Saturday, January 01, 2022

New Year

 Another new year has arrived.  It's nice to see celebrations and greetings.  With heavy casualties with the  COVID, it certainly a moment of celebration for the remaining with the hope that after 12 months, we remain same and not become casualty to the pathogens.

It is interesting to see  how viruses work, they are not living organisms  per human definition, they are  more of a parasites using host cells for reproducing themselves.   What is more important with  COVID-19 virus is its transformation continuously from one form to many other forms.

The Gregorian calendar and its first day being the new year celebration across the world (formally or informally) makes people excited.

For some reason, new years or birthdays do not excite me any more.  They are just some other random days unless you are one who loves to party, these things dates or recurrences of them are not so special.  There is no specific relevance for new year in term of astronomy.  so effectively its just another day. 

Given that we got too many calendars across the world, specific to religions or regions, it is important to plan and execute our day to day life in better way. The "specific" day of being first of a month doesn't make any more difference. 

Every day is a blessing and we need to celebrate life every day.  

Sunday, February 16, 2020

New Passbooks of Telangana, Great initiative but with bugs

@KTRoffice , I am an NRI and was visiting Hyd in a workshop and took time to visit my mother (Laxmamma, Bhallanpally, tadoor mangal, NGKL district). I wanted to bring to your attention of mistakes with passbooks, I was not sure if people were asking for those tiny books, though I like the quality, Unfortunately existing survey numbers are missing and some survey numbers are misplaced, wow, looks like an untested enforcement of something on innocent people, though intention is good, why should people be made to suffer by someone's mistakes? the mental agony and the sufering on people brought by govt is amazing.

The survey numbers that should go to my mother (from my grand mother) are all added upto my passbook and dispite multiple represenation by my mother asking for her passbook, she was shooed saying that its all given to your kids. But interestingly what was supposed to be on my passbook, some entries are missing (they are just missing and do not know whom to blame). its small bits of land (approx 4 acres in total and the missing or wrong entries are for 26 guntas), but still it is important for my mother and for me (not in terms of monitory value but its memory of my parents who toiled hell through their life to get education to us.

and now some employee(s) has done mistake causing trouble to my innocent mother. its crap. Do these employees worth their salaries and bribes they take all the time? If it was my own team, I would have fired them when they do such mistakes.

is this something your office can do something? Unfortunately after the workshop this week, I need to go back to US and won't be able to spend too much time circling around the goof ups of the govt execution. I really spent time with multiple visits to tadoor office to get my father's lands to our names after his death, it needed multiple visits and escalation to district collector (and interestingly it seemed to work with escalation, just a physical mail and email) it took few months only after escalations to get it sorted out) , but then when the new passbooks were given, there was this mistake.

I am taking time off today and will be visiting secretariat to raise complaint. I think the official visiting hours are 3PM to 5PM, I am thinking of raising this complaint at revenue dept but if it is supposed to be somewhere else, I need to figure it out. I am not really sure if this is going to be responded too but will really appreciate if this can work.

I am not looking for bringing change in the society or something, I am a common man , just leading a common life. me being an NRI is just for my own family survival and not to be attributed any significance.

Having said this, there is some sort of visible changes, biggest being completing the irrigation projects, which I would say must be credited to the current govt (and the perils of it, with high land values, I suspect all those who are farmers now will remain as farmers but will sell off their lands to leverage on the high prices and then lease lands to do farming).

Hyderabad has not changed much, same pollution, same chaos. yes, there is metro but did it really made difference as a whole? City is not just for IT employees and for everyone. I think there is lot of work pending and its a serious job. I cannot compare our cities with China ( was in Shanghai once) or Taiwan (such a tiny island country but still amazing discipline and development). Let us never ever compare with singapore and all, no one with common sense will ever compare with other countries, that will be stupid.

Best part of our cities is that our people never mind things, people are happy about what they got, best part of being family is that you are super busy in taking care of them and we never realize how are such a slaves all life, just working all of it. within 5 years, the 2 rupee small cup of tea is now 20 rupees or so, the 15 or 20 rupee coconut water is now 40 rupees, its amazing progress with inflation and no one seem to bother about it.

