people.

Striking point is about we getting wired into the corruption. Everything around that is not working properly is because of the corruption. Only thing is we do not realize this fact. We hate power cuts but we never question. We suffer if we do not get the corporation water and adjust with what ever we have. We have never questioned why in India we have mosquitoes and not in developed nation.

None of us is an exception, we deserve the government we have elected to power. We are responsible for our poor infrastructure and all our local problems.

Wish the realization comes soon and we fight against corruption.

PS: While getting the approvals from RVM office for Mehdipatnam school class room construction (I anchored this on behalf of TMAD), SSA project officer got signature of mittal with old date (to avoid election code). I didn't mind because I wanted the class room and fighting with these guys will not help for that cause.

You see I am wired too. It is in our blood.we need fresh blood without corruption.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poland's grave yard

It is really sad to read about the plane accident in Russia carrying the top brass of Poland. It is very very difficult condition for any nation, loosing most of the top management of the nation. President, army chief etc. I think they went to attend in memory of brutal killing of thousands of its army personnel in Russia during world war but then Russia turned out to be a real grave yard for poland. Sad. Very sad.

Bloggers meet today at Hyderabad

I am planning to attend bloggers meet by indibloggers. I see few names that I was very familiar with on Infy BB in the list of bloggers. It is going to be good gathering.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A visit to hyderabad

Or actually a visit to Bholakpur is more opt title for this post. My dairy project is still getting delayed so I wanted to buy the material required for the shed and my brother took me to bholakpur area where there are lot of small shops that sell new and used steel/iron material. we needed 30 2.5 inch pipes and some 1.5 inch pipes.

If we see the small streets in the hyderabad (even begum bazar,troup bazar and surrounding areas are like that).

These lanes are very narrow, and some of them are not even with proper road (today the areas I went around are having the narrow roads also dug up for water or some other repair works). Yet they are successful business centers. We get to see people doing rupee margin businesses around begum bazar (but again don't venture into that area for shopping if you do not know how to bargain).

With curfew in most of the old city areas in the last week (even this week but at nights), there is a major blow to the business of thousands. Really sad. I pray god that some day humans do understand humanity.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Time to get recharged

When we are after something and then too much involved into it without acknolwedging the fact of the tiresome effort and the struggle, and if we are getting frustrated even over things that are pretty much manageable, then it is the symptom of workholic fever. Medicine is to take a breath and go on a break. Well, I am not talking of not doing anything.

If we are obsessed with too much of something, best break could be doing altogether different thing rather than doing nothing. Once we start involved in work and keep working all the time, doing nothing is a big punishment. So it cannot be a break. We need to keep working and do different things.

Biggest challenge is that what is "that different thing" that can give a man a break? I am thinking. Hope to get recharged soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is been at least a month since my family left to in-laws place. I am badly missing Abhi, my cute little son. I made a quick visit today (I am back to hyderabad) and spent few hours with my family. I am not able to decipher Abhi's feelings when he saw me. He is just silent. He liked my company as much as I liked him having with me. He wanted to come with me,When I said "Bye" he didn't resist much but was sad, I can read his face. Earlier in the noon,when I asked him to get ready with his clothes to come with me, he was kind of very interested.

Other side Adith is growing cute and was full smiles when he saw me. this boy is not even 4 months and he remembers me. A fantastic job by this little cute boy.

Sad part is not everyone understands feelings. We live in a falsified world of customs and rituals. People are busy and are in no mood to help me and my children. So another a week or so for them to join me. Tech Star event

I have attended Tech Star event as a judge to the presentations of IT related topics by engineering graduates. It was really great learning. Participants have done really good home work and present so much of information about A.I, Neural networks, Surface computing (these are the topics I was involved in judging the presentations). I am glad that I was there. Thanks Kashyap for the invite. I wanted to spend couple of hours in the event at Hotel Sandya (Lakdikapool), but I was there till the last presentation. It is just because the sessions were interesting. Students were supposed to deliver their theme/topic in 8 minutes as presentation and 2 minutes for Q & A. a deck of around 10 to 15 slides in 8 minutes? isn't that a difficult task? Most of them did very well. I am glad I was there.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next Project - Dairy

Today I have visited few dairy forms around Amanagal area. It was really good field study. I am planning to take up a small diary project in my native place, bhallanpally. We already have around 10 buffalos. So decided to build a proper shed built for this purpose. It is going to be an important project for me as I have interest into agri based business models. More updates to follow in the coming weeks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Abhinav and Adith

Leader - The Managed show

I have seen the "Leader" Sekhar kammula movie. Unlike the previous movies of Sekhar, this one looks pretty much managed.

Though the title says "Leader", movie begins on how the Hero candidate manages CM post after his CM dad death. He buys power, he bargains deals and then in the last few minutes of this 2.5 hrs movie, he realizes that he is almost in his father's line (of allowing corruption etc, kind of forced to let things happen to keep in power), then orders ACB raids on all political leaders and MLAs with a resignation preplanned.

Too much of unwanted drama, no major songs and dance scenes or commedy, its too much of a documentary movie rather than a main stream movie that can pull crowds to theatre.

Too slow movie and then suddenly in the last few minutes too much happens with just a background music, too bad for Sekhar. Looks like he didn't get a chance to apply his heart into the movie under big banner. Unwanted love track with no link to the main plot, that too of a young CM. Not convincing at least to me.

Title actually contradicts, It could have been "Political Manager".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

suicide note

I am shocked to see a student death followed by 1 full day BANDH called across the telangana region. Every time there is a call for BANDH it is the common man who suffers most. Children miss their school and classes. Exams get postponed. If there are any central exams, they may not get postponed and our candidates lose their opportunity to enter into central services.

Buses do not run and Road Transport Corporation increases the bus tickets to meet the losses. Hell lot of things happen. No petrol, no shopping nothing.

It all started with the news of suicide of OU student for the cause of Telangana. when I read the news paper, that student was from some college in the outskirts of Hyderabad but not the student of the Osmania University Campus.

Problem with life in India is that generally it doesn't value as much as it matters in developed nations. So usually if there is a death, it goes unnoticed. Family and friends take some time to adjust with the fact of the loss of life.

Back to the topic. There was one death supposed to be suicide (CCS is enquiring into that), and students who were looking an opportunity to delay exams used it and called for 2 days of BANDH across the region. They are successful.
Irony is that there are at least 4 other students who committed suicide (supposed to be) as per the media, but their death didn't cause any more BANDH (actually mostly went unnoticed).

What is it all about? should we really encourage students committing suicides? Certainly not. Then how about the living people around and how should they react? Should a loss of a life cause too much of hardship for the people still living?

There seems to be no one in control of things, there is no government authority that is functioning in a decisive manner. Students are not worried about their losing academic year and following careers. The issue of Telangana state is there for the last few decades and certainly will take time to resolve even now.

But it does no way get affected by students losing their academics. It is the families of the individual students who get affected. Getting jobs gets difficult.

Suicide is not as simple as writing something on a notepad and it doesn't really make any difference to those student leaders or political leaders who are trying to gain advantage of the deaths. But the respective families are at huge loss. It is a loss of life time. it can never be compensated by anything else.

It makes me really sad when I hear or read about suicides by students. It makes me more and more sad when someone else is trying to gain advantage of deaths.

On a side note, I was checking on website and here is my date :-)