Double Fault

 This is a movie idea that flashed in my mind based on NewYorker article. There was a book "Lucky"  by Alice Sebold (the rape victim) that got sold too many copies. There was an effort to make a documentary  called "Unlucky" on the part of the Anthony Broadwater who was jailed.

It is a unfortunate case of an innocent girl getting raped, and  she identified an innocent man as the culprit, she spents most of his time in Jail, trying to appeal for a parol but  Jail officers ask  do not approve as he doesn't show the guilt of doing mistake.  

Sebold with her writing skills  couldn't move on and continued writing about her experiences which are kind of pioneering the cause before the #metoo moment.  

It is true, bad thing happened, and sadly not once but twice.   Broadwater has lost his life and he is been so nice to trying to live all his life to prove not guilty.   First bad thing is "Rape" happened and the 2nd bad thing is the whole system  put the blame an innocent man.

I see there was an attempt to make movie of the book "Lucky",  since the whole story is clear now, it could be a good drama movie with loads of feelings.

It is unfortunate that "Double Faults" like this keep happening in the society costing people the lives. Whom to blame? can somebody get Boradwater or Sebold's life back?  Sebold was victim and aggressor at the same time by wrongly identifying the wrong person.


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