Having complained, I really love this city, I always will do. The people are amazing and very accommodative.

Friday, August 03, 2018

It is kind of LWD


There is a minor change with my employment, while I am still be part of Innominds (in terms of work, project), there is a payroll change. It is technically my last working day today with Innominds Payroll, while I am working on the same project and with same team, with slight change in my work email address (

its not a bye bye mail/post, but I thank every one at Innominds for the great spirit and helping me in many many ways.  

I thank Prasanna, my hiring manager, mentor and the most adorable and committed person I have seen at Innominds, Thank you for hiring me.:-).

Diva, for putting up with my hard views on how/why the company needs more younger leadership to take to next step (I still feel that way :-) ).  Manohar garu for his great thoughts and guidance all the time. 

I thank all the Innominds management for the great support and really putting up with me.

While I am not leaving my team,  they are amazing, they have been my strongest support, their greatest contribution to me -  putting up with me for what ever I am.  Learning new stuff, doing more work and some times (or many times) doing too much of stuff and making people do too. I am hard most times (and interestingly it works too, but I am really trying to learn to be nicer and still achieve same productive levels). Thank you Thank you so much for putting up with me.

Little change is always good, I hope I will be remembered for the experiences/memories I created.  I always worked hard, made team to work and learn in that process, found opportunities for team and for the company to the possible extent and I feel my experience at Innominds  is really fulfilling and mutually rewarding.

Thank you

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Three Wrong Turns

It was an interesting day today. We started as per the plan (at 8.30AM PST) from Pleasanton to San Francisco. Our Itenary includes California academy of sciences and Golden gate bridge. 

The reason to start early was to get free street side parking, I have paid 9 or 10 dollars per hour parking in the garage below the academy so I wanted to be safe and save few bucks.  When I have the route on google maps, it said, it starts at 9.30AM, It never started that soon in any of my previous visits (and that was because all my previous visits were on Sunday :-) ). So was bit worried about getting parking, my plan of going bit early and grabbing the  free parking seems going wrong. My wife some how sure that parking will be available.  The reason for multiple visits is I got annual pass for the academy.

Realized gas is half and took gas break to fill the tank. I don't want to run into issues because of gas (had few minor experiences earlier), so now the time to academy is extended a bit and arrival time as  per google is 9.50AM.

All, good through out the  drive and as promised by google, we arrived at 9.50AM, traffic was usual.  Tried to look for the parking slot and kind of full, little further, we got lucky (my wife now rules, says , "Told you" ). First success of the day. Not going to pay for parking.

Got into academy, first thing we wanted was to go to planetarium, took the tickets for 10.30 show but it is the same earthquake show so opted for next show Dark Universe. (11:15 show).

As we got little over 1 hr for the show, we went into the aquarium, kids started enjoying the fishes and touched few animals (starfish and sea urchin), went upto the living roof, took pictures and came down for the show. It was good,  it is really revealing that the universe is filled with mostly dark matter that doesn't emit or respond to the light and though we could still make out the gravity effect because of it.

After the show, wandered around a bit and then saved money for food,  We brought pulihora  from home and I thought we are saving money and eating good, then looked around, almost all brought food in boxes and eating there. (flashback, in last visit we bought food there spending kind of 50 bucks but no one eat the food well, I landed up eating most as I paid money :-) ).

Went to penguins, and then made a plan to visit "Vista point", explored options of going by Uber or Lyft as I know getting parking at golden gate bridge is mostly next to impossible. Per online reviews, getting parking at vista point is also tough.  But the commitment of showing family the golden gate bridge (its been 2 years and I never took them to see it), convinced me to drive through golden gate bridge to vista point. It was nice.  After a little wait, we got parking too. we are double lucky.

We took few nice pictures there. It is really nice view there. There is another point on the left side of the freeway/golden gate bridge, but we decided to return back home and have hot chai.

