Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hyderbad trip

It was fruitful day today. A very hectic day but relaxing from routine week day work.

Here is the update about the ZPHS, Bhallanpally students Heritage walk trip sponsored by Oracle. I anchored it from TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and also with support from BPALLY google group.

Arranged Bus from Kalwakurty depot, spoke to the driver in the morning and spoke with teachers to make sure they are on time. Bus came around 10AM to SALARJUNG museum.

There were 56 students and 6 teachers. I got support from Naveen (cousin and member, bpally group) and 18 Oracle volunteers.

Trips in hyderabad are fully organized by the oracle volunteers. They have taken exception care in handling the trip. Nice planning and execution.

We went around in SALARJUNG museum and then had a quick trip around charminar and few snaps at Mecca MASJID. It took around 3 hours. Then we went to Oracle campus and had lunch there. Prize distribution for the painting competition and then we had a quick trip of cyber towers and other IT companies (just moving around in the bus). After this we went for Golconda. Rain interrupted us for some time but then we finally made it around Golconda fort.

We had snacks (biscuits and chips during the trip). Couple of Oracle volunteers (Sivakumar and one more person) actually made us wait for some time but then surprised to see that they bought slippers for all the students (they found some students without footwear,so they bought for everyone).

They also bought A microscope for the school and dictionaries for every student. As per their advice, I bought few science teaching aids (pipet,burette,electro magnet, periscope,thermo meters (Centigrade and Fahrenheit),Convex concave mirrors and lenses,periodic table chart and a prism) with the funding from this program.

I hope students enjoyed the trip, though we needed to rush at few places.

I felt I am indebted to these volunteers lead by Kranthi for their generous support for this program. I must specially thank kranthi, Mahati, jhansi, suhasini, Sivakumar and other person who helped with slippers for the students. I must thank each and every one present out there, but I am sorry I do not know their names.

The Job of being a post man is great. My school (ZPHS, Bhallanpally) needs motivation and some assistance. Students need mentoring and some support. Oracle GVD helped me in this caused. I spent some time but not money. I was more a post man in helping the GVD reach the school.

GHM Srinivasulu garu always appreciates my efforts but I am not doing anything special. Its my duty to connect the needy with the people who can help. I am a contented man at the end of the day.

Their support to this school is great and they really wanted to do more, probably next time(like organizing awareness camps in the school itself etc).

Last but not the least I must thank school teachers (specially Mr. Venkateswarlu garu for coming to the village around 4.30AM to make sure all the students are present and ready for the trip) and TMAD.

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Buchi Reddy said...

I should really appriciate your hardwork and dedication