Undemocratic leadership


Leadership is not about being democratic.  One of the pit falls of democratic approach is  you get something that is cool but not what you want. There is no evidence that democracy by itself solved anything. Yes, for sure, it is better than other forms of governments, particularly if rulers were bad. When we want a beautiful flower patch but being ruly democratic leader may just result into a green good looking lawn. 

I steal these 3 words from "Software Engineering at Google"

  • Autonomy : Given them the goal, let them find their way
  • Mastery: Sharpen the blade,  Best of your engineers may not be too relevant if they don't upgrade skills.
  • Purpose: Why we are doing it?  Explain the purpose. With autonomy and skills and no purpose never leads to success.

Stop doing lawn moving. Some plants do need trimming and some are just beautiful without any trimming, they just need sunshine , water and some fertilizer. They will do their thing.  Treating every person with same attitude is never going to work. Look at your fingers, they are not equal and work perfectly to serve the purpose of the hand. 


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