This is another movie idea from Newyorker magazine. I simply love this magazine and do not regret for subscribing to.

Article has all technical details about research and "in-vitro gametogenesis". I was reading this while my son was playing tennis tournament on a friday evening. It was very interesting read.   It is about research in production,  where babies can be made from any cell by reprogramming it, while this is still a taboo and research topic, the movie idea for me here is as follows.

A reporter notices a college player (lets call this game as basketball), and gets amused by the look a like of  greatest living legend scientist say Mr X, who is unmarried and dedicated his life for science.  He digs bit more and then based on motivation to get attention, publishes an article stating the boy is a love child of scientist,  while nobody usually reads his article, this gets too much of social media attention and becomes a topic of national debate causing lot of trauma for the scientist. He resigns from his job and but the attention follows and another reporter starts digging into his life and interviews all the people in his life and suspects he is innocent.  The research goes back to the look a like boy. He is great in academics, digging into his history, he was adopted and birth parents information is unknown, further investigation reveals that the adopted parent is related with a doctor, upon probing, she reveals that the boy is  cloned from Mr X, she and her lesbian partner Y (who is a scientist working on gene technologies) had dream of having a baby with all good qualities and one day, Mr X had something in hospital and his specimen is collected,   Y thought she could do some research and she succeeds with gametogenesis and given the legal complications, she can not announce it or publish it.  Instead they decided to drop the baby in front of a orphan home and then eventually go and adopt the baby.

The movie ends  with Mr X reading about an article with look a like boy publishing new vaccine solution for all future viruses.

I think this is a worthwile idea. :-)


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