Poverty of Indian bureaucracy

Yes, I mean poverty of Indian bureaucrats. I have heard of good bureaucrats and actually experienced bad bureaucrats. Probably I am not fortunate enough to experience a good bureaucrat till now.

When I say good bureaucrat, what am i expecting? I would be glad if he shouts at me if i have done a mistake. Give priority to the citizen who visit the office to get their claims/queries addressed. Do not make people wait when there is no reason etc..

My recent experience was ITO of ward 12(3). He looks so blind that he cannot make out my salary from the 2 FORM 16s I have submitted for the specified financial year. He asks me to bring him an break up of salary slip(Does this guy ever need to know various factors in my salary slip, I always thought they need to know how much i got and how much is in deductions and taxable income, is there any invalid deduction or income that is not account). And he says he can help if I need. I told him, tell me what you need and I will furnish. A simple case of expecting money for favour.

Another experience is with RVM (Rajiv vidya mission/SSA), Hyderabad district. These guys are so shameless that they do not care to get the work done.
These guys are supposed to contribute their portion towards a class room construction work near mehdipatnam. I am representing TMAD (tomakeadifference a voluntary organization in hyderabad) towards this and actually have been working on this for the last 2 years. They say their contract computer operator entered wrong account number so the amount didn't get credited to the TMAD account. The same guy harrassed like anything for quality and all that junk (says works build walls horizontally etc, I never saw a building in the world that stood on horizontal walls).

May be I am fortunate enough to experience these things, because others will miss the chance by paying them money.

Doesn't it show poverty? yes it is. It is not financial poverty. Poverty because of lack of ethics and esteem. I pity them.


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