Well, the main story begins now. I have set the route to home in car navigation, I made the first mistake to take the first exit instead of staying on the bridge, that landed me to get into the streets and there was interesting right turn that GPS asked me to take, but then it asked me to take right and right leading to the same road I was before (Not sure why it did that).  After some time, it looked like we are kind of good and are getting into the I-80 for bay bridge,  I was driving in 2 lane road and  heavy traffic.  Saw an interesting building that is built on the road, they might have left a 3 story building (height wise)  and built the building spreading left and right of the road, it looked interesting, probably Indian cities too can get benefit out this kind of construction. 

Well, I am still driving, I see one more lane added and that seems mostly empty, I am about to get into I-80 and its terrible slow traffic, I see occasionally one or two cars going in the right most lane, I thought a moment, may be this road helps me,  changed lane to the right most one and then realized a "RIGHT TURN ONLY"  sign board,  following the rules, I took the turn,  we went through some streets that looked like kind of Indian streets (big multi story buildings but people throwing trash on sidewalks(might be businesses or business users), the buildings are so tall and the roads are slim.  Abhinav suggested that some 1000 buildings could be removed and roads get widened, but adith had a better idea, may be just rebuild same number of houses /apartments but smaller ones or may be with few more floors.

Traffic is heavy and we are in the flow of traffic. moving slowly. Interesting observation is we are already more than 1 hr into this and I see "55 minutes" to go home (it was from the beginning), it is not too common to get into this situation.

Finally we made it to bay bridge and now bit confident about the  time to go home. After driving through bay bridge and then into I-580, things look pretty good.  best part so far is me not getting upset for the mistakes.  

I needed to stay right before Oakland downtown but I landed up on the left side lanes of the freeway (the 3rd wrong turn), it took another few minutes (though it was bit smoother this time) to get back into I-580 towards Stockton).

Finally, we made it to home and of course had the hot chai. 

But it looks like we can add few more things and make this as a nice movie.  Few  incidents from previous outings.

1. 17 miles drive, we stopped at one of the scenic spot and there is a big car stopped next to us, I see Indians getting out of the car, the girls are pretty but they had smaller\revealing clothes than what Americans could possibly wear. It looked like "Some Indians are more american than regular Americans".

2. Money saving methods: We all try to take annual passes, or use the free goodies (like home depot first Saturday event for kids or the T-mobile Tuesdays, or the coupons that often we get or thanks giving deals \coupons etc)

3. kids asking important questions that are curious and you start thinking\answering them and realize that you missed the exit or took the wrong one. I always get surprised at how kids can ask such curious questions only during important turns/exits.

We could make a Hollywood movie and then convert it into a big review. The idea looks simple but everyone can relate to it.  We need to have a nice SUV that look very rich as people love nice things always. Also some good looking couples (2 of them in the SUV so that we have 3 kids and 4 adults in the movie).  We could release this movie in other languages too if needed.

To spice up, we can add a flash mob dance on the freeway. Also add a bit of academy planetarium movie clip to jazz up the sound and effects. 

It could be lot better movie than the "To go or for here".  Investment is less, but everyone loves it. We need to make it interesting with some jokes or curious questions.  Abhinav badly wanted to go to Alcatraz and he wanted to figure out how the jail break has happened (he asked when we were looking at this island from vista point). While Adith wanted to go home ASAP while all those wrong turns are happening. He always asks how much time and then the time to home is always 55 minutes because of wrong turns, when we are less than 55 minutes, he slept already (kids sleep easily when on freeways with no traffic jams :-) ).

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Avoid building heavens

It's been long since I wrote on my website.  When I got blessings of so many GODs, I realized how the heaven looks like.  Posting this article after midnight (that is when I got one of my application went live for testing getting the blessings of so many GODs(wrote as people initially).

We build systems and introduce processes into it and in that process of building it, we land up building GODs and each GOD with his own set of prayers and temples (and he/she proudly presenting them as his/her process). This is chaotic as we grow the heaven (population explosion with increase in number of GODs), we land up building a HELL.

Let us not build systems keeping an individual or a team in mind, often we land up repeating the mistake after mistake. Every GOD says here is my process, and surprisingly in this world of globalization, these GODs do not communicate among themselves. It is the believer/deist problem to find out who are all the GODs that need to bless in order to get things in shape and what if the GODs have dependency? they pretend they are talking and communicating but it looks like GODs of different religions though talk, they talk in different languages and so can not understand, resulting in the deist learn the languages and offer prayers as per each GODs language and then also provide translation services.

GODs do not order things, but unfortunately they never deliver, you got to go live tomorrow and GODs do not bless, when they bless you will be blogging after midnight.

Let us avoid building HEAVEN and avoid growing GODs and different processes around it. I know the CMM level 1 is all about SUPER GODs who can do anything but why on MARS we need to build them and worry about them? why cann't we make life humanly possible?

Never build processes for  person and NEVER EVER LET A PERSON build a process for himself and pronounce himself as GOD, that is stupid, the hardworking smart class suffers when every other person who need to work for you becomes a GOD and start giving curse while the customer is waiting.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Manila experience

It was a great trip to this Asian city of Manila (Philippines)

Great realization is the Taipe airport, they got so many connections across the globe, lot more than what our Indian cities have got. Being a small island nation, I thought this airport won't be that big, but it has got really good connectivity. Even the connecting flight to Manila,I thought it will be a smaller one with less capacity but it was full blown Boeing 747 400 with huge capacity. China airline runs flights twice a day to Manila.  Big crowd travelling all the time.

Another interesting thing about Taiwan is about its identity itself. It looks like it is an independent country but China thinks it is part of mainland china. It needs some deeper understanding on the political conflicts.  Taiwan (Also known as ROC - Republic Of China) and China (People Republic of China/mainland china) terms are interesting for people with interest in geography and contemporary political history.

Some interesting facts about Taiwan:
Capital city: Taipe
Currency    : New Taiwan Dollar (NT$)
Follows multiparty democracy system (unlike mainland china)

For an ordinary indian, it(Taiwan) looks like Srilanka of India for China.

Back to Manila, the moment I landed in Manila, first thing I did was to take a SIM card with data plan (I was told for 7 days of data $500 pack will do with 800MB of data), so I paid $12 at the counter and took "SMART" company SIM card.

Was expecting cab driver to be waiting for me, moved in the pick up area for some time and few people tried to help me, looked at the emails and called the driver number and he arrived to pick up location after 5 minutes.  It was around 30 to 40 min drive to "One Pacific Place" service apartments in Makati from the international arrivals at Airport.

Took some break and after 1.5 hours, wanted to have lunch in an Indian restaurant (Queens Taj Mahal on Jupiter St.  Ordered Chicken Biryani, but the food I got seemed some kichdi with few chicken pieces. Completed the lunch ritual.

Wanted to go to Intramuros for historical walk in the Manila city, was trying to grab a Uber, but the waiter at the restaurant suggested to pick any taxi as it is sunday and it is normal rate only. She helped by waving at a taxi which promptly stopped and the deal was to drop me at Intramuros, but I eventually landed up hiring him for quick visit across multiple places (all for quick photo ops :-) ).  Agreed for $40 for the entire trip for 3 to 4 hours.  The driver (Rolendo) was really proficient in english and as per him, most of the people speak good english in Metro Manila (Internet said the same as per my research).

 The pictures are attached below.

It's really cool to travel and do few things that reflect thoughts about future with a book "The Age of Aspiration" a book that reflects Indian story from 1991 May 21 events (RBI selling gold and Rajiv gandhi's assassination till date with major focus on Modi and North Indian companies growth. I say this because I see no reference of south India. The other thing that impressed me is the movie on Steve jobs. 

Only the winners and leaders are remembered and who are just first in something are going into the history. Repeated success can make you rich and can make you contemporary limelight but I seriously don't think they make it into history.

My little brain thinks about the future and I think it lies in Asia and USA and Europe are done with their role.

The little countries like Japan and Korea made damn big advancements and China is the factory of everything while India is manufacturing the brains of the world. Combined together Asia makes the future and it is going to be different future in which we will not have a single leader but like EU probably we need a bigger group for Asia and we need to disperately invent something that is damn cool and super necessary for the world. I am sure we are working on alternate energy and something new for every man can use.

Some how this trip to Manila is exciting to me for some reason and some how i feel it is just the right thing